Where do you fit?

In the comments section of my last blog post NJ Fella baptized me with the “legend” label and I want to respond….

First off, this pastime has no legends. None, nada. What we do have are as follows – ____________________

The Accomplished Detectorists who have detected for some time and who know what their detectors are telling them.

Technical Wizards – Tekkies who just have to wow you with their knowledge of how a detector functions, as in filters, multiple frequency transmission, target resolution and piffwanger discrimination.

SurvivorsDetectorists who love to show you how tough and durable they are. They hunt in ten feet of snow, bug infested jungles and can light a match on their ass.

Entertainers – Tekkies who have you coming back for more.

The CoolTekkies who have all the gear and more, even if they have no idea how to use it. Appearance is what matters.

Entrepreneurs Detectorists who are more interested in subscribers, followers, likes, shares and money. Can you say YouTube?

PioneersDetectorists who helped get this pastime started and were responsible for it’s success.

ExpertsTekkies who have all the answers, right or wrong.

CharactersTekkies who leave you shaking your head and saying WTF?

PersonalitiesTekkies who amuse and who have a persona unlike any other. 

The Savvy – Older tekkies who have been around long enough to know that a lot of detectorists today are BS artists.

This was written “tongue-in-cheek” (I think)…..🙄🙄


Please remember the real reason for this holiday. Because they gave you can celebrate…..  

Have one for me!




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32 responses to “Where do you fit?

  1. Bob Buttafuso

    I think we would be considered Savvy Dick.
    Been there, done that, and too old to remember much of it! Haha

  2. Roger B

    I’d say you are Savvy and Legendary 🙂

  3. john taylor

    savvy!..bull shitters are everywhere!..tons love to ”gloss” over and regal others with their tales of glory!


  4. Gary Banning

    I would say the Accomplished Savvy. I know my detector…and have been doing it for a long time without the BS.

  5. Great post, but you seem to have missed out the ‘Social Tekkie’. These, like me, tend to hunt in and around pubs, bars, and country hostelries (The Mayfly for example) where socialising during a hunt is paramount. I’m very sociable and I use the latest BFO. Cheers!

    • Thought about adding “The Inebriated” but I only know one tekkie who fits the bill and would you believe he hangs out at the Mayfly too. What a coincidence?

  6. LR

    Well, Sir Richard the Stouthearted, I’ve followed your exploits for as long as I can remember. Since I was a wee one in the days of yore. I read everything I could that I could buy at the bookstore from detector magazines or your books. To me, you are a Pioneer! And I look forward to whatever words you write, on here or the Book of Face. Your honorable Squire.

  7. LR

    I don’t claim to be anything but an enthusiast. In the years of detecting, I’ve only ever owned 3 machines. Tesoro & White’s, now sadly both defunct, were my favorite brands. My current detector is almost a classic I guess, a White’s Prizm 4, I had bought new in summer of 2004. I rarely watch the whiz bang exploits of the dozens of yahoos on the YouTube. Although I did work for a time in the computer industry and am a techie with graphics design, these YouTuber Detector dudes always feel like posers to me. Que sera sera…

  8. Reading through these labels I think I’m just an odd ball. 😂

  9. Frank Blazi

    I am the entertainer. Always cutting it up in the woods. Keep ’em coming back for more is my motto.

  10. LR

    Ok Dick, you are Savvy Accomplished. I still respect you for your longevity, your knowledge, and history. I also read & reread all the books about detecting from Mr. Dick Stout.

  11. Packrat

    My thoughts on this is it is not what you think you are it is what other detectorists think you are. If you can attend an event or be on line and people look forward to seeing you then I guess you are doing ok. Not glad to see you because you are know from YouTube but because they know you and value your friendship

    • Larry if by writing this blog and making a few people laugh caused someone somewhere to think of me as a friend then it’s been worth it.

  12. Ed B.

    I can honestly say that I’m in the “Accomplished” and “Savvy” categories after having been in this hobby for 40 years. I suspect that those of us in these two categories are way, way, way outnumbered by the folks in some of the other categories and their numbers are growing at a rapid clip.

  13. Tony

    I for one felt ‘Outdated’ and I thought about that a long time. Then, I decided on buying several of the newest detectors now I’m updated and frustrated. None of the younger folks know how to use them either…….

    • Understand that completely. Familiarity, as in knowing your detector, means a great deal IMO, and for what it’s worth I feel outdated in a lot of things now.

  14. Brian George

    I’m not so sure where I would fit in there, but since I went through decades of Indiana winters and was out there in January 1975 with my Jetco Mustang BFO and wood-handled ax for the frozen ground, maybe I am a tad’s tail of a “Survivor”. And a great thank you to Dick for all of the wonderful articles in Western & Eastern Treasures regarding how to conduct proper research. The French would assign to you your own special category of “Le Sage.”

    • Brian with a Mustang and an ax I would definitely call you a survivor and thank you for the kind words. Nice to know that my articles were helpful.

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