Friday Odds & Ends…



Had hoped to be able ro reprint “Metal Detecting, the Hobby” but it looks like that won’t happen. To get costs down I would have to order in large quantities, and then of course discount considerably to the larger companies and distributors. Bottom line, it’s just not financially possible right now.  If something should happen down the road, and I change my mind, I will let you all know.



Thanks to John Hooker for the following article.  You never know what tomorrow brings or what that next beep will be….

Littlehampton Man’s Find Stuns Museum



Here at home it’s pretty much status quo.  Waiting for mowing to happen, the heat and humidity to break, and the body to feel “normal”.  Just to add to all this I am now dealing with dizziness, and please Howland, no comments.  Not fun at all.  Doc has me playing around with meds and doses to see if it will go away.



but how come I can’t find “small” eggs?


Remember, it’s Friday and the toughest decision you will need to make is “bottle or draft”…..



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11 responses to “Friday Odds & Ends…

  1. John

    Glad I have a copy of your book already! Great stuff!

  2. The small eggs around here are in the containers marked “Large” You probably can’t find them because everything is bigger in Texas.

  3. Gary

    Feel better Dick.

  4. Roy Rutledge

    No problem today. Draft, and several of them.

  5. Big Tony

    Quail eggs are small….try those for a change of pace….
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Joe Smith

    Charge for a downloadable PDF of your book. Skips all of the production and distribution costs, and e-reading is the wave of the future. Just a thought.

    • Joe, have received a few responses about how to do it more reasonably…. Will look at them all, and get back to everyone. Thank you for the idea.

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