Please Think Twice…


As a blogger I always appreciate it when readers comment on something I’ve written or shared. It means that I’ve given you a reason to respond, and honestly if that didn’t happen I would have stopped writing way back when. 

On the flip side I recently received a couple of comments that I did not share.  The reason?  The writer’s intent was to start an argument that would only become a back and forth, he said, she said, I’m right, you’re wrong, no win contest.  I am all for debate, but please, when you name another party, be sure what you are saying is true, and not just an attempt to get even.  And in one particular case the topic was something that had already been hashed out ad infinitum on a forum.

“A moment of patience, in a moment of anger. saves you a thousand moments of regret”

Share your ideas, your anger, your frustration, your mood, your thoughts.  Piss and moan to your heart’s content (hell, it’s my middle name).  Share a funny incident, a joke, a great find or an interesting event, but always think about what you are writing, and most important, how it will affect others.

Remember too, here on Stout Standards, I am “always” right.  At home? Meh, not so much….



Not sure what to say about this?  Not something that ever crossed my mind, but let’s hope it doesn’t become popular.

 Men Face Charges After Going On ‘Treasure Hunt’ In Sewers Below Flatbush



Yesterday my Connecticut friend Joey Ortega posted the following photo.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but eventually opted for the first, and gave him props for having a big pair….


I tried to bust his chops a little, but he finished the day with a 14k white gold ring, so it wound being an “up yours Dick Stout” conversation.  Joey also made sure to tell me that this was NOT his first ring of the year, and that I had to wait for the 2015 Ortega production of “What I Did Last Summer”, to find out exactly how many. Due out in September, at a theater near you…


Nice find Joey, even if you do look like a dork…..



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19 responses to “Please Think Twice…

  1. bigtony

    Dick, you have a good site, and you are always inviting folks to chime in – and mostly about saving our crazy hobby. Thanks for being there, and giving us something to ponder, or share, remember, piss and moan about or laugh about.

    Now for the guys in the sewer – I believe this is the second time in a few years that this happened. The last one didn’t get as much press, maybe because this time the fire department had to go in and get them out. I think it is creative and funny at the same time. What do you think about it? I am wondering how the Task Force (being that they are in Brooklyn, NY) will handle their rights……? After all – I would bet there isn’t any law about detecting in a sewer, or for that matter removing any items except for the piping system……..

    Ed Norton use to eat his lunch down there – or was that only in the TV show?

  2. I can relate. I’ve had to delete a few comments myself. I don’t mind controversy, even though I joke that I save that for your site, but hatefulness is inappropriate. And some folks don’t comment because they’re afraid of others responses to their comments. But that’s why we have an approve comment option–to weed out the instigators.

    BTW, I heard that you owe someone twenty dollars, is that true?

    • Hey Allyson, you do so bring controversy here and I love it. As for $20, I DO NOT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING!

    • Yup, you’re right Allyson a certain person (mentioning no names) who regularly contributes to this blog was in a bar in AC in ’86 when another certain person (again mentioning no names but he pisses and moans lot) said, “I seem to have left my wallet at home” when it came to his round. A $20 bill changed hands.
      When I visited this person’s house for a meal, he charged me $20 saying it was an old New Joisey custom of good luck. He even had change for the cigarette vending machine in the hallway. Now, thoughtful host or what?
      John H

  3. Handsome looking guy up there Dick. Sewers!!!! What the hell were they thinking!

    • You ARE talking about the photo of me at the top of the page, right?

      As for the sewer guys, who knows. Have a feeling there’s something more to the story….

      • Bob K

        Don’t need the rest of the story on the sewer..
        Dick always like your site, comments and news about the hobby always needed/wanted.

      • Thanks Bob. The comments I held back did not even have anything to do with me. Just something that started on a forum, and somehow wound up in my comments section. Have a good one…

  4. bigtony

    Now we all know that this sewer diving stuff is wrong….now if they dig up a street and pull out a hiundred plus wooden or clay pipe then have at it… club menber —- back about fifteen years ago – checked the red dirt they dug up around the clay sewer pipe and found a few silver dollars …he was happy ane we were amazed…..

  5. There were a couple more replies by the two tekkie combatants who got after it in the comment section of my last post, but I am not going to approve or share them here. Their battle needs to go elsewhere, like maybe the forum where it all started.

    I also have no idea what it’s all about, but suffice to say it’s one of the reasons I avoid forums.

  6. Mike Smith

    Bully for you! And keep’ em coming!
    Always enjoy a good read on your site.

    I stopped looking and posting on forums a few years ago, don’t have the time.
    Happy hunting when it cools down there in TX and here in AL!

  7. FOR SALE:
    Three (cheapo) ashtrays, four sets of silverware – cutlery, salt & pepper pots – one well-worn Whites 6000D, cigarette vending machine, Zimmer frame, one month’s supply of little blue pills….. $20 secures!

  8. del

    Mr. Stout when did detectorists get such big heads and become such drama queens about the hobby ?? was it always this way even back when your matured generation started out ? I mean its just a hobby , I do it because its relaxing and I get to meet some good people and find history . The back an forth petty bickering over finds , forum rules or “one up-manship” are very exhaustion and spoil the camaraderie . Could you imagine what we could get accomplished focusing that time , energy an attention on real issues that plaque our hobby. Life is too short !


    • Dan, I think it started with the internet. Everyone can be an expert in cyberspace….

      Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with batting a subject around and expressing your opinion. I have no problem with it. What happened here was a debate on a forum somehow found it’s way here, and why I don’t know. I was confused as hell when it started, and should have deleted the first comment that I thought was weird.

      Again if you want to debate, get your point across, or even piss and moan, you are welcome to do it. Just make sure it relates to something that was posted here. Don’t suddenly start babbling about something that happened on another site or forum.

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