Please Join Us…

Another reminder that the Ken MacIntyre benefit drawing will take place October 21st and if you’ve not purchased your tickets I hope you will soon.  Likewise if you have, why not get a few more.  The more you spend the better your chances of winning one of the many great prizes available.  I know I have mentioned this effort many times here, but you know what? Ken had his 4th chemo treatment today and he still has eight more to go.  Not exactly a fun schedule, nor something to look forward to.

I am also well aware that Ken is not the only one in the world having to go through something like this.  He is however the son of a friend, and an unlikely friend at that.  His Mom, Lisa Hume MacIntyre is an archaeologist, and by now you know how much I love archaeologists.  This time, however, it’s different.  Lisa is different.  While I have never met Lisa, I was privileged to debate her on the Relic Roundup show a couple months back, and surprise of surprises….she was civil, understanding, and appreciated what it is we do.  Do we still have differences?  You bet, but we have since become good friends, and when I found out about Ken I just wanted to help in some way.

Shortly after asking you all for help here I received an email from Alan Holcombe at White’s Electronics.  He said “how about if we donate a White’s VX3 detector package and you find a way to raise money with it“.   Honestly I was not all surprised.   I have known Alan for 30 years and both he and White’s have gone out of their way so many times to help people that I’ve lost count, and there were times when their generosity went unannounced or advertised.  It’s just how they are and why I am proud to be part of their family.

In any case when I mentioned this to Butch & Anita Holcombe (no relation to Alan) at American Digger Magazine they said, “hey, hold on, let’s see if just maybe we can get the rest of the manufacturers on board with this” and to make a long story short, we did, and we’re still working on  getting prizes. To find out how you can help and how you might win one of these prizes click HERE.

Ken, the new tekkie.....

Ken, the new tekkie…..

I want to also add that White’s was kind enough to send Ken a Coinmaster GT to help him get through the tough days ahead. Thank you Alan, thank you White’s, and thank you to all the other manufacturers, distributors. dealers and magazines for your very generous donations. This is a great pastime, a great group of people, and we always come together when it comes to helping out a friend.



Well I was bored last night and decided to see what “Dig Fellas” was up to, but after watching a few mintues, I decided to watch “Naked & Afraid”.  I will say this however…someone should give that gal appraiser a detector and quick. Why they can even save money by not having to write a script.  She doesn’t have to utter a word. I would gladly spend 30 minutes just watching her swing a coil and frankly I don’t care if she finds a thing.



Apparently Mr. Barford (a.k.a. Warsaw Wally) continues to piss people off. Seems no one is immune to the Polish troll.  His latest targets are the Ancient Coins and Cultural Property Observer blogs, and as it should be, neither Dave Welsh,  Ancient Coins blogger nor Peter Tompa at CPO are taking his crap.  Good for them.  He’s a poor excuse for a human being, and seems to think he can insert himself in any conversation or blog. How presumptuous…


For the record no one ever responds to Wally’s blog except Nigel Swift (Heritage Action), his bosom buddy. The reason? It’s a complete waste of time.  There’s no debating Wally, and if you try you learn quickly that getting a root canal is a better way to spend your time. Anyway I am glad to see Dave and Peter firing back.  There’s a limit to how much crap one can take from this odorous individual.


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  1. Like death and taxes, Warsaw Wally and his apprentice slagger-off, Heritage Harry, will always be critical of metal detectorists; these two Ambassadors of Archaeological Absurdity at the Court of Common Sense go with the territory I’m afraid.

    Apart from their dotty antics and intellectually arid (though grossly insulting) arguments being ideal fodder on a ‘poor news day’, does it really matter what they say about us? Of course not. All we are doing is giving their loony arguments the oxygen of publicity their own blogs fail to generate.

    Former Diplomat Arthur Houghton put these two clowns into perspective when he said: “The dogs may bark but the caravan moves on”.

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