What I Know Right Now!

More on the new TreasureMaster & TreasureMaster Pro units…


The TreasureMaster should be shipping out this week and the TreasureMaster Pro in the not too distant future.   At 2.8 lbs I am really looking forward to using this unit, and will give you my thoughts and impressions in a few days….




The White’s TRX pinpointer has been certified submersible up to 10 feet….so cool it!





Dan Hughes of In the Corner with Dan Hughes, was the recipient of the Hastings Award at the recent Cincinnati Nostalgia /Expo. This award is given for “Outstanding Contribution to the Preservation of Old Time Radio”

Bob Hastings was the actor who played Archie Andrews (of Archie and Jughead) on the radio, and he played Lt. Elroy Carpenter on McHale’s Navy.  He came to the Cincinnati Nostalgia Expo convention every year, and the award is named in his honor.

Congratulations Dan!


John Winter

My doppelganger across the pond, John Winter, just posted up a nicely done article on how to dig your target…..give it a look see when you have time.




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4 responses to “What I Know Right Now!

  1. wintersen

    Congratulations to Dan.
    Well deserved from what I have heard!

  2. Wendell

    That’s a nice looking detector. One of our church members gave our pastor one of the white’s classic detectors, but he’s a busy 76 year old and doesn’t have much time to use it.

    WTG Dan. I enjoy his podcasts and I remember that actor. John always has some interesting and unique articles and he always mentions you quite a bit and I think that’s how I started using this blog.

  3. It is a good looking machine….can’t wait to give it try. And yes Dan’s podcasts are great….love his laid back and relaxing voice.

    So you know John Winter is my long lost brother and he is awesome.

  4. wintersen

    AWESOME indeed! … 🙂

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