Detectorists Christmas Special 2022

Thanks to Bob Rizzo for sharing this link…


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9 responses to “Detectorists Christmas Special 2022

  1. Linda Bennett

    Saw his link on Facebook and spent morning watching. Love this show!

  2. john taylor

    fascinating! dick!..thanks for sharing! love the car with the “black watch” cloth interior. looks to be a trumpet (triumph) tr-7. almost bought one back in ’80


  3. Frank Martinez Jr.

    Thanks for sharing the link, I watched the first 3 seasons during the Covid lock down. I absolutely loved the series, I was wondering if there were more season being made until I saw a notification somewhere on TV this that there is a new movie airing on BBC. I tried finding it on ROKU and it requires Spectrum TV. It just means I have to wait for ROku to air it.
    Thanks to you and Bob Rizo passing it to us.

    • Yeah it’ crazy trying to figure out where and how watch things. Probably going to get worse too. Everybody wants their share of the pie….

      This link might disappear as well. I love the show too Frank.

  4. Tim Bowler

    Hi there I came here after watching the lovely Xmas special and then in looking for reviews of it, stumbling across Paul Barfords take on it. I’d never heard of him. But found his outpouring totally OTT. it’s a delightful show.

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