It’s Always Been About WHERE Not WHAT!

I’m still around, living and breathing thank you but just not back to full steam, as in feeling whole. Hard to explain but suffice to say 2022 has kicked my ass big time.

I have time on my hands now and think about detecting, but the itch is not real strong. Add in triple digit heat and it’s easy to make excuses. What would charge the batteries would be a turn of the century (and I’m talking 20th century) site but that’s not on the horizon and hasn’t been for some time now.

It’s always been about location, location, location but all the talk today is about detector technology and debating which model is better, which one can go deeper, which one can best eliminate iron, etc.. What no one mentions is how and where to find a place to use it.  Face it – a detector will only find that Merc or Liberty Seated if it’s under your feet so bitching about that backyard comparison test is moot, but hey if it makes you happy, makes you look smarter, have at it. I can hear ya now –

“I ain’t finding a damn thing but I want you to know I have a detector that will find a dime next to a nail….”

I’ve talked numerous times about how hard it is to find older sites and it’s getting worse by the day. Construction, growth, newcomer competition and sadly poor digging habits are major contributors. I know of two “reasonably old” park sites in the area but having to look over your shoulder is not worth it and at one park a maintenance guy told me it’s only a matter of time before detecting will be prohibited.

So today the forecast is for sunny and 103 degrees, with a heat index of 110. Supposed to be close to 100 for the next two weeks with no rain. Then we’re into July and August, the hottest and driest months here in the Lone Star. Add in the fact that the power grid here is likely to fail and it’s not looking good for digging or much of anything good. Welcome to Texas!

Anyway forgive me if I just ramble on about nothing.  It’s all I can do and want to do right now…


Just for fun here’s an old post from June 2015.


Wednesday I received an email from a detectorist  that read: “why don’t you just tell us about everything you dislike and get it over with”?  Apparently he or she (was signed B.T.) is not thrilled with my piss and moan talents.  So, here you go B.T…. 100 things I dislike, and for the record, no one is forcing you to read this blog


  1. Archaeologists, especially Warsaw archaeologists
  2. Camo
  3. Monotonous tekkie videos
  4. Ridiculously expensive detectors
  5. Shovels
  6. Detecting Bans
  7. Detecting Permits
  8. Suits & Ties
  9. Aches & Pains
  10. People who are “somehow” able to detect 24/7 and still pay their bills
  11. Organizations that promise the moon, and then ride off into the sunset
  12. Expensive hunts/rallies
  13. Unnecessary detecting accessories and frills
  14. Unfilled holes
  15. False advertising
  16. People who claim they make a living metal detecting
  17. Beating around the bush (say it for crissakes)
  18. Smart phones
  19. Pulltabs
  20. Broccoli, Cauliflower & Beets
  21. Making mountains out of mole hills
  22. People who have no sense of humor
  23. People who don’t drink
  24. People who don’t curse
  25. All the “absolutely must have” searchcoils
  26. People who don’t like dogs
  27. Tekkies who drool about working with archaeologists
  28. Photos of crap that the finder just had to share on the internet
  29. Blogs, websites, FB pages & podcasts that have to give things away to get people to participate
  30. Tekkies who dress like they are members of a swat team
  31. Archaeologists who want us to learn how they do it, but who have no interest at all in how we do it
  32. Reality TV shows
  33. Buying lottery tickets and not winning
  34. Long lines
  35. Sitting in Traffic
  36. Being out of wine
  37. Being out of pasta
  38. Being out of wine and pasta
  39. Dallas black gumbo
  40. Fire ants
  41. Archaeologists who won’t share their credentials
  42. Tekkies who take the pastime much too seriously
  43. Tekkies who care more about how they look than about what they find
  44. Tekkies who have to take a photo of their finds (good or bad) in a clump of dirt
  45. Tekkies whose best finds are always found “on my way back to the car”
  46. Manufacturers who use “new and improved” in their advertising
  47. Not supporting your “local” metal detector dealer
  48. Being out of wine
  49. Repeating things over and over (a.k.a. nagging)
  50. Archaeologists who get upset when detectorists find anything of historic interest
  51. Snow
  52. Taxes
  53. Small Talk
  54. Detectorists who share way too much on social media
  55. Detectorists who can’t be bothered with a threat to our pastime because it doesn’t affect them
  56. Heavy metal detectors
  57. Noisy restaurants
  58. Crowds
  59. Shoot ‘em up, blow ‘em up movies
  60. Texas wine
  61. Tekkies who find hoards and don’t share with me
  62. Towns and cities that ban detecting but are quick to pave over anything green
  63. Being out of wine
  64. Unappreciative people
  65. People who have a hard time “telling it like it is”
  66. People who buy things only because someone “famous” uses it
  67. Windows is looking for a solution to the problem
  68. Arkies who blame us because THEY aren’t working
  69. Tekkies who still wonder whether coins sink in the ground
  70. Texas summers
  71. People who use you for their personal and financial gain, then a week later don’t know you
  72. Jerry Jones
  73. Items that keep going up in price but keep getting smaller
  74. People who don’t like to read
  75. Kindles & Nooks
  76. Lawyers and politicians
  77. Airlines that use the terms “first class” and “second class”
  78. People who know it all and keep reminding you of that
  79. Clutter
  80. Pharmaceutical companies
  81. Young people who think THEY will never get old
  82. New detectors that are really old detectors, only with a new model number
  83. Mosquitos
  84. My “can’t lose horses” coming in last
  85. Working out
  86. Dieting
  87. Photos of detectors “leaning” on a shovel. I get the “cool” factor..enough already
  88. Owner manuals more than 15 pages long
  89. Those people who hang out in coffee shops with their laptops (is that supposed to be cool?)
  90. Mexican food
  91. Yankee restaurants that advertise BBQ and Texas restaurants that advertise Philly cheese steaks
  92. Being out of wine
  93. People who don’t like stinky cheeses
  94. Tekkies who are suddenly close friends because they are “in town for a few days”
  95. People who “still” think wearing their baseball cap backward makes them look cool
  96. People who recommend a business or service and have to finish with “tell ’em __________ sent you.
  97. People who can take a very simple topic and just beat it to death
  98. Telemarketers and “robocalls”
  99. People texting while driving
  100. People who can’t find 100 things to piss and moan about

And for the record B.T., I could have kept going….




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20 responses to “It’s Always Been About WHERE Not WHAT!

  1. Randy Dee

    Hope you are 100% shortly Dick, keep plodding away.

  2. Great stuff Old Pal and keep on rocking. Yep, ‘1’ & ’50’ does it for me too, but ’41’ could have a sub-para? Say, something like ‘Doesn’t have any credentials owing to having been being booted out of Uni.’
    PS. Who is ’72’?

  3. LR

    Well it seems like having & drinking wine is big deal. Lol. I don’t know much about wine, except sometimes I like it if it’s fruity. I also agree I can’t stand the Tekkies with those goddamn shovels, wearing camo, pretending to find those hoards of gold pennies with their $1500 detector. The last group outing I did was 7 of us at an old school and I was teased and laughed at because a) my detector was $400 new about 16yrs ago, b) I used a basic whites digger knife & 7 inch trowel, c) and it took me 20 mins to dig a plug as I methodically used a drop cloth for the loose dirt, d) I didn’t photograph or video every coin or broken metal Doo hickie, e) and rarely took out my cumbersome orange Garrett carrot, as it’s annoying for me to use pressing 1 bottom 18 different times to get it to work.

    • Wine is only a big deal if you LIKE it and if it’s 103 degrees outside…. Disappointed too that you didn’t share a video of your adventure.

      • LR

        I don’t shoot video when I’m trying to swing my detector and look around me hoping no one is following me. I don’t snap photos of coins or metal doodads, poking out of the ground, looking like they were placed there by the hand of whoever.

      • I understood your comment Luke. Was just busting your chops…

      • LR

        I don’t understand the need to photo/video document every darn action. I rarely have all day to go detecting. At most I’ll wash off the interesting bits & thingies and snap a pic when I’m done.

  4. LR

    I can’t fathom detecting in any heat past 90°f. In Michigan, the humidity kicks my ass most of the time.

  5. Dennis Wynne

    Man o man. We are in our toy hauler west of Fort Worth with a blistering 107 outside today. And I just found an old native stone house close to where we are. I found the owner and I am going to go visit tomorrow morning to secure permission for Wednesday.

    Relics are on the menu for this place and one man’s junk is another man’s … well you know.

    Hopefully at the end of this one month stay here we will finally be going to Tennessee to be around the music and early America. OH. And lower temperatures sooner. I hope.

    And brother I agree it has ALWAYS been about the WHERE we detect. See ya down the road brother!

  6. That’s a long list!

  7. Tony

    Dick, do you piss and moan in summer months – like this old post from 2015? Or is it all the time like most of us who found out the nail test was an eye opener? But I can’t piss and moan about gaining more knowledge as we get older. You sir have much knowledge from your life time of detecting and musical in roads to happiness. Too bad B.T. (I hope that wasn’t Big Tony) didn’t give his pet peeves for your blog. Might have been interesting. Stay cool my friend and enjoy the Goliath after dinner tonight.

    • Tony I’m an expert at pissing and moaning, and I don’t find the nail/board thing all that useful. Too many variables and it just makes tekkies debate, argue and take sides. Would much prefer the debate be about the diminishing list of “where” to use a detector. At the rate we’re going the pastime will be history in ten years or even less. JMO.

  8. Frank Blazi

    Hope you get some light rainfall and cooler temperatures so you can score some relics with your detector that can pick up a coin next to a nail. Lately I’ve been looking in places that I typically wouldn’t hunt. Parks,roadsides,seashores.
    Just trying to keep the ball rolling.

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