Just Scattershooting…

Got to wonder how many metal detecting videos and podcasts are out there today.  Wasn’t that long ago we had to keep reading the same treasure magazine until the next one arrived…..


I saw these photos of Todd Hiltz modeling the new White’s backpack and I had to laugh….


I mean holy shit I would fall over before taking two steps. Then again I don’t get the backpack thing at all.  What the hell is everyone carting? Lunch, dinner, dead body, what?  Used to be able to carry all we needed (and liquid refreshment) without a lot of hullabaloo but then again it’s now the “gotta have that thingy” era…

Somebody please let me know if Todd is pissed. If so I will take this down. He owes me twenty bucks…..


When I see all the button and buckle collections I wonder just how many “historical” items I threw out over the years….


When I think about the shopping center sitting on the old Flemington Fairgrounds, and the paving of Spring Hill and Picnic Grove Roads I’m sure grateful I started detecting when I did.

Old photo Flemington Fair...

Old photo Flemington Fair…


With all the “shovel love” does anyone still use a digger?


You would think communities in the Northeast would be more prone to overpopulation and growth, but since moving to Texas I’ve found out that’s not true. Many towns and townships in my old neck of the woods still demand one and sometimes two acres for building a home. Here in the Dallas area they pave anything they can find. If I only knew…


I am sitting here and wondering what I should do with my day. Can’t really do too much as I am mending from day surgery. Don’t ask me how and why but I actually had a hernia. Wasn’t aware you could get one from sitting on your ass all the time but apparently you can. The only thing I can think of is lifting Digger in and out of bed at night. Need to buy or build my buddy stair steps.


Still working on my book and thinking it will surely piss a few people off but then again life is too short and mine even shorter….


Hate to bring this up again, but still looking for April 1999 issue of Western and Eastern Treasures. Cover has yours truly on it. If you have one please let me know. Email is Disc440@tx.rr.com

best I can do....sorry

Best I can do….sorry


On a very popular forum someone posted… “Looking for some input on the best metal detector and coil for looking for coins in Northeast Ohio. Doesn’t have to be waterproof but wondering what the best option is for optimizing finds…”

Someone replied “How much you want to invest? New or used?”

Poster replied “4k would be my limit and looking for deeper coins”

My, my, my how things have changed…


Gave up on another forum this week….why can’t people discuss things without going off on some other, totally unrelated subject. Not to mention anything needing participation or assistance is universally ignored.


Haven’t decided yet on the wording for my pins. Here’s two possibilities….



I swear the guy in Warsaw thrives on bad news and negativity. Must be a real card at parties….





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18 responses to “Just Scattershooting…

  1. Sometimes I use a backpack if I know I’ll be out hunting in the woods all day. I carry a few waters, protein bars, a first aid kit, batteries and an extra pinpointer in it, ’cause who wants to hike 3 miles back to the car for something in the middle of the day?
    But I’m also wondering what the deal is with that backpack? The size does seem a little extreme. I’m thinking just how many hours are you hiking in to find that cellar hole? Are these overnight excursions where you have to bring supplies, or are you just tired of carrying your machine?

    If by “digger”, you’re referring to a Lesche, I always have mine on my belt, but I love my T-handle shovel, and wouldn’t hunt without it. I even have the shorter version for areas where I want to keep a low profile.

    And 4K for a machine, yikes! I’m in the process of counting up this years clad so I can purchase the AT Pro, and I think I’m going to make it! Paying for gear with clad I can justify, 4K I cannot. To each his own, I suppose.

    • Ah, protein bars, pinpointers….didn’t have them back then. Didn’t have bottled water either. I had a canteen on my belt WHEN I was hiking any distance, which was not that often. I could find cellar holes 100 yards off the road I lived. Different time, different era, different thinking….

      And $4,000 was about all we had in the savings account back then…I had to pay for my detector in installments.

  2. Doug Frantz

    What – doesn’t it come in camo pattern? Seriously, I can see using that if you’re hiking in a distance – like you said, all the easy-to-reach cellar holes have been searched already. Also when you’re hiking a distance it’s probably easier to put the detector in the backpack.

    That pic of the fair is interesting just to see how people dressed in those days to go to the fair. Women mostly in skirts and dresses, men in long pants and no t-shirts. (wait, I see one white t-shirt)

    • Dough that fair ground offered up a lot of very old coins. I made friends with the caretaker (grounds keeper) and could get in any time I wanted. It was 145 years old and was also a camp for recruits during the Civil War.

      Hunting there was a bear in that it was wall to wall bottlecaps and pulltabs. Had to pick small areas and use the sniper coil to hunt it. Frustrating as hell but digging up Barbers and Liberty Seated more than made up for it. It’s now paved over and is a shopping center.

  3. Coin25

    Dick, glad your on the mend, it could have happened from a bad sneeze.
    That is one huge backpack, it’s just crazy for regular detector folks. I have a Minelab one but use it for my overnight clothes when I stay at the grandkids homes.
    I probably would use a smaller one if I were out hiking and wanted to bring different coils.

    04/99, sorry bud don’t have that one but it makes for a good lottery number if you feel the need.

    And yeah, the grass in NJ is going away everyday. They are adding Turf Fields for sporting events in county, local and school parks. They say that Turf is always available to play on because the water runs off and all they do is vacuum it once in awhile. Yikes – just what this hobby needs…..a regular person is now more limited to coin shooting sites…..bunch of crap…..where are the climate folks when you need them?

    • I had a small duffel bag I used to keep in my trunk. Had extra batteries, lower stems, small towels, extra digger and small coil in it. And if it was somewhat nippy out I added a pint of Southern Comfort.

  4. Ha! So Todd Hiltz owes you $20!!!??? So there is a God.

    My backpack is fitted with a plastic tube and mouthpiece so that I can syphon refreshment from wine bags stored inside – chilled Chardonnay for summer and Merlot/Pinot Noir types for the Fall.

    I like the ‘Dallas Dick’ logo, but perhaps it would look better against a background of a syringe of penicillin, or a condom? JMO.

    ‘Warsaw Willy’ is an even worse condition – afflicting sufferers with delusions of adequacy, superiority, and the ability to betray one’s ‘friends’ at the drop of a zloty.

    Keep smiling.

    • Syringe of penicillin, or a condom? Huh? Just trying to have fun with this Bubba….

      I also have no idea what you are talking about with the “So there is a God”…then again with the time difference it is single malt time in the Howland household is it not?

      • Indeed, it’s always single malt o’clock at Howland Towers.

        It’s Divine intervention – as soon as Todd sends you the 20 Bucks, you send it straight on to me. Great idea? Yes?

        You could have some fun with the ‘Warsaw Willy’ logo too. Maybe an ornate wall-hung mirror, with a man standing in front of it preening himself and saying, “mirror, mirror on the wall, I am the greatest archaeologist of all?”

  5. RoyR

    I always carried a Garrett All Purpose Bag. Bought at least one a year, usually from Mary at the Texas Council Meeting. I think they were about $10.00 back then.Have gave several away as they were the right size to carry all you needed for a day hunt. Batteries,small coil, zip ties, small first aid kit, and spare headphones.
    I see no use for a backpack that can carry a midget unless he is going to dig for you.

    • Roy,I remember those bags….never had one though. I’m currently training Digger to do the recovery part. Not there quite yet….

      • Yes, we used a small backpack at times to carry stuff in the car, but not on the trail or in the woods. We carried a tool-belt pouch and a digger. We used to fill a gallon-canteen, in it’s canvas container and attached canvas strap, halfway with water. We’d freeze it the night before, then fill the rest up with water. We would have good cold water most of the day while the ice melted.

        We might carry an extra coil and some spare batteries in the car. We always carried a small first-aid kit and snakebite kit in one of our belt pouches. But, we usually had a mission profile before the days hunt, and did not need to bring the kitchen-sink along “just in case.”

        If you’ve ever read any of Karl Von Mueller’s classic”Treasure Hunter’s” manuals, he advises traveling light and with minimum gear. And Dick, I’ve also got a hernia from what I don’t know. I’ve been putting off the surgery myself…don’t like the way the surgeons always smile when they read my file. Ulp! Be well!

      • Hey James, aside from the hernia, hope everything else is going well for you. I guess everyone has their thing when it comes to carrying accessories. I’m just blown away by the number of “must have” accessories, and I have read a couple of KVM’s manuals. Interesting individual for sure.

  6. Coin25

    KVM said keep it simple….
    The pint in my back was blackberry brandy for those cold mornings

  7. Todd

    The back pack isn’t for everyone but for me it’s definitely a luxury as i can now carry two detectors into the woods and have my hands free. No more carrying my machine over the shoulder and smashing it against trees and branches anymore. I snapped one coil and my pinpoint trigger on the mxt pro getting it caught up on limbs. Because the terrain we hike in can be treacherous at times, it’s nice to have my hands free to catch myself if and when i trip over rocks an brush. Admittedly, it’s probably not need for a parks and fields hunter.

    Remind me again why I owe you 20 bucks…?

  8. Paul T

    I can remember when I first started hunting my first detector was a Whites BFO with a wooden coil. NO one was using headphones because the manufactures were not offering them at that time. The only tool I used was a long handled screw driver to dig up the nails, bottle caps and coins. Plus here in the local park, on occasion I would also pick up the local AM radio station on my speaker. Those were the days my friend.

    • Hi Paul, good to hear from you again….

      Never used the wooden coil but I did have a BFO for brief period. Amazing the technology today. One can only wonder what detectors will be able to do ten years from now, and of course the tekkies today will be doing exactly the same reminiscing forty or fifty years down the road.

      Those were indeed the days! Hi to Joan….

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