A Grab Bag of Diddly

Had one of the best days hunting in some time today. Was headed to the neighborhood market (a.k.a. Wally Mart) and when I stepped out of the bug I saw two dimes on the ground. I bent over to pick them up and caught a glimpse of a bill under the car next to me. Grabbed it and it was a twenty. At that point, heat be damned, I got into the ole army crawl and looked under a few of the surrounding cars. Unfortunately that was it.

Later, after taking a few groceries home I ran over to the car wash to give the bug a drink and when I got my quarters one edge was silver. A 1964! Was tempted to run over and buy a few lotto’s but decided that a couple bottles of Rex Goliath would be a wiser investment. Yay for me…


Wanna Meet the Duck Family?

Keep getting these reminders from Garrett to meet and greet the Duck family at one of the local Bass Pro shops here in the area but I’m a gonna pass. My duck call is working fine, my beard is scraggly and I’m up to here in camo. Thanks anyway….

And for the record here’s the scoop on the latest Garrett’s gold machine the “Axiom”

Standard Package (PN 1142720)

Includes: Axiom pulse induction detector
MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones,
13” DD search coil
11” Mono search coil
soft travel pack
Axiom battery booster pack
charging cables

PRICE: $3,995.00

Me thinks the travel pack is very appropriate. Hopefully it includes the book “10 Steps to Living in Your Car Once you Wife Kicks Your Ass Out of the House”

I mean I know there’s a helluva big gold market out there, but damn…..


Broken Links

Every once in a while I receive an email from someone telling me that a link in one of my older posts doesn’t work. When that happens I’ll look at the particular post/link and see if I can fix it but for the most part older links disappear and for varied reasons. It’s the nature of the beast and there’s nothing I can do about it, especially when you’re referring to a post from ten year ago. I do appreciate hearing about them however, especially if they’re a club link or reference site under the “Links” tab above.


On the Homefront…

…the triple digit heat continues. No rain since June 3rd and no hope in sight. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s not funny or amusing any longer.

Happy Hunting!




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44 responses to “A Grab Bag of Diddly

  1. Dominque

    Hope you youtube’d your find, or it didn’t happen.

  2. john taylor

    dick! howdja get so lucky?..now you can pay the reverend his due!
    investing in a rooster? myyyyy! that’s a “big one!” I’m just sayin’

  3. john taylor

    dick ya should go! who knows! maybe that “celebrity” glow will rub off onto you! in my view, the “real gold” is getting the average “schmuck” to lay out the coin! dick ya outta consider sellin’ ’em! who says gold needs to be found in the ground! hell’s a fire with “rollo” Robertson’s endorsement, ya can’t miss! ehe! he! heh! I’m just sayin’

    j (bring it on!) t.

  4. njfella007

    Wonder what kind of deal ($$$) those duck boys got with Garrett for helping move a bunch of detectors? Believe you me, when the shows start airing and the uninformed masses at home see all of the “easy treasure” they find, those AT’s are going to fly off the shelves. Garrett knows the score. Those duck boys reach a fan base well into the millions. Very savvy alliance.

    I agree that $4,000 – sorry, $3,995!!! – is too much for a detector. Aside from the very small number of professional prospectors & serious beach hunters out there, I seriously doubt that anyone will cough up that much dough. But then again…

    That’s coming from a man whose delicate drinking palette prefers Night Train & Thunderbird. So take my 2¢ for what it’s worth!

    • Joe I have to wonder if the duck dudes needed Garrett endorsement as much as Garrett needed them? They have been missing in action for some time. Well at least it seems that way to me. I haven’t been exactly looking for them.

      As for the Axiom, there’s a huge market for gold machines in Australia and Africa but I don’t understand the price at all. Then again I don’t understand much of anything anymore.

      As for Night Train & Thunderbird – Stout Standards is an acquired taste and both of those fit the same bill so your two cents is welcome any time. Have a great weekend.

      • njfella007

        I’ve never been a fan of Garrett machines, though they’ve admittedly already sold a ton of them, thanks to social media and alliances with The Hoover Boys plus numerous other influencers. And that train will keep on rolling big time with the duck boys. Truth be told though…

        Many people don’t realize that the bigger pot of gold that Garrett has been sitting on for years is with their security division. Have you ever NOT seen a Garrett handheld scanner at an airport or large concert type event? They’re everywhere. Like I said, very savvy company.

        As for the $4,000 Axiom, I think we need to get Ron Popeil hired as an engineer. He was the brilliant mind behind the Pocket Fisherman, Smokeless Ashtray, Spray-On Hair & the Veg-O-Matic. He’d get that machine down to “just 5 easy payments of $19.95” in a jiffy!

      • Yes indeed their security division is a big, big part of the company. Charles wasn’t always a fan though. He was a TH’er at heart.

        Not familiar with the Popeil guy. Googled him and just don’t recognize him. Maybe I watched the wrong TV stations? I have however seen those hustlers at trade shows selling “you slice them, dice them” machines. They’re smooth and they’re good.

    • john taylor

      Joe! your statement assumes that most people are obtuse, and who knows, you may be proven correct!
      to each his own! I’m just sayin’

      • njfella007

        John (JT) – I think we can all be a bit gullible at times, including myself. You and I know that most of what us detectorists find are junk, destined for the rubbish bin. But I’m sure once the duck boys fanclub watching from their couches see’s how “easy” it is to dig up gold coins, priceless relics & other artifacts, they’ll soon be parted from their hard-earned cash. All courtesy of the magic of finely edited “reality” television. And I guarantee you…

        That 95% of those newly purchased machines will be sitting in a closet within 3 months, once the owner gets frustrated by not finding treasure chests filled to the brim everyday. I can even imagine it playing out at home…

        Wife: “Chester, you dang fool! You went and spent 3 months worth of car payments on that metal detector!”

        Husband: “But Martha, the duck boys made it look so easy. There really MUST be heaps and heaps of gold & silver buried in our neighbors yards. I was just unlucky.”

        Cut to: Poor Chester sleeping on the couch for the next 6 months.

  5. john taylor

    not sure!,maybe it’s the “beards!”


  6. john taylor

    hi Joe!
    I actually feel remorse for those poor souls you describe. the “marketing” skills of the Robertsons cannot be underestimated.i can only offer my sympathies to the bewildered and disenchanted.may they take a large slice of “humble” pie and have a new found appreciation for the ability of the marketing skills of the driven for profit legions
    of our fellow men.(and women!)..


  7. john taylor

    in addendum: Chester’s probably used to that red flag flying anyway!
    I’m just sayin’


  8. 1. Found this about the Duck family (I never saw the show and never will):
    “Duck Family Treasure (TV Series 2022- ) – IMDb
    Jun 19, 2022 Documentary Follows Jase and Jep Robertson as they are pursuing a hunt for buried treasure alongside their Uncle Si and history expert, Murry Crowe. They will search for precious treasures, rare artifacts, and hidden gems.”

    2. The mention of Ron Popeil brings to mind this story:
    When I was teaching radio at Parkland College (Champaign, IL), a guy named Dan Brady taught television production.
    Before he came to Parkland, he worked in Hollywood, and he had two claims to fame:
    1. He edited the Olivia Newton-John “Physical” video, which won a Grammy, and
    2. He was the video editor who put together Ron Popeil’s MISTER MICROPHONE commercial. He told me that while he worked in the editing bay, Ron would stick his head in the door, look at the video Dan was working on, and yell, “More flash! I want MORE FLASH!!!”

    • Guess I need to look up more on this Popeil dude. Just doesn’t ring a bell. There’s one pitchman I do remember and can’t remember his name. His son was on Shark Tank and was just as good.

      I watched an episode or two of the duck show and just didn’t get it. That was it for me.

      • Dick, besides the gizmos Ron Popeil made millions from on TV, he is also the “Ron” in “Ronco” – a record label similar to K-Tel, which issued LPs of Big Rock and Roll hits, cutting 3:00 songs to 2:00 so he could get 20 of them on one record.

  9. Forgot to say: Mr. Infomercial, Ron Popeil, is famous for yelling several times during his pitches: “BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!” Surely you remember that?

    • njfella007

      Thanks for the Popeil story, Dan, that was great, and wouldn’t surprise me a bit…”more flash!” Lol.

      Although most of his products were pure schlock, surprisingly, some of them worked quite well. He was way ahead of his time, and his early entry into television (along with his brilliant marketing) did indeed make him very wealthy. I believe he learned the art of the pitch on the Atlantic City boardwalk before moving onto Chicago. He also worked alongside a young Ed McMahon, another pitchman before becoming famous.

      P.S. – Once you ordered those records they wouldn’t stop coming. How do I know? Just ask my angry mother!

      • Okay, your note reminded me of this story about Steve Goodman, the singer-songwriter who wrote The City of New Orleans:

        Steve went to some sort of Grammy function, and finding himself sitting a few seats away from Beach Boy Brian Wilson, leaned over and said: “Hey Brian.”
        Wilson, who of course had no idea who Steve was, smiled back politely.
        Steve continued: “Hey, Brian, I got a contract with Capitol Records, too.”
        Another tentative smile from Brian.
        Then Steve: “Yeah, if I buy ten they’ll send me two free.”

  10. john taylor

    and there always “was” more! no “free ship” though! hard ta figure!
    he! eh! heh!



  11. Sonny

    Can’t help but think about the “good old days” of coinhunting. I started in 1976 with a $18 Jetco Mustang BFO and it was good enough to make me believe metal detectors actually DO work. Many Garrett detectors later, I managed a very sizeable amount of silver coins. However, this all came crashing down for me mentally when I got run off of a local school yard in December 2000 by the local “gestapo” police. It was on a Saturday when school was not in session. I was informed that even the students weren’t even allowed to be on the school yard on weekends. The language can only get very colorful from this point forward. So I’ll stop my rant. Dick, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    • Certainly easily accessing sites became more difficult as more and more detectorists came on the scene. I was never rudely asked to leave but did find more places closed off the longer I hunted. We need to appreciate the fact that we started when we did Sonny. Those were the good ole days of detecting.

    • My first detector was a Jetco Mustang, too! I added a volume control and headphone jack to it. First thing I ever found was a dime by my front porch, second thing was a gold high school ring by my back porch! But its effective depth was about an inch on coins; I soon moved on to a White’s Coinmaster – the last one they made without discrimination.

    • LR

      Ironically I can relate some to the good old days of coinshooting, as I remember it was called in a book by some author, he used to sell detecting books… Hmm, his name escapes at the moment. Anyhoo, I was influenced by my Grandfather, who bought me an electronics kit for my 14th birthday (1985). One of the projects was a basic metal detector, which kind of sort of worked. Then an Uncle of mine was an amateur geologist and used to talk about detectors, he had an old VLF/TR machine I think it was a Fisher model from 1980s era. My main detecting buddy when I was in my early days was an older cousin who worked for local county parks system. He had 3 diff machines, I remember Fisher 1260x, some Big Bud model, something by Compass it was coin something…I had my trusty Tesoro SS+… Due to various health issues I haven’t actively gone detecting since 2018.

      • Luke, those were the good ole days, or at least that is how I remember them. Sorry to hear about the health issues but I can relate. Hang in there…

  12. Tony

    Glad you found some spending cash, helps with gas these days. I remember Ron Popeil, he was the inventor of the flavor injector kitchen tool! Yeah he was a terrific salesperson – very entertaining

  13. john taylor

    popeil was during your time dick.you was just too busy detecting! he was a character! he may have coined the phrase, ‘the world is full of salesmanship sooner ,or later everybody buys something!”


  14. Dick, Ron was mostly on late-night TV and cable channels. You probably wouldn’t have encountered him if all you watched was primetime network TV.

  15. Ed B.

    I think it was Ron Popiel who marketed the FlowBee which was a gadget you used to give yourself a home haircut. It worked like a vacuum cleaner and a lawn mower…..it pulled your hair straight out and the blades cut it.
    And…. if I’m correct, weren’t the DuckDudes involved with Fisher not too long ago hawking camo detectors for them…..one was a pink camo. How’d that work out?

    • Wow really feeling left out with the Popiel thing. On the other hand I wouldn’t have needed a “FlowBee” that’s for sure. Also I remember the pink Fisher (F19) but don’t remember the Ducksters being involved. Getting old Ed….

  16. john taylor

    you are right dick! nahhhh! you are the “pocket fisherman” type!


  17. LR

    I’m just 50yrs old. But I remember Ron Popiel from early TV infomercials. I believe my experience seeing his schlock was in the late 1980’s, I was in High School, as I worked part time at a local Cable TV station, that often showed those Ronco products.

  18. john taylor

    not really! like everything else,there was a tendency to “over pay” for anything
    Ronnie sold!



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