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Peter Tompa

I want to share a recent blog post from Peter Tompa’s “Cultural Property Observer”. It concerns potential changes to the UK’s Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme. Detectorists need to be very concerned about the permit idea and the possibility of declaring all finds the property of the crownContinue reading


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Out of Print…

Fay and I with the WET crew in Seattle, early 90’s

I know its to be expected at my age but it seems almost every day someone or something I love is no longer.  Now it’s Western & Eastern Treasures magazine. The current March 2019 issue will be their last. To be fair it will still be available online but the tangible, “pick it up and take it with you” magazine will no longer be available and that saddens me. Continue reading


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Sunday Brief… is a new site and program that fellow New Jerseyite Chuck Christopher came up with and it just might succeed.  Bottom line if you’re traveling and want to do a little detecting or bottle digging you’ll have access to a list of detectorists in the area to meet up with you and take you to the right places and also make you are aware of the local rules/regulations. Continue reading


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Reticent Resolutions…

Yesterday day was a cold one but a great day to watch football and the games didn’t disappoint. As for the eclipse…I couldn’t be bothered. Figured it was going to happen with or without me and a warm bed, a warm dog and good book were calling… Continue reading


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Saddened to hear that detectorist Mike Race passed suddenly January 4th. Mike and his wife Sue were well known throughout the hobby and treasure hunt circuit. If there was a detecting event being held Mike and Sue were there and could always be counted on to give of their time and talents when needed. Continue reading


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New Year Notions…

I was thrilled to death when I went out to the mailbox yesterday and found a small package from John Howland.  No, I was blown away, stunned and astonished. Hallelujah, about time! Continue reading


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2018 – Looking Back

2018 has been an up and down year for yours truly and detecting most definitely fell into the down category. Try as I might the desire to dig clad and trash is fading rapidly. Suspect a return to my roots back east would help but even that doesn’t make sense given the expense and my physical limitations. Despite losing 45 lbs I still have difficulty with the getting down and getting up part of the pastime. Maybe I need to consider hiring a personal digger. Anyone know if Diggin Brit does that sort of thing? Continue reading


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Old Homesites

Since I can’t wow you with my recent finds (there aren’t any) I will share another throwback from 2014.

Hope your holiday is going well and that your wine rack is full. From Fay and I….Merry Christmas!!

Continue reading


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Monte Berry Q & A…

When I think of Monte Berry the word “sage” comes to mind, as in “wise through reflection and experience”. In fact Google Monte’s name and read all the good things detectorists say about him.  Best of all Monte Berry is always ready to share his knowledge and experiences with others. His contact information is included below…. Continue reading


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Old Friends & Throwback Thursday…

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One neat aspect of social media is the ability to get in touch with old friends and this week I was able to do that again. It came about when I noticed a few visits to my blog from a site called AHRPS. Continue reading


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