Not a Good Night

Not sure when I will post again….Fay and I lost our home tonight thanks to a tornado.  We are okay, as are our dogs, and right now we are staying with daughter and family. Not sure what we will see tomorrow.


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30 responses to “Not a Good Night

  1. Jason

    Glad to hear you’re OK. All things can be replaced, God bless.

  2. Packrat

    Wow Dick I am so very sorry to hear this bad news Glad to hear the two of you and the dogs are fine Hope things will get better over the coming days

  3. Arthur J Fleming

    God Bless You, Our thoughts and Prayers are going out to you and your family. Artie

  4. heavymetalnut

    Thank God you are all safe! praying for you!

  5. Thank god you are all OK, very sorry let us know if there is anything we can do. Gretchen and I send strength and prayers.

  6. Avery Marder

    Holy cow. ……don’t know what to say, we read about the horror of natural disasters, but when it strikes some one who we know it becomes all too real.
    I’m glad to hear that you and your family are physically okay, I can only imagine the strain you all are experiencing. Please let us know if there is anything the community can do to help you.
    I’m going to contact the ARC to see if they have anything in place for your area.

  7. Frank Martinez

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your home Dick. I hope you can recover most of your belongings.

  8. Clive

    Sorry to hear that Dick I wish you and your family well.The weather seems to have taken a massive turn! Over here in the north west there is lots of flooding Some folk are flooded out for the third time in a month

  9. Wow. You must be devastasted, Dick. I really don’t know what to say … and we are so far away to give real support. Lynda and I are thinking of you, though that’s little consolation I know! Please keep us posted.

  10. Don M

    I am sorry to hear about this but least you and your family (and the dogs) made it through OK. Hopefully the insurance company will quickly help you rebuild your home. My thoughts and prayers are with you as well as for everyone else who has suffered because of this tragedy.

  11. Todd Hiltz

    omg! I am so sorry to hear this new…I heard some people died from those tornados, thank God your ok Dick.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and some of the other unfortunate people in Texas. Does insurance cover this?

  12. allan bakanas

    Dick sorry you lost your home, but glad to know you& your family are ok

  13. Roy Rutledge

    Sorry to hear that,.If there is anything I can do to help just let me know.

  14. Don Cyr

    Dear Dick and Fay: Eva and I are devastated to hear about the lost of your home. We know it is a traumatic event but as long as you are both okay that is what counts including the dogs. We know the trauma of loosing your home because in 2014 we were flooded and lost a lot but we were okay. At least you have a place to stay. Houses can be rebuild, the important thing is that you are both okay. We wish you all the best, it will be hard but you will overcome it all. Take care- Don and Eva Cyr

  15. We are so sorry for what has happened, Dick. The blessing is that you and your family is OK. Hard to see at a time like this I know. Hang in there and know our prayers are for you and yours right now. The sun will shine again tomorrow.

  16. Bigtony

    Dick, my prayers are with you and Fay and the others who are in that situation. God must have a new path for you both. I thank God that you all are OK.

  17. Paul Southerland

    Sorry to hear about your home Dick. Glad your okay.

  18. Will add you & family to our prayer list

  19. Doug

    I’m really sorry to hear this. Glad to hear that everyone is okay.

  20. del

    I was very saddened to hear about your home but thank God you and the family are unharmed , many thoughts and prayers for you during this tragic moment Dick.


  21. Mickey Brignac

    Praying for you and Faye

  22. raymond salmons

    praying for you and your family .

  23. Steve DeSanto

    So Sad Dick, our hearts are feeling your pain, we are all pulling for you out here!
    Glad to hear everyone is ok. Good luck.

  24. Sorry to hear about your home… We were in the direct path before the twister lifted back to the clouds. Best of luck from the East Fork Treasure Hunters, Garland TX

  25. Sorry to hear about it Dick, glad you and the family are safe.

  26. Jimnick

    That is so sad news. We here in Europe are -relatively- spared from tornados. Hell, don’t tornados know it’s Xmas time ? I wish you and your wife a tremendous amount of courage and the warm support of your family and friends.

    From Belgium,

    Dominique (JimNick)

  27. Linda Bennett

    Hugs and prayers that you, your wife and dogs are safe.

  28. Margaret and me were dumbfounded when we realised the extent of the damage from UK TV news. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  29. Andy Baines

    God this is horrendous, keep strong Dick. Items can be replaced, as long as you and your family are safe that’s all that matters. Prayers and thoughts are with you buddy.


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