The Prize List Grows…

Thanks to American Detector Distributors, we’ve added another detector to the  Ken MacIntyre effort.  American Detector Distributors is located in Bedford, Texas and is a wholesaler for Garrett, Fisher, Tekentics, Sun-Ray, Wilcox, Detector-Pro among others.  To help our cause they are donating a complete Garrett Ace package (detector, 6.5 x 9 coil cover, Pro-Power Headphones, and Lesche Digger)…total retail value $340!

I’ve known Bill Proenza and his son Robert for 25 years, and was not surprised when they emailed saying they wanted to participate.  A top notch company and a very caring group of people!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Bill is also the Regional Director of the National Weather Service’s Southern region,  and has been with the organization for close to 50 years. Despite his busy schedule he still finds time to go detecting, and I’ve enjoyed being in his company more than once.  Bill and Robert, on behalf of the MacIntyre family, thank you!!

So come on folks, why not donate to a good cause and just maybe come away with a new detector or one of the many other great prizes available.  The drawing will take place on the American Digger Magazine’s Relic Roundup show three weeks from this Monday.



I am sitting here this morning looking at this and saying “come on mama“. I know it’s hard for those of you who have had too much of the wet stuff this year but down here we need it desperately. Come to think of it, I need to talk to Bill about this?



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2 responses to “The Prize List Grows…

  1. Robbie

    We had a good heavy rain 3 times in the last few days………. I tried to send it north because I know you need it also.

    • Well we had a good heavy rain for about an hour and a half Saturday afternoon, and my lawn sucked it right up like a sponge. Unfortunately we need about a week of continuous heavy rains to get the lakes back to their normal levels.

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