My Books

I have written quite a few articles for Western & Eastern Treasures over the years, and have authored four books for White’s Electronics.  Unfortunately only two are still available….Coin Hunting in Depth and In Search of Treasure. 

White’s decided not to reprint Metal Detecting the Hobby when it ran out and In Search of Treasure is the updated version of Where to Find Treasure .



12 responses to “My Books

  1. Thanks Kerry, updating one now, but not the Coin Hunting….

  2. kerry

    Every one needs these books. Hunting without the right info is like driving with one head light!

  3. Robbie Morin

    3 of the best books about metal detecting written, and I have over 90 metal detecting books in my collection.

  4. With enjoying the hay day of metal detecting, and the depression we are embraced in today, there should be a huge upswing in metal detecting sales and enthusiasts. I imagine you have seen the ebb and flow of the industry and hobby through the years. It seems like everyone, including the manufacturers and the entire industry is holding their breath not knowing when the shoe will drop instead of harvesting the potential sales that this lack of leadership has granted the industry and hobby. What do you think the next few years will bring the hobby/industry?

    I am also going to try to scare up a copy here of your books. The technology may change, but the thrill of the hunt does not!

    • Obviously there are more detectorists out there today then ever before, but I don’t think the treasures are any less as a result. The TV shows, bad as they are, have only helped increase the interest.

      As for the future, I don’t see much changing…. It would behoove the manuacturers to once again join forces (as was the case back in the early 80’s) in order to promote and protect the pastime, but not sure that will happen. Seems to be a divide out there for some reason.

      What is desperately needed, in my opinion, is ONE group to speak on behalf of the hobbyist, and it must be a full time job, with paid officers or staff, however knowing the participants I doubt this will ever come to be.

      I was fortunate to get into this pastime when I did, and I will always remember the early years as being the best.

  5. That is a pretty accurate observation. I agree, with us divided we will fall easily. I enjoy the TV shows and grateful for them breaking through into this entertainment industry. I think we can only build on what they have begun and were done back in the hay day as well. Manufacturers are all but too silent these days. Too comfortable perhaps? It would be nice to see a bit of a shake up on that front. It seems the manufacturers have done a wonderful job with leaps in technology, but probably wise to stay out of the politics of the hobby, although it will drastically effect the hobby as it already has. It is going to be a tough fight regardless. The political landscape leaves us not being able to trust in anyone or any institution, so it is a low hanging vine ready to be plucked and that is never a good thing. I know it is going to get interesting here fast.

  6. groundviewmd

    I own your books and have read everyone of them. I also sell your books at Ground View Metal Detector Sales & Rental. Every person who detects, needs to read these books. They have great information. I’m in the process of finishing up my book on detecting.

  7. john taylor

    Dick! i have Coin Hunting in depth,and consult it on occasion.
    A damn fine read!


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