Up & Running… Sort of…

Update….Fay and I are still living with our daughter, and hoping to move into temporary housing in about two weeks. Starting over is complex, confusing and very humbling.


My computer was found in the rubble, and after cleaning it up and putting in a new power supply, I am up and running. I am working on a post about our experience, what we are going through now, and what YOU can do to save time, money and aggravation should you ever face something similar.  Things that are easy to do and well worth the effort.  Trust me.

Till then, thank you all so much for your emails, phone calls, monetary contributions and concern. I hope to thank each of you personally in the very near future.  A special thank you to Dave Wise and Robert Ellis for initiating the Go Fund Me account…..the quick response, the number of contributions, and the dollar amount, blew us away.  What can I say…love you all.

Stay tuned. The curmudgeon is back!


UPDATE: January 15….Motherboard is gone. Looks like Windows 10 is in my future. When it rains it pours.



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16 responses to “Up & Running… Sort of…

  1. Artie Fleming

    Glad to see you back, I was starting to get curmudgeon withdrawals.

  2. wintersen

    Hello Dick. Good to see you back!

  3. Paul D. Sampson

    outstanding, hope you can recover some of your best memories and some of your stuff, good luck

  4. John Devereux

    Glad you are getting. Can’t imagine what it must be like as though we have had some bad weather in the UK, it pales into insignificance to the weather you get in the US. Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Glad you are back in the saddle.

  5. Digging History

    I can’t imagine what you and Fay have been through but thank heavens your both OK. I’m thinking of you both, Dick. Regards James

  6. heavymetalnut

    Glad to see you trying to get back online.Still praying for you and the family.

  7. Tony

    Oh that computer thingy worked out well. I can’t wait to hear your story. Be well and make sure you rest some in between.

  8. heavymetalnut

    Glad to see you back online.Still praying for you and the family.

  9. OMG! Glad you came out of that with your life and limbs! I can’t imagine the feeling of something like that happening.

  10. Angelika

    So happy to hear you and the family are safe. Looking forward to hearing the story. Stay in good spirits! Godspeed!

  11. Paul

    Hello DIck: My goodness what a mess to be confronted with. Both you and Fay are lucky to be here after that. We are mailing the Treasure Hunters Express at this moment. Please let know if you want it mailed to you, and what address. Or we can e mail it to you if you wish. Kindest best regards, Paul F. Tainter.

  12. Bob K

    I can’t imagine the mess you have to go thru insurance, clean up, City & State laws. But I’m glad your here and able to tackle the pile of debris and paper work. Don’t forget to take rest and wine breaks.

  13. Good to have you back on track.

  14. Oh, Dick, I meant to ask….never mind the computers and stuff, did ya manage to save the Merlot from the rubble?

  15. del

    God’s speed on returning back to your normal Life Dick .


  16. I’m glad you and your wife are alright. Possessions can be replaced, people not. Best wishes and hopes you can get back home in the not too distant future.

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