Game On…

I’ve been in awe of the overseas manufacturers and how they design and market their products. They’re very cognizant of what their competition is doing and they respond accordingly, scrambling to one up each other every chance they get. It’s great for the pastime and especially the end user. I don’t see that happening with the American companies.

It’s also pretty smart and convenient that these foreign manufacturers can plan their course of action via marketing and the media. All they need are a few prototypes to show off, a few cool sounding features and a few traveling hucksters to extoll their virtues. You tekkies are all too willing do the rest. If you’re already a user, a fan of that company you’re peeing your pants at the first whisper of a new detector. Doesn’t really matter if it’s as advertised or not. It just HAS to be better doesn’t it? Well doesn’t it?

I crack up when at the mere whisper or utterance of a new metal detector there are experts on social media/YouTube telling everyone how great they are and how they operate. No they don’t have one yet but they somehow know?

Next the manufacturer travels the detecting circuit, the major rallies and does show and tells, stating the new model “should be ready” in a month or two and to get your orders in because they will go out on a first in/first out basis. As a result the dealer hears from a lot of “I have to have’s”, then forwards their orders on to the distributor who sends off gigantic order(s) to the manufacturer, who at that point knows pretty much how many parts to order and how long it will take to assemble and ship.  Once the new detector gets shipped in large quantities its abilities, features and shortcomings become apparent and changes are made where necessary. Brilliant!!

Used to be you just built them, advertised them, sold them and they lived and died based on how well they performed in the field and word of mouth. 

The irony in all this is that the end user is primed on all the hype and ready to strike it rich at the same ole sites he’s been hunting for years. You can try to persuade me otherwise but I’ve been there and done that. Yes you might find a few shekels that you will attribute to that brand spanking new detector but might you have found them with your old detector if you have used it like a new one?

Now I’m not trying to talk you out of buying that new detector. Hell if I had the money I’d buy every new detector that came on the market but that’s where the difference comes in. I don’t have the money and if I go into debt for a grand or more to find a few coins worth maybe $300 that’s not a wise use of MY money.

Anyway I’m following all the hype and it will of course get more crazy because once that new detector actually hits the market there will be a gazillion “take it from me” detectorists telling you how it matches up with the other hip detectors out there.  Just be sure to look at the tekkie’s background and previous likes and dislikes. They tend to follow a trend.

Okay I’m done. Wipe that slobber off your wallet, get out the credit card and jump in. The water’s fine, or so they say….




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14 responses to “Game On…

  1. john taylor

    you first!.. dick! you can be a sacrificial lamb!, or not! personally, am only interested in guys who “invest” in the detector, and will
    make vids showing “honest” field results realized. at $1,599.00 a copy, they ain’t exactly givin”em away. also, tired of seeing 800’s in “fields in England” if they want to do the “mc” justice, need to evaluate it’s performance in “cooked” and “burnt” other public places. forget fields, as hunting them becomes a “liability” issue in most areas in the country…. I’m just sayin!

    j (2 stabs of flue, and omicron same day! ) t

  2. john taylor

    true! Charlie always “shot from the hip!” he would explain the features in layman’s terms so everyone could get a “grasp” of what he was talking about. always came across as honest and trustworthy. he truly “believed” in what he was trying to sell.unfortunately, I could never get used to the “tonal response” so went with “whitey” instead.


  3. john taylor

    in addendum: my brother sold Garrett out of his house back in the 70’s.he would let me take ’em out with the coil “taped up” again, try as hard as I mightI found them difficult to hunt with.


  4. Ed B.

    I had a White’s Eagle II that I used from 1988 to 2014 so after a few years it became “old technology” but it found the good stuff every year until I retired it. Now, I’m using a Garrett AT Pro which was introduced in 2010 I believe, so it too is now old technology but it continues to find the good stuff and I wouldn’t trade it for whatever the latest, greatest detector happens to be today….or tomorrow.

  5. That Garrett ad takes me back and yes, that’s how we learned. alright. Happy days.
    It seems nowadays, that an eye-watering price for a new machine is a ‘must’. A high price tag implies – to me at least – that the new super gizmo has ‘cutting edge technology’ not to be found elsewhere. The implication being that an astronomical price, puts it above the competition. I also think JT makes a couple of valid points too.
    Enjoyable read as ever, matey.

  6. john taylor

    whites had many exceptional detectors.xl pro,6000 series 2 &3,xlt,and the wonderful, “sleeper” m6. all of them “crackerjack” coin sniffers.


  7. Dennis Wynne

    Spot on perfection Dick. You nailed it.

    Learn the current machine is the thing that is what folks need to do. We will never get it all.

    Personally I am looking for the next machine that shows me the shape of the detected item and comes equipped with the Diggerex Dirtee Digger that will signup the target for you. Till then I think I will keep my Minelab Deus 2NoxPro Maximus and learn all it is saying.

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