RIP My Friend…

I was saddened this morning to hear that my old friend Ed Fedory had passed away. Saddened too that I hadn’t stayed in touch more. The last contact I had with Ed was in 2014 and I wanted to share that again…. Continue reading


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Q & A with Carl Moreland, Director of Engineering, First Texas

Carl Moreland, 2010

I first met Carl Moreland in 2010 when the White’s V3 (Vision) was introduced to the metal detecting fraternity. I had been field testing it at the time and went to the Texas Council convention where Whites would be giving seminars and demonstrating its features.  Since then Carl has moved on to First Texas but I will let him tell you the story…. Continue reading


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Idle Thoughts, Updates & Another Throwback…

As has been the case of late yours truly has been cooling his heels (a.k.a. sitting on his ass) and trying to get excited about digging clad coins and pulltabs. Had thought I’d be a 1.6 billion richer and drinking Pastis in the south of France but the lottery gods weren’t looking down on me. Woe is me, woe is me…. Continue reading


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Throwback Thursday…

To show I’m alive and kicking here’s a repeat from February 2015….

I was chatting with a very old detecting friend in the UK the other day about the current state of the pastime, and interestingly, or maybe not, we were both on the same wave length.  Everyone is too caught up in the folderol, the frills, the bullshit if you will, as well as in over promoting their mastery of this extremely complex, formidable and baffling hobby called metal detecting. Continue reading


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More on Tesoro from Joe Patrick…

Joe Patrick

This morning I received an email from Joe Patrick, a long time friend and detectorist… I’m sharing it word for word. Thanks Joe….. Continue reading


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Tesoro – Just out to lunch?

Not sure how and where they originated but for the past year or so there’s been rumors that Tesoro might close shop. Last week it appears the company did in fact lay off a few employees but that’s all anyone knows at this juncture. I tried to reach someone at the factory to verify this but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. Continue reading


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Keeping Up with the Joneses

Okay, just a guess on my part but with all the new technological advances and detector designs I’m willing to bet that the majority of you still think like we did 30 years ago.

Yes I’m well aware we now have computerized, digitized, lightweight, wireless, waterproof, programmable, touch pads, visual readouts, ergonomic design, multi-frequencies, mixed audio, multiple search modes, menus and the fact that they can see through buildings. Despite all that I’m betting that when you finally get to your site you opt for a “factory preset” or you: Continue reading


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Saturday Night – Off the Wall…

Well it amazes me how the “Nox” comparisons and arguments continue on social media. Every FB page with a manufacturer name associated will have followers telling you why it’s not comparable to any of their products and why it’s supposed outstanding performance or capabilities are all in your head. I remember similar exchanges when the AT Max was released but nothing like this.

No matter what your thoughts or leanings are you have to hand it to the Minelab marketing department! Continue reading


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A Little Dis, a Little Dat…


Got to love it. XP has just announced the “Orx” and it looks to me like a response to the Minelab Equi”Nox”. At least that’s my take. What do you think? Continue reading


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A follow-up…

After the comments on the last post I thought I would share the following excerpt from the “Coin Hunting” page…. I would also love to hear from anyone who has hunted for or found a cache.  Continue reading


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