Where I’m At…

Last week I charged up the Simplex and ventured out for the first time in a long time.  My adventure lasted about an hour and ended with a take home of seventy three cents – two quarters two dimes and three pennies.  Also included no charge was a sore back, two very sore knees and the realization that perhaps my digging days are really over.

Yeah I know I’ve said this a few times in the past and yeah I know there are a helluva lot of tekkies my age and older who are still going strong but after triple bypass surgery in January I’m not real anxious to leave this world for seventy three cents.

It’s not the age that bothers me it’s the side effects!

Next week? A minor procedure to have a sternal wire removed and then I’m looking at a laminectomy (you look it up, I had to) before the end of the year. Will these procedures help to get me out in the field again?  I don’t know but I’ve been told they should help alleviate some of my pain and that my friend is what this Dick in Dallas is focused on at the moment. 

Happy Hunting. Dig one and have one for me….

PS: In Vegas – odds are 10-1 that Dick Stout’s next detecting trip happens before the Minelab Manticore hits the market? 




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17 responses to “Where I’m At…

  1. Coinshooter108

    .73 cents isn’t bad for an old coin shooter , hopefully the cents we’re copper and not zincolns

  2. Ha! You’ll be back and better than ever. Hope all goes well with laminecthingy. I’ll have more than one for you! Cheers matey.

  3. Randy Dee

    Well Dick my moto attached to most of my forum avatars is ” The Brain Says Yes But The Body Says No”. I used to be 100% before lockdown now I think I am 10%.

  4. john taylor

    the “great unwashed” looks like me after a “bout” with the mad dog!
    bet he can tell some tales!..kinda reminds me of “jolly Joe” right about now!
    dick! your days of “high powered coin hustling” are still in play, and I know you will get back out there again! inflammation’s a “nut buster” hope ya can beat it!

    j (pzeizer drowned) t.

  5. john taylor

    in addendum: go guardians! kick some yankee butt!
    always loved the underdog! ..I’m just sayin’


  6. Wendell Ellerbee

    Hang in there, Dick.  Old age ain’t for sissies.  I was saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved wife.  Got you & your family in my prayers.

  7. john taylor

    yup! good match up! hope it happens! “smart money” is on those two teams!
    just sayin’


  8. Ed B.

    Guardians? Though I’m a lifelong New Englander, I was a Cleveland Indians fan since 1952 the year I started following sports. Sorry to say that I no longer have an interest in that team anymore. I’ll probably have to root for the Red Sox or Yankees now. Then again NAAAAAH ! Fortunately, my NY Giants are doing well …so far !

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