And This On Memorial Day Weekend…

Chicago Ron first made me aware of the above, and my first reaction was “here we go again”, but after seeing it shared on numerous newscasts and newspapers over the weekend I became angry. Angry because a few uncaring and callous souls have caused the rest of us irreparable harm. As one of Ron’s FB friends said “after all, how many US or CSA buckles does one person really need?”……

Most of the other responses to Ron’s posting were similar, expressing outrage and anger, with comments like “shoot them” and “scumbags”…. Then too were the one or two “Not saying this is right,…but Govt. and Park Service are just as happy to let this ‘history’ just rot away in the ground” interjections. Folks, I agree with the ‘not rotting in the ground’ theory, but this was NOT private property. This was the Petersburg National Battlefield for crissakes. Wake up please.

Usually when a story like this is in the news you will see something like “this newspaper asked for a response from the agency/company, but so far no comment has been issued”. In this case there wasn’t anyone agency/organization to respond because we unfortunately don’t have one. Not that there would have been a good response mind you, but it might have been nice to see someone or some group defending us.

This might well turn out to be nothing at all relating to our pastime, but so far it’s not looking good. This was not a local event….it was covered nationally, and each time something like this happens we lose a little more ground, literally!

There’s no doubt in my mind that the concerns and the reaction to this event will pass quickly among our ranks, because it’s so much more important that we get out in the field out and find more. More bullets, more Roosie dimes, more buttons, more rings and more buckles.

I mean hey man, you can never have too many right? Gotta do whatever is needed to beat out my buddies.

You wait…when I put this puppy up on Facebook they are going to drool….

No time for that organizational crap. Let somebody else do it!

Hey listen, I belong to a club and already coughed up $10 this year…

And so it goes….


Having gotten this off my chest, do enjoy what’s left of this weekend, and please give thanks to all those who laid down their lives to make it possible.

And oh yeah, have one for me…..



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14 responses to “And This On Memorial Day Weekend…

  1. Yo Ricardo:
    You describe the perpetrators as “…a few uncaring and callous souls…”

    Those who carried out this clandestine looting, are neither “uncaring” nor “callous”, but CRIMINALS; deserving the full weight of the law. Someone knows, or suspects who they are. After all, these criminals are no more representative of legitimate metal detecting, than those archaeologists who’ve been convicted for theft of Native America artefacts are of mainstream archaeology. I suspect the majority of people know this.

    • John I just don’t understand how detectorists get so obsessed with finding something that they break the law. I don’t care what they might have found, it’s not worth the price they are going to pay when they are caught, and I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  2. I wish someone would contact the detecting community and do a story about how disgusted and disappointed we all are about this.

  3. Coin25

    I didn’t see the holes in the video so I really can’t say that it was a detectorist or not. Many animals dig for stuff and don’t cover their holes. I also would like to know the depth of the holes, because heavy buckles would be deep after this length of time.

    Sorry to be a doubting person but hey – in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. If the holes are deep and man made then I agree – they should be caught and prosecuted

  4. del

    You know if the parks service could get together with archaeologists and the surrounding hobbyists to form a coalition and work together on many projects…. No.1 They could do volunteer organized hunts on the outskirts (or easy to “night hawk” areas) of the federal parks to find and survey these artifacts together, conserve and place them in a park site museum I’m sure some of these volunteers could be paid with federal monies or grants that the parks get to protect these sites. No.2, They could also work together by strengthening the bonds of trust by also working together by nabbing these criminals who have no regard for our heritage and disrespect our good hobby and smear our reputation. If I got word on someone doing this you bet I would turn their sorry asses in. No.3, just look at all the “recent” history that the U.K. has learned from hobbyists, just think of what this country could learn and the time and money archaeologists could save by employing we detectorists.

    • Dan thanks for sharing your thoughts. It would indeed be nice if “we all got along”, but I don’t see it happening. Parks are already understaffed and there’s not a lot of “extra” money to pay volunteers. Likewise archaeologists complain about the lack of funding for projects. Not sure either would be happy to see money going to detectorists.

      And yes it would be nice if something akin to the PAS was introduced here in the US, but again I don’t see that happening. At least not in my lifetime. Hell we don’t even have a national group that can keep it’s members updated on a regular basis.

  5. del

    Dick , the truth is its not the “lack of funding” , archaeologists waste tons of time and money on surveying doing the old trial and error test pits searching with little “rewards” on any site that is after the “contact period” . If they employed just a few detectorists to “probe” or do the “remote sensing” of an area in question they could save themselves so much money more “band for the buck” so to speak to concentrate their efforts on the “hotspots” detectorist find first. Don’t take my word for it I encourage them to talk to the few archaeologists who have had the courage to cross the isle on such projects as “the Battle of the Little Bighorn” or how about the ever going James Madison’s Montpelier project or the project (The Battlefields of the Pequot War ) i’ve worked on . I’m sure I’ve left a few other examples out but the point is all of these projects would greatly suffer if it were not for the collaboration of two specialized groups coming together .

  6. Bigtony

    James Madison’s Montpelier project – I hear you have to pay them around 800 smackers and you have to do the work, they get to keep the stuff.

    • As I remember that is correct, and that doesn’t include meals or travel expenses. You do earn a certificate of some sort that will do absolutely nothing to further your metal detecting goals, but will look nice hanging on your wall. And please, if you enjoy this sort of thing, have at it. Just not my cup of tea.

      • The fee for the Expedition program is $750 per person. We do require a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. The remainder can be paid upon arrival. If you are unable to attend, the deposit can be applied to a future expedition program or treated as a donation to Montpelier.

        This total cost covers:

        · Salaries of our trained archaeological staff

        · Lodging

        · 2 meals (Welcome dinner and farewell dinner)

        · Archaeology Department T-Shirt

  7. Coin25

    Wow, for that price you can purchase another detector or several after market coils and a few of Dick Stouts books and call it a day.

  8. I agree and if that sound selfish so be it. I really have no interest in doing their work and paying them at the same time.

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