Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

 My last post got me thinking about just how easy it is to communicate today. There’s no excuse for any organization to not meet regularly or to keep their members in the dark about things that matter. Think about it? Telephone, teleconferencing, mail, email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, a website or blog are just a few and most are FREE. There’s also been a big increase in podcasts, which while not free, would seem to be a great way to get all parties  involved on a regular basis.  So, come on guys…get your act together and communicate.


I also wonder how many of the above technological advances have played a part in how we are viewed by the public, not to mention our saber-rattlingl adversaries (a.k.a. arkies). We have long blamed TV shows for tainting our image, but how much of a role have you and I played in doing the very same thing?

Yes, shows like Diggers, Dig Fellas and Dig Wars have sometimes made us look bad but compared to what’s available on social media, they come off as quite tame. To understand what I mean check out all the tekkie videos on YouTube.  How many do you see where pulltabs and bottlecaps are the norm?  Oh, a few maybe, but most only show the best of finds and if I were a newbie I would be running to the closest dealer to “get me one of those”. Likewise I have to cringe when I see a video where Cecil B. Demile is not just digging a hole, he’s digging a quarry so he can show you that wheatie (that was only two inches down).  As a result we are all dealing with the aftermath and fighting city halls all across the country.


“You should be careful what you wish for, as the reasons for war get confused. One person can be very clear in their motives, but others can have different agendas”…… Dougray Scott


Listen, I am a big fan of socal media but it does seem like we are sometimes beating the hell out of our hobby with it.  The word saturation comes to mind. When I started out there were treasure hunting magazines and that was it. You learned by trial and error and best of all you never had to look over your shoulder. I remember too how great it was when I ran into another detectorist and we could exchange ideas and stories.  A rare occasion for sure.  Today?  I can sit in front of my computer and find anything and everything I need to know about the pastime, both good and bad….unfortunately those that want to put us out of business do the same.

And for whatever reason it seems we are in competition with each other and it’s only getting worse. Facebook pages are a dime a dozen anymore. Forums?  After you visit a few you realize that the same people are on all of them, and you better be careful what you say because ‘only the regulars’ have all the answers.  I do like blogs. I find them personal and often filled with topics that are not the typical ‘look what I found’ BS.

Podcasts too are increasing and gettng more notice.  I wonder however when they will run out of topics or guests and cut back on their schedules. Having said that there are always new people entering the hobby and will find the info new and useful.

I have no idea of the costs involved with podcasts but I think it would great to be able to tune in to the monthly meetings of the Task Force or FMDAC and be able to ask questions or comment?

Now that I have finished my pissing and moaning let me say that there are a lot of informative sites out there that entertain, instruct and inform. I have my favorites that I check each day, but I would never attempt to list them here for fear I would omit one or two and frankly, each to his own.  Finally do me a favor. If you love to share your thoughts, your videos and your finds on the internet please think carefully before you put them out there for all the world to see. I can assure you there are people trolling the internet just looking for the bad and NOT the good.

Now excuse me while I finish editing that video of me detecting in a thong….





“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” –Winston Churchill



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16 responses to “Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

  1. Roy R

    Man, thong, that will be stuck in my brain for the rest of the day. Not a happy sight.

  2. Hey Riccardo:

    It’s not so much that we are own enemies, but there are individuals who would sell us and the hobby down the river for simply a pat on the head by a rancid arkie. Mostly they have been pit up to it!

    But there are detecting people on the internet, especially, involved with metal detecting, who know absolutely **** all. Mostly they introduce themselves on their (what passes for) blogs with the giveaway line …”I have been detecting for 18 months….”

    They, for whatever reason (mostly lack of guts to defend I suspect) try to be pally with the ‘antis’ by identifying themselves as ‘responsible’ then endure the abuse, insults and extreme piss-taking about their lack of education narcissistic individuals — claiming to be arkies — who rub their noses in the excrement.

    What do they say in reply? “Thank you P**l for pointing me in the right direction.” It’s sickening. Jeez, they DESERVE to have their snouts rubbed in the crap! I love watching these idiots being thrown to the wolves. The best bit is that they fail to realise they are being ‘had’. On the one hand it’s great sport, whilst on the other, it’s sad to see individuals humiliated.

    Me? Oh yes, they all think I’m an asshole because I DEFEND the hobby! Hahahaha!

    • Come on John. Tell us how you really feel. Oh and you will always be an asshole until you send that twenty bucks you owe me from 1986!!

    • Is that aimed at me John ?!

      If so I would like to point out you have exactly the same mentality as the anti’s you seem to spend your time slagging off. Yes, you obviously fight different corners but ultimately just like them its either your way or the high way ( by means of a slagging off such as shown on your comment).

      I have my own mind, I make my own judgements and follow the path I want to. Why do you feel you can make personal attacks on peoples character due to the fact they take a different approach or see things differently ?

      Step out of the stone age we are in the 21st century now.

      • Andy, it’s not that you take a different approach, it’s that you take it along with continuous, denigrating attacks on your person from someone and then say “thank you”…. Do not bother to respond any further. Send your complaints to your boss.

  3. I’m not on the fence on this one. I’m a treasure hunter, proud of it, and I don’t give a ***k about anyone who objects. What I do is legal, wholesome, and healthy, but I like some arkies…couldn’t eat a whole one though, but you follow ma’ drift?

    As for the 20-bucks, well, as I remember, I stood a round, Dick Tichian stood a round, that guy from Whites stood a round, Cliff What’s-his-face stood a round, even the hobo from under the Boardwalk stood a round, and you just stood around! “Gimme 20,” you said, after the hobo said he was broke, “And don’t tell Fay,” as I recall.

    I’ve been doing some research into your name. ‘Dick’ is Scandinavian Viking for : generous, warm, friendly, bold, athletic. ‘Stout’ is old English for ‘Not very.’


  4. Well, they feared the internet, they feared the television, heck they feared the microwave too! Technology is here to stay, for better or for worse, and like it or not, it IS the future for what it’s worth. I still can’t wrap my mind around what is wrong with a new guy having a blog and stating that he has been detecting for 18 months….so what? Everyone starts somewhere, and who are we to tell them what their blog should say? Saying that they have “a lack of guts” is merely an opinion, maybe they aren’t lacking guts, maybe they just don’t give a shiiii what the arkies say?

    Everyone has their own point of view, and everyone has issues that rub them the wrong way, but maybe just maybe there are people with lives and other issues to deal with. Like jobs, and families that occupy their time so they don’t spend every waking hour worrying about the US vs Them issue 24/7 like some people seem to do.

    I agree that we have to band together in defense of our favorite past time, but sitting around and judging each other about who has a right and who doesn’t have a right to have a blog or to be involved in detecting at whatever level they choose is pretentious. What gives YOU the right to judge others or to say what they should or shouldn’t be allowed to do based on your opinions?

    It seems to me that by that act along, you are contradicting yourself about the need to band together as one voice. It is those types of people that are as much of the problem as the ones they enjoy judging and putting down.

    Maybe some people should get off their high horse, and if you see a guy that you think might need some help in some area, how about helping him with a friendly email in an effort to steer them in the right direction. If you don’t then aren’t you as much of the problem as they are?

    • Rob, I love the social media technology. My point was why don’t the national groups communicate when there is so much available to them?

      And the blogs John is referring to are suspect and perhaps not what they appear to be. Much too long a story and I suspect John was letting ‘them’ know that with his comments. Perhaps his choice of words could have been better.

      • Didn’t mean to be argumentative bud, you know that I think. I agree that they and we need to band together more in an effort to make progress in the right direction. 🙂

  5. raymond salmons

    wow ! the metal detector/weedeater is the future !!!!!

  6. These blogs, the suspect ones, claim to be run by hobbyists who denigrate others by portraying themselves as ‘responsible’; in other words superior in some way to Me, You, and the hobby as a whole.

    They are/were parroting the words of their ‘controller’ in that to be seen as a ‘responsible hobbyist’ one has to take on board the ‘ethics’ of a certain vociferous heritologist who is anti-collector, anti-relic hunter, and ant-detectorist. One of the main thrusts was to undermine the UK Government-run PAS, a scheme much-hated by heritage’s loony fringe. They wanted to see our hobby brought under their own regulations.

    Indeed, there is a train of thought that these ‘bloggers’ were in fact the heritologist himself.

    Make no mistake….these people still want your hobby brought under their control, or better still, snuffed out completely.

    Maybe I can buy you a beer and put this behind us?

  7. Lisa

    Hmmmmmm. Interesting line of thought. I will point out, from the other side of the tracks, there are those out there, especially on social media groups, that make your mouth drop open when you read their posts. Especially the ones saying “lookie what I found. How much is it worth?” But I have seen more people come back at these people with scolding and and even outright disgust. I applaud you, Mr. Stout, for mentioning a subject that has merit.

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