Starting Over…

2022 has not been kind to yours truly and I’m anxious for it to be over. I do however want to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Miss you LaLa…



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18 responses to “Starting Over…

  1. Jim Coe

    May the worst be behind you and the future hold, health, happiness and good fortune. Happy New Year

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  2. wendell

    Happy New Year, Dick. The pain & loss in our lives is lessened with the love & joy that we share with family & friends. I thank God for the precious memories and the time he allows us to have together with our family & friends.

  3. Lisa MacIntyre

    Happy New Year, Dick. Here’s to less pain and beautiful memories. Raising one up to you.

  4. Rosalie Ray

    Here’s hoping that 2023 will be a much, much better year. Wishing you a healthy, blessed Happy New Year Dick! BTW – I just received a Christmas card from Bruce and Melinda. They said you gave them my address. Thank you so much! What a wonderful surprise to hear from them! They were two of my favorite people in the FMDAC.

  5. Tony

    Dick, I certainly wish you a Happy New Year’s because the last one wasn’t. Stay well and enjoy the banter of YouTubers and their new piffwanger wars!

  6. John

    Dick, Happy New Year! Wishing you a better 2023. Take Care

  7. john taylor

    happy new year dick! may ’23 be a more peaceful year all over the world!

  8. My sincere best wishes to you Old Pal, and here’s hoping fate deals you all the aces in ’23. I’ll raise a glass to you at Noon, UK time.

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