When the going got tough, the generous got going!

For me, and I guess for many others too, 2015 ended in style. I heralded the New Year in Champagne-popping style. For my great pal, Dick Stout  and his wife Fay, that same period was nothing short of shattering; they lost their home to a tornado along with all those personal odds and ends, souvenirs, and curios gathered over a lifetime  that carry so many personal and intimate memories. I had the pleasure of staying with Dick and Fay at their magnificent home in Rowlett and both my wife Margaret and I were captivated by Fay’s taste in home decoration. Me being something of an amateur cook (chef’s too strong a word) their kitchen was to die for.

So what, if anything has emerged from this catastrophe? Respect, that’s what. That is, respect for a well- loved member of the international metal detecting community whose name and reputation is beyond reproach. Not only is Dick Stout the finest example of what’s  best in the international metal detecting community, but that same community responded to his predicament with generosity and affection above and beyond the call.

I’ll leave you with this thought: Dick Stout never disgraced this hobby, nor did the hobby disgrace him.

To all of you, bloody well done! I’m proud of you all.

John Howland




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5 responses to “When the going got tough, the generous got going!

  1. wendell

    Sorry to hear about this and hope both of them are okay. My prayers are that they will make a safe recovery and disasters can take everything from a lifetime of living, working and loving others away in a second. As long as they were not injured, they will be able to heal and endure life’s hardships.

  2. Angelika

    Beautifully said, John Howland. Brought me to tears👍🏻

  3. Packrat

    Thanks John, well said. I never had the pleasure of visiting his home, but he touched me twice. First when he wrote the article about me for Western & Eastern Treasures, and again when I was in the hospital after cancer surgery. He took the time to call several different people to track down a phone number, and called me in the hospital the day after my surgery to see how I was doing. Shows the kind friend Dick is and also the kind of man he is. He has the kind of friends he deserves.

  4. Lisa

    John, beautiful! I have seen the beautiful pictures Fay has taken of their home and it was something straight out of House Beautiful. That kitchen? Yes, just amazing, as was the entire house. So many irreplaceable items. Thankfully we didn’t lose the people behind these memories.

  5. Lisa:

    Reflecting on what I wrote, I realise that there were others outside of the detecting community who were equally touched by his and Fay’s ordeal; I should have said so, but in the heat of the moment I omitted. I sincerely hope that I’ve not caused offense and if I have….I am deeply sorry. Thank you all.

    Maybe the time has come not to pigeon-hole; but to encompass all of us who love history into a single category. Archaeology does just that, even though some of us are kicking towards the same goal but from different ends of the field.

    John H

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