Merry Musings…

Still busy with a few things but I did see this and I’m not sure what to make of it.  I like the idea of a USA version of Detectival but who will run the show and will competition/greed ruin things?  Let’s hope not.

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A Repeat and a Reminder…

I’ve been busy working on a project and decided to share an oldie from 2017.  It’s also a reminder that my lack of offering anything new and exciting is not such a big deal…..

And yes I know I harp on the same ole, same ole….it’s what I do. I drink and I know a lot. Continue reading


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December Daftness…

The holidays are upon us and shoppers are going bonkers, spending money they don’t have, buying gifts for people who won’t use them or who will return them. The older I get the crazier it gets. Ho ho ho… Continue reading


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What’s it Worth?

We had an unusually warm day yesterday and I decided to take the car to the car wash. Once I got there I realized I didn’t have any small bills and inserted a ten dollar bill into the changer, receiving a lot more quarters than I needed. In fact after putting them in my pocket I tilted to the left. Continue reading


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Throwback Thursday – Treasure Symbols

You know what day it is? It’s “Throwback Thursday” and that means you lose.  Here’s a repeat from a couple years ago… Continue reading


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Location, Location, Location…

To whose who have asked I’m still around…just been a little busy with life – you know that other world that you discover when you’re not detecting…

Have to tell you though I took a tour Saturday of AT&T stadium, a.k.a. “Jerry World” and being the Cowboy hater I am I put a hex on them. Yup, right there on the fifty yard line in the middle of that damn star and you know what? They lost last night!! So there, put that in your pipe and smoke it Jerry! Ain’t no Super Bowl in the stars this year… Continue reading


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It’s Halloween and I wanted to share the following ….Read it carefully lest your trick or treating go terribly wrong!



It’s also Thursday so here’s a throwback from October 2016….


I’ve been a big fan of chef Jacques Pepin for many years and when I saw this recent quote of his on a Facebook page it got me thinking about how it also relates to metal detecting and our pastime…….. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Detectorist/Prospector Steve Herschbach has been a favorite of mine for some time and once you start clicking on all the various links you’ll understand why. It’s loaded with lots of detailed and useful information. Give a look-see – you won’t disappointed.

Detector Prospector is the handiwork of Steve Herschbach and he has graciously agreed to tackle the all too familiar SS list of questions.

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Jersey Joe’s New Venture..

Just got a business offer from Joe Grasso, and I’ m liking it a lot. Either he’s been Stout Standardized or he has finally figured it all out. Either way I’m in!

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Q & A with Dan Hughes…

Dan Hughes

Not sure how many of you remember Dan Hughes but his radio podcasts provided me and many other detectorists great listening over the years. Dan stopped doing them about three years ago but fortunately for us he left them out there in cyberspace. Continue reading


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