Try As I Might…

Busy working in the backyard, trying to get things like Fay had them but as hard as I try I know it will never ever look the same or be the same.  She had the very best of green thumbs. Wish me luck…

Here’s a throwback from February 2018…


Here’s the Scoop!

20 Reasons to Like Stout Standards

  1. Everything here is made from scratch.
  2. Stout Standards plain white T-shirts are available all over the world.
  3. Stout Standards is camo free. My military tour ended in 1966.
  4. No self promoting videos or photos…just a lot of honest, heartwarming bullshit.
  5. Every post is a crapshoot. You never know what you’re going to get.
  6. Stout Standards is equally liked and hated by over 1,000 detectorists.
  7. Unfair and unbalanced news for every tekkie.
  8. All detector brands can be mentioned, praised and trashed without retribution.
  9. Stout Standards is archaeologist proof.
  10. You’ll never get invitations to meet me and get my autograph. Ain’t going nowhere.
  11. I have cleavage too.
  12. There’s no “Stout Boys” group.
  13. I won’t ask you to like my twitter account to win a “Dallas Dick” pin.
  14. I don’t get paid to promote a brand of detector.
  15. You will never see detector reviews here…the manufacturers hate me.
  16. I’m more handsome than John Winter.
  17. You get to hear from John Howland (yeah well….).
  18. You always get hard-hitting, valuable, important, lessons straight from the heart, the field, the bar and the john.
  19. I’m an equal opportunity insulter.
  20. You’ll be part of a select few who understand that Stout Standards is an acquired taste!!




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10 responses to “Try As I Might…

  1. Hey! Great pic of Fay. We still have her ‘Texas Wildflowers’ pic on the wall.
    My local pharmacy now does an ointment for ‘Dallas Dick’.

  2. Paul Sampson

    I wear my “Dallas Dick” pin with pride baby. hhh

  3. Tony

    Spring has sprung in your garden, best of luck with the new blooms! Wear your sun hat out there not you blog hat!

  4. john taylor

    yeah! everything grow big in Texas,even the “bugs” need a transfusion every time ya take a walk!
    ehe! he! eheh!


  5. Well apparently I need to post this “again”….

    Please note that this is a “personal blog”. As a result I may talk about my family, my dogs, my love of food and wine, my musical background, my memories, my aches, pains, warts and whatever else might come to mind. No guarantees or as my friend and contributor John Howland likes to say “Stout Standards is an acquired taste”….

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