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Dave Wise…

Received a lot of good feedback regarding the interview with Dominique and decided to give it another go…..this time it’s Dave Wise, another member of the White’s Test Team.

Dave Wise, the cellar guy…

Dave’s finds (as well as his partner Todd’s) continually knock me out.  I hunted quite a few colonial homesites back in the 70’s and 80’s and never came away with anything close to what he has found.

I usually refer to Dave as “Beanie” but will refrain from doing that here since he was nice enough to answer my questions. Continue reading


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Dominique Ivy Da Silva…


Anyone who metal detects here in the states knows who Dominique is but if by chance you don’t, let me introduce her. Dominique Ivy Da Silva is the much better looking half of the Silver Slingers, with Mark, her companion, being the other half.  They’re also members of the White’s field test team and inseparable, thus the often used “we”, “our” and “us” in the following question and answer session….. Continue reading


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