Whenever I have a task, a problem or decision to make my oldest daughter Molly always tells me “Dad, don’t overthink it“.  She’s right of course but it doesn’t matter.  I always seem to find a way to do it anyway and after nearly 50 years of  participation in the pastime I’ve come to the conclusion that ALL detectorists love to overthink.

Yup, Nothing is too small to question, analyze, muddle and debate. No feature, no setting is too basic, too innocuous to not argue its merits, its effectiveness and to not field test a few hundred times to prove you and only you know the “real” answer.

Of course once you finally have all the “correct” answers and all the “best” gear your hunting buddy Larry is still finding more than you with that “other” brand of detector so just maybe you need to buy one.  I mean what the hell is another $1500 when you’re a “treasure hunter”, and the best part is once you have that new detector in hand the overthinking process can start all over again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know overthinking is not unique to metal detecting but we tekkies have perfected it and it’s something to behold. I mean I’m seriously torn everytime there’s a debate on social media. Do I listen to “Deep Digging Doug” or “Big Beepin’ Bubba” when it comes to whether I need to wear snake boots or not?

There was a recent back and forth on a Facebook page about which coil works best on a given detector and someone replied –

“It’s all in your head anyway. Any decent machine will cause you to stoop and dig holes, and you may or may not find a piece of foil…”

Best response I’ve heard in sometime….


Facebook photo’s

I understand the practical part of it but displaying your clad coins on a paper plate doesn’t do justice to your endeavor. Just sayin’….


It’s Hunt Time

Fun reading and hearing all the feedback from tekkies after attending organized hunts. The great reviews are from those who found $20 in silver after spending $200 to attend. The complaints are from those who found $10 in silver after spending $200.


Good Read

The Revolt in the Hobby. Metal Detectorists are Saying Enough is Enough to Bad Players


On the Home Front

Lots of projects….sod installation in back yard and new sidewalk installed in front (not that you give a rat’s ass). Working hard now to get the sod rooted and waiting for the next big rain to see if the walkway floods.




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13 responses to “Overthinking…

  1. john taylor

    spending 200.00 to get 20.00 in silver sounds like the person just escaped from an institution! oh well, as the French so eloquently proclaim, it’s an “event physiological!..in layman’s terms, means it’s all “in your head”

    j (gave up the mask for lent!) t.

  2. If you do it on a whim and it works, you did it right: DON’T OVERTHINK IT!

    I you do it on a whim and it fails, you neglected to overthink it. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! HASTE MAKES WASTE!

    Davy Crockett said it best. BE SURE YOU’RE RIGHT, AND THEN GO AHEAD.

  3. Dick, you know I love you, but you look terrible in that photo. Hairy, too!

    What with the hordes of detectorists out there now, I’m surprised there’s still anything good left to find. I’m fully expecting a new Discovery channel show called “Clad Kamikazes” in the not-so-distant future. Treasure hunters will duke it out to dig up memorial pennies & Jefferson nickels.

    The winner will be sponsored by Coinstar for a year, and they’ll be featured on the cover of Tightwad Monthly.

    • You have the best damn ideas Joe. I love it, especially the Coinstar sponsor. They are almost a separate topic on many forums. I’ve always imagined these guys running around to all grocery stores in the area to see what’s in the leftover/rejected bins. I wonder too id they’re wearing their camo?

  4. Overdrinking! Sorry, ignore me, I misread the title. Now where’s my cammo outfit and snake boots….

  5. Tony

    Dick,I’ve been overthinking your article and a few of the responses too but my response just isn’t ready to post. This sounds iffy to me, right?

  6. Tony

    Nowadays I am overthinking either use the 11 inch coil and be happy or buy a $400 9 inch coil to see which is better?

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