Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

If you have worked any period of time you’ve heard this question before, maybe even more than once. It used to be one of those catch all’s thrown at you while interviewing for a new job and of course early on the clever answer was “sitting where you are”

Well its 2023 now and I’m asking the same question but I’m changing it to “where do you see yourself ten years from today when it comes to metal detecting?” And that goes for everyone no matter your age. Take your time and think about it. Think of all the variables and roadblocks you currently face and then answer.

Me? At my age I just hope I’m still roaming the planet and enjoying every day with a glass of wine in hand, nothing more. Doubtful that will happen but hey I can hope…

What about you Mr. metal detector man? “Where you be in 2033?” Will you still be detecting? Yeah I can hear you saying “are you kidding me. Of course I’ll be detecting”, but will you? How certain are you and I’m not talking about your optimisim, I’m talking about reality and probability.

What type of detector might you be using and where will you be using it? Will it resemble the machines we know today or will it look like something entirely different? Technology continues to change and improve and it stands to reason that ten years hence your equipment should enable you to find even more, “IF” there are still places to detect and “IF” there are still treasures to be found.  Surely I jest you say…. but am I?

Another factor to consider is whether the pastime will continue to grow and attract new participants at the same rate we’re seeing today. Given social media my guess is it will, and as more and more people decide to dig the competition for sites and finds will increase as will public awareness and scrutiny.

Sadly I doubt anyone, including the manufacturer, is looking ten years down the road. Everybody is way too busy hunting, digging, making money, bragging and competing to have the best detector on the market or be the next great YouTube sensation. Nothing wrong with any of that in the short term but what about beyond?

Where do YOU see yourself in ten years? 




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15 responses to “Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

  1. danhughes1

    Dick, someone asked the question on another board, “What song do you want played at your funeral?”

    My answer was, “One that won’t be written until about 2050.”

  2. While you’re roaming the planet, wine glass in hand, that shadow behind you will probably be me!
    Who knowswhere manufacturers will be in 10 years, but on present form, Nokta would seem to have their hand on the detecting pulse and innovate in tune with current demands and trends.
    Maybe in 10 years they’ll have a corkscrew and a bar/pub locator fitted as standard.
    Oh, yeah, good read matey!
    I’m just sayin’

  3. wendell

    Considering that I barely detect now or the last few years, not because I don’t want to, but health is an issue. I am being optimistic that I will be able to do some water detecting in my late 70’s ten years from now, but land hunting is in question. Bought a heavy-duty UV lamp to help me in my hobby and a bore scope for looking behind walls/outlets or other areas. Anything I can do standing up is better than having to kneel down with my knees and back in the present. Happy hunting. Hanging on to my At/Pro and GTI-2500 and doubt I will buy any other detectors. My stealth scoop handles the water situation.
    I am interested in magnet fishing but haven’t made any investments at this time.

    • I wish you luck Wendell. I know the feeling about getting down and up. I’m about to turn 82 and falling apart one piece at a time. Hang in there.

  4. Tony

    Dick, great topic and thoughtful for sure. Lately I have lost 65 % of my interest in detecting. I am happy once in a great while just to coin shoot. Just getting out to a local park, taking my time and enjoying the hobby finding a few wheat cents left behind for those deeper high tone surprises. Over the last year, I have been weeding through stuff and letting it go. So for me in ten years, I might not be detecting at all, or very very little. I have written about the hobby not being much fun these YouTube days, where one or two folks always find the best target of the day or beat you to the site. I have moved back to loner mode. But with that said, getting out the door is the key, take a step outside and enjoy whatever floats your detecting day!

    • Tony, most of us who’ve detected any time at all feel that way, or at least I think they do. Finding places to swing your coil is getting harder and harder and from what I see the average tekkie is satisfied with newer coins and maybe a ring here and there. Just a different era and a different breed of detectorist. Having started when I did and having found a lot of old and very cool coins I have a hard time getting excited about that type of metal detecting.

      On the positive side I’m about to turn 82 and grateful that I wake up each morning. Hi to my friends in Jersey and have one for me….

  5. Tony

    Dick, I understand that about the hobby and how good it was back in those years. The toughest thing back then was figuring out a BF detecting. I imagine you dug more targets due to the technology, it probably was a better idea. Today, figuring out the technology may go against most users because they rely on those $1500 machines so much – many come home as plain old coin shooters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a expert in detecting, but if we did the research and ask permission and actually traveled to that area – you probably wouldn’t need a $1500 model but I could be wrong.

    I enjoy coin shooting for the exercise of getting out for a walk about. Running or walking types of exercise is boring to me, same as sitting on a beach just getting tan. Nothing wrong with those but not for me.

    If I see a few of your buddies I will certainly say hello for you. Now have a glass of wine and start writing your next post about the targets that are waiting for you in an old farm field or ford area.

    • “I enjoy coin shooting for the exercise of getting out for a walk about. Running or walking types of exercise is boring to me, same as sitting on a beach just getting tan. Nothing wrong with those but not for me….”

      Boring for me too Tony exce[t that walking doesn’t necessitate getting down and up and that’s a killer for me right now.

    • john taylor

      Not only could you be, but you ARE correct! doing research, and getting on “choice ” locations is the main impetus to being successful, and always has been. give me a “choice” un hunted location, and I will “clean it out” with my lowly Tesoro Mojave. don’t need a $1,500.00 detector. this is ‘fact’ not fiction! I’m just sayin’

      j.(waitin’ on second stab) t.

  6. Packrat

    In 10 years I’ll be 80. Hopefully still detecting and attending hunts. If not I hope to be able to pass on my over 50 years of knowledge and integrity to the up and coming hunters

    • Larry I have no doubts whatsoever you will still be detecting and outshining most of the younger dudes….

      Hi to everyone in the great Northwest….

  7. Ed B.

    In ten years, I’ll be 87, if I’m even still alive. But if I am, I’ll probably be limited to watching YouTube videos…..A fate worse than death.
    Of course, the videos will be more palatable if I’m watching them with a large bag of chips and a few pints of Steel Rail Ale at my side.

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