Tied Up…

Been real busy getting things in storage ready for auction and haven’t really given detecting much thought. Hopefully by the end of next week this will all be over and if the weather forecasters are correct, I might be able to dig a little….


The Bubba is Flush

In the meantime the Bubba went out and got himself a Nokta Legend. I’m somewhat envious but when you come right down to it I’m very content with my Simplex. I just need to swing it.

John is currently doing a two part review on the Legend which should be a great read when done. If you are interested here’s the link to part I.

A Real Turkish Delight – Part I


Interview Moi??


Also I want to thank Joanna Jana Laznicka, founder of Focus Speed for asking me to do an interview and discuss the future of our pastime.  We started on it back in January but as you all know the first six months of 2022 were not easy for me. Joanna however hung in there with me and I’m honored to be part of her website. Thank you Joanna!

The Interview




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17 responses to “Tied Up…

  1. Bloody good interview there Ricardo. It resonates with us who’ve been at the coalface for years. Well done matey.
    Just gonna pour me two fingers of Talisker…

  2. njfella007

    Did someone mention “auction”? If so, I’d like first dibs on all the nudie magazines, Dick! Throw in a couple of capped bust dimes at no charge and I’ll take the whole lot!

    Read the interview. It was very well done, and it seems like an informative, fun website she’s got there…I wish her great success.

    P.S. – I know you’re usually too modest to show off your finds from over the years, so it was nice to finally see some of them. Well done! Some beautiful keepers indeed. Now get out there and find more!

    • Your can forget the nudie magazines. Howland has them now. Paid big bucks…

      I believe I did share these two finds somewhere here over the past ten years. I took some flak one time over the large cent. Posted it on a forum and someone said it was too pristine to be a dug coin. It was found at an old colonial homesite that was being sold in Bucks county, Pa.. The soil in the area it was found was very porous, almost like sawdust. Not sure if that had anything to do with the condition of the coin but I too was surprised it was in such great shape. Most large cents are hard to read if readable at all.

      I love forums…😏😏

      • LR

        i entirely distrust photos of every single “dug” coin most folks show. Too many look like it had been just placed there almost under the dirt… waiting for the yahoo to whip out their Nikon or iPhone and snap snap snap.

      • I used to feel that way too Luke but then wondered if I would be doing the same thing if I were starting out today? Back in the 70’s we didn’t have the internet/social media and we sure didn’t tote a camera. It was a much simpler time. Today everyone is looking for instant gratification, a pat on the back, a “you’re doing okay” comment here and there and there’s a good possibility I’d be snapping away too. I just don’t know but I get the “perfect” photo thing you mentioned.

      • LR

        Part of it I guess is many of these “glory” shots look staged to me. Maybe I’m just becoming an old codger…

      • Aging makes you a little more cynical. At least that’s my excuse….

  3. njfella007

    That’s very true about copper coins, Dick. Most of the one’s I’ve found over the years were dug in moister soils, which really corrodes them due to the water, fertilizer chemicals in the ground, etc. But as you said, if the soil is of the more drier, sandy variety, they can indeed come out looking pristine. Sadly, very few of the coppers I’ve found have been in this condition, which definitely makes you appreciate the nicer one’s more.

    • Yeah remember getting pissed at the doubter but after thinking about it I understood. I was sorry I shared it however.

    • john taylor

      the brits used “piss-poor” quality copper back in the 1700’s, and his majesty (Georgie) cut a lousy profile anyway. New England soil chewed ’em real good too!

      j (almost time!) t.

  4. njfella007

    Why were you sorry? I know you have thicker skin than that! Social media is oftentimes a CESSPOOL. Jealousy, inaccurate information, egos…the list goes on. Which means that a rude or upsetting comment is bound to pop up sooner or later. As we say in Brooklyn though…Fuggedaboutit!!!

    One of the reasons we hang onto much of the stuff we find is to enjoy the pieces and relive the hunt in our mind. The memories. Nothing wrong with sharing that. If someone doesn’t like it, tell them to go hump a tree!!!

    • Joe, just don’t like being questioned about stuff like this. I could BS detecting finds if I wanted to, just not my thing. And I guess because I am the ever present doubter about so many things it bothered me. I’m over it and I’ve become a forum browser now.

    • john taylor

      I tried to the other day! gotta cut back on the mad dog! just sayin’


  5. JT I think you’re a charter member on every md’ing forum out there…..

  6. john taylor

    no dick! I stay here!..you encourage me! ..just sayin’
    ehe! he! heh! laying off the md-20/20

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