Gawd We’re Gaudy!

Gaudy:  adjective – Extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless.

Yup, that’s us!  Glittery, ostentatious, presumptuous and boastful. That of course comes from someone who started in the hobby back in the 70’s when it was hard to be noticed by anyone. Little did we know how good we had it.

Today’s participants bear a much bigger burden. They must (or at least they think they must) invest great sums to enjoy the hobby, be successful, be accepted and be noticed, and today being noticed has become the litmus test for being a successful treasure hunter. You no longer just need a detector and headphones. You need the latest, newest, often untested (sometimes not even on the market) detector, wireless headphones, pinpointer, digger, shovel, video camera, editing software, Facebook/Twitter page, podcast and YouTube channel (a personal line of clothing doesn’t hurt either). Oh and be sure to join every single metal detecting Facebook group and forum in cyberspace (including those in Botswana and Kyrgyzstan).

If I only knew then…

When I started the FMDAC back in the early 80’s I was eager to promote the pastime and see it grow. I thought there was strength in numbers. Boy was I wrong. Today we have the numbers and it’s everyone for himself.  You think I’m wrong?  Take a look at the number of clubs back in the 80’s and compare it to those of today. Social media has now taken the place of the club and sadly it’s anything but social. We now also believe we can fight city hall via email and while you may know of a few instances where that has worked there are hundreds more where it didn’t and they are easily found by looking for the “no detecting” signs.

In the beginning we tried hard to rid ourselves of the label “treasure hunter” and we decided on detectorist because truly that’s what we were. Now however we’re back to square one and everyone is a treasure hunter. Why some are even “professional” treasure hunters, a hair shy of Mel Fisher and a notch better than Indiana Jones.

We’re All Pawns…

Sadly today social media dictates the direction and status of our pastime.  You buy a detector just like Bubba Bob or Clara Cleavage uses and if it comes with a double D coil all the better. Of course there’s no need to know what a DD coil is….they say it’s good on their Facebook page and they know what’s best. Besides Clara is gorgeous and you just know by her comments that she’s lusting for you.

One more old guy criticism….to all the podcast producers….how about actually featuring the guest you’ve been promoting?  Stop clogging up that hour and chat room with every topic except the one you promised. Yes I know it’s your show but listening to your friends calling in every week gets old. Your guest is giving their time…don’t leave them hanging in the wind.

I’m Done

I know I’m in the minority and out of touch with what’s going on today.  I know too that it’s your right to enjoy the hobby as you see fit and it’s none of my damn business how you do it.  Understand though it’s a generational thing and someday, IF this pastime is still in existence, you just may be me.

PS: Wanna buy a Dallas Dick T-shirt?




To those of you who have asked about Digger…

…after four visits to the ophthalmologist it looks like he may never regain his sight. We will continue with the two different eye drops three times a day and hope though our next appointment is in the spring of 2018. In the meantime he loves to take walks and we continue to love him more and more. Thanks for thinking of him.










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41 responses to “Gawd We’re Gaudy!

  1. Paul T.

    Well said Dick.
    I remember using a BFO Garrett detector in the local park here in Fremont and I would pick up the local AM radio station through my speaker. Music, news and all. When the radio station went off the air and if the signal was blocked, we dug Everything. But we found LOTS of goodies also. Those were the days my friend and I did enjoy them while I could.

  2. heavymetalnut

    How much are the Dallas Dick shirts? That reminds me I need to join the Ubekistan facebook group.

  3. heavymetalnut

    i’ll think about it.14 years sober now.I don’t need a relapse!

  4. Randy Dee

    Thanks Dick for a great reflection how it used to be back in the 70’s me and thee are from the same age group and I must admit I find it very difficult to relate the present view of metal detecting to how it was in the good old days.

    The present day detecting reminds me of way back when CB Radio first came on the scene we were looking for the strongest burner and the most powerful side-band set with the most channels and the best mobile antenna but now almost 50 years later that form of communication is in the past-hence and it is looking like metal detecting is heading down the same route.

  5. You nailed it Dick! I was having a similar conversation with a friend the other day, and others at a recent hunt. You are not alone in all this, folks are really getting disgusted with all the hoopla. No one wants to watch those stupid videos anymore, most of these folks are grossly self promoted, and when they are done posting their videos, they have nothing going on in their lives until the next one, but it makes them feel important.

    Sometimes I post stuff, sometimes I don’t. I don’t feel the need to impress anyone. I have my blog because it’s fun to do, and I like to write. There are folks that wait for my posts because I try to keep it real, and as interesting as I can (it is metal detecting after all-not a lot of variety going on there).

    If I decided to hang up my detector and become a caterpillar chaser, then I would probably write some interesting stories about chasing caterpillars (I bet that would make for some awesome video footage too). Then I could be famous on YouTube for chasing caterpillars. I could put caterpillars in tiny tank tops, pose them on the leaves of whatever crop the local farmer is promoting at the time, and create a real need in the caterpillar chasing community for more and better caterpillars, and become rich off my caterpillar clothing line. Then and only then would I feel truly important.

    • Thanks Allyson. Helps to know someone younger sees the same things I do, and you know given some of the “greatest hits” detecting videos currently showing a caterpillar vid might be a nice change of pace.

    • Hi Allyson. I can appreciate your sarcasm. I’ve been known to get a little sarcastic with my writing–it used to drive my journalism professor nuts.

      Anyway, I’ll be honest, your comments were a little hurtful, so I thought I would lay a few things out there.

      You wrote, “No one wants to watch those stupid videos anymore, most of these folks are grossly self promoted, and when they are done posting their videos, they have nothing going on in their lives until the next one, but it makes them feel important.” Even if no one watched my videos, I’d still make them. If no one read your blog, I bet you’d still write. I enjoy the process and bringing my passion to life. As for nothing going on in my life, I often have way too much going in my life between videos–I’m a busy mom with a real job and four dogs. When I’m not working on videos, I’m trying to keep my kids from clobbering each other with foam swords while making dinner.

      You wrote, “I have my blog because it’s fun to do, and I like to write. There are folks that wait for my posts because I try to keep it real, and as interesting as I can (it is metal detecting after all-not a lot of variety going on there).” I have a YouTube Channel because it’s fun to do, and I like to make videos. I keep my videos real and I try to stay interesting… but again, you’re right… this is metal detecting after all. I try to stay 100% true to myself. Who you see in the videos is who I am in real life–anyone who has met me could tell you that.

      The point I’m trying to make is this: We both have our own venues and mediums. You and Dick prefer to express yourself and your passion or metal detecting through your blogs. I really enjoy making videos. I enjoying conveying my love for the hobby through videos, similar to how you convey yours through writing. I’m not sure where you’re located, but we should dig together someday and swap women digger stories. I think if you met me, you’d realize that I’m really not that bad. AND I promise not to wear a go-pro on my head and prance around like a unicorn…. 😉

      Best of luck to you! Jocelyn

      • dominique

        You took the words right out of my mouth. I will never understand this disgruntled attitude. I do videos because they combine the creative process with detecting – both passions of mine. And I don’t live for my next video – in fact my life is bursting at the seams any given second. Best of luck, Diva and Dick! I wish you happy hunting/blogging.

      • Jocelyn,

        I apologize if you found my response hurtful. I will say again that I wasn’t pointing any fingers. I have never even watched one of your videos, and have only watched one of Dominique’s by default, as they were playing it at a club meeting once.

        I have watched others though, and they were mostly lame and a lot of times “stupid”, turning me off to all but a few.

        I do find Beau’s videos interesting, and I watch anything from Todd & Dave, because Todd holds a special place in my heart. I also watch videos from people I know, because they are always better when you know the person.

        I wasn’t even aware there was such a thing as a “Tank Top Mafia” until after I wrote something about women wearing tank tops to display their assets. Embarrassing proof that I was not singling anyone out, and that I spend more time detecting than checking Facebook notifications–but I admit I did find all the controversy surrounding it quite amusing at the time.

        I have read your articles in American Digger, and do look forward to them because they are written by a woman, and I can relate to your point of view.

        That aside…

        You have to take all this social media BS with a grain of salt. You’re putting yourself out there, so you have to learn to ignore the things you feel are negative. If someone gives you a thumbs down, well at least you know people are watching–what’s a couple dislikes against all the likes you do get? It’s all in how you look at it.

        If someone tells me they don’t like something I’ve written, whether on social media or in an article, I just smile, thank them for their input, and for taking the time. They didn’t have to read it, or even like it, but I took the time, because there are people that do look forward to my articles, and opinions.

        You also can’t let yourself think that people are always talking about you. Yes, you are popular in the hobby. But there are so many other people involved in this hobby, and this may sound harsh, and it’s only said this way to deliver a point, but they are not always all talking about you.

        What seems to be getting lost is that it’s really all about metal detecting. People watch and read because they like metal detecting. They are not metal detecting because of my blog or your videos, they are involved in this hobby because it’s their passion, we are just helping them enjoy it.

        I don’t dislike you, I don’t even know you, but I do know you’ve got the same passion for the hobby as I do, so we’d probably get on just fine.

        It’s just unfortunate that things get misinterpreted or taken out of context sometimes.

        Carry on & Happy Hunting

  6. Dick. Maybe you thought I don’t read your blog? I do read your blog and I couldn’t help but wonder if a few of your recent blog posts have been subtle jabs at me. I’ve spoken to you over messenger a few times and I have nothing against you. (I do wonder if maybe you have something against me? Maybe I offended you?) I’ve never taken the time to respond to the purple hair or hashtag remarks–I assumed you were just being humorous–but I figured I would respond to this one. You’ve given a lot to this hobby over the years and continue to do so through through your blogs. Your blog is your way of sharing your appreciation for the hobby. My videos are my way of sharing mine. I would hope that you would understand, but I do realize this must just be a generational thing. As far as metal detecting goes, I’m a little late to the party. I do often wish I could have been around during the heyday of detecting. I’ll be lucky to recover a fraction of the history that you and other hobby veterans have found during your tenure. Anyway, keep doing your thing. I’ll keep doing mine. I’m looking forward to your Q&A with Nigel.

  7. Dominique

    I’d like to just point out the other side for a second. I get daily messages from people who enjoy my videos (and others, I’m sure), who for various reasons can’t detect themselves (quite a few are disabled veterans), and live vicariously through youtube.
    This is what keeps me going.

    • Ah, the gals have been talking….

      Dominique I appreciate your taking the time to comment but why bring up disabled vets? I mean come on that’s kind of lame and not fair at all.

      • Dominique

        U bring up disabled vets because they are a surprisingly sizable portion of my audience. I get wonderful comments from them. In addition to vets, it’s also elderly people with physical conditions which prevent them from outdoor activities, such as detecting.
        And as for the Detecting Diva above, caterpillar hunting might just suit her. I recommend cataloging the insects in-between videos, because as she points out, youtubers just LIVE for that next video.

      • “U bring up disabled vets because they are a surprisingly sizable portion of my audience. I get wonderful comments from them. In addition to vets, it’s also elderly people with physical conditions which prevent them from outdoor activities, such as detecting.”

        No YOU brought up disabled vets. Not me.

        Anyway guess I missed all that. Sorry.

  8. dominique

    Sorry, meant “I” brought up the vets. Typing this in then field in-between videos, so mistakes happen 😉

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha! I didn’t point fingers at anyone. I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular. I like caterpillars, they are my friends. Carry on ladies…

    • Dominique

      I get that you weren’t pointing at anyone in particular, but people who make YT videos are going to feel included in your remarks.
      Happy caterpillaring! I love them too – recently watched one morph into a monarch butterfly and was smitten.

  10. Man, Dick…you are getting the !$!#! slapped out of you on this one 🙂

  11. I too agree with you Dick!

    As one of those that use to be a die hard poster of you tube videos, posting on all the forums and sharing on several face book groups. I started posting because it was fun and I liked sharing this great hobby. I had loads of fun videoing the finds and the attention I got from that became addictive. The beach hunting video’s I was doing were in fact bringing new hunters into the hobby, but they were starting for the wrong reason and loads of them came with no common-sense or moral integrity. I finally decided that I did not need to share every find, I am happy just finding stuff. The only videos I am still doing is my england trips and that is for the hunters to see and relive their finds. I only post on my FB page, I do watch some videos occasionally. But I would rather be out there swinging!
    Stay the curmudgeon we all know and love!

    Some of the above posters just don’t know Dick!

    • Thanks Ron, the only guy to come to my defense and you’re right they really don’t know Dick (is that a compliment?). I can see them trashing their “limited edition” Dallas Dick pins now.

      • Dominique

        I would never trash my Dallas Dick pin! It’s on my shelf reserved for priced posessions. I glance at it when working on my videos, and can’t help a smile each time I do. #keepingmeontrack

  12. Hey Dick:
    Sorry about Digger; tough call mate.

    I prefer to be known as a ‘treasure hunter’ because I sell some of what I find. It’s legal, wholesome, and great fun.

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