Out to Lunch…

Where is the old dude? Is he still detecting? Writing? Living, breathing? Did he croak?

Well l hate to disappoint you all but the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I’m alive and kicking – just not doing much that you’d be interested in.

Metal detecting has been “meh” and at present I can’t find the motivation to dig a hole. A big part of that is dealing with the physical discomfort just to dig another clad, not to mention the way things are going there’s a good chance I might get shot.

I scan cyberspace for interesting tidbits on the pastime but of late it’s just more of the same ole, same ole. Forum topics never change, nor do the posters and YouTubers are still cranking out their academy award winners every couple of days.

My days are spent doing the man of the house chores and talking to my very old and blind pug Mollie Sue. I will also admit to working a little bit on my book but don’t expect this NYT best seller to be available anytime soon. Also don’t give up on me. My next post is titled “How to find a hoard in your local archaeologist’s front yard”

So as they say here in Texas, “der ya go”.… Happy Mother’s Day to all the Momma’s out there and as Betty used to say “keep ‘em beepin’”


“By the time you’re 80 years old you’ve learned everything. You only have to remember it.” George Burns



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11 responses to “Out to Lunch…

  1. Yo Ricardo:
    I think you need to go and pour four fingers of Cabernet Sauvignon, put your feet up, and watch the world go by. Look forward to the book launch.

  2. Keep it warm…just gonna get an airplane ticket. Oh, crackers too please.

  3. Tony

    Yeah, plenty of folks feeling the same these days. I’m one of them. You’re right that digging clad just to get out and relax, doesn’t have that big whup kind of feeling you get from finding a silver.

    Enjoy your chili and wine!

    • Thanks Tony. Not supposed to be eating things like chili but I’ve been missing it. Came out great. Have enough to last a few days…Cheers!

  4. john taylor

    dick! looks good enough to eat! should go well with the red! I definitely would accept it if I was homeless! ..just sayin!

    pitched the mask! no more “lone ranger” auditions! ehe! he! heh!

    j. ( got my second booster stab!) t.

  5. JT, you’ve missed your vocation in life. You ought to be a food critic! I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. i’m just sayin’

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