Not That You Asked…

It’s a Start

I took the Simplex out for a walk earlier this week and other than after glow aches and pains it felt good. Good to be out in the fresh air and good to be thinking about fun things for a change. Found a few clad but refrained from digging anything over three or four inches. Temps are wicked right now and the ground didn’t want to budge.

I’m seriously worried about the coming summer months and ERCOT (Electric Reliability council of Texas). Nothing at all has changed since February 2021, and if we’re having high 90’s in May what will July and August be like?

Loud and proud tends to win out over common sense here in the Lone Star.


New Garrett?

Had heard rumors that Garrett was about to release a new model but if the Jase Robertson signature models are it I’m disappointed.

I have a rough idea of who Mr. Robertson is but merely putting his name on two existing products and using camouflage to color them doesn’t intrigue me in the least.

Best I can tell the Robertson Apex model is exactly the same as the standard Apex (with 8.5 inch and 11 inch DD coils) but you’re paying $71 more for the camo and the label. But wait, there’s more!! You also get a free duck call w/lanyard. Yup, because they attract relics?

Same for the AT Max. Robertson signature edition retails for $941.12 and the standard $894.06,  a difference of 47. (a duck call also included).

And while I’m pissing and moaning what’s with the pricing? $941.12, $894.06? What happened to rounding up or down, as in $945.00 and 895.00?

Also, Fisher. Teknetics – Hello? What’s up? YO?


Legend, Deus II, Nox 600 & 800 & Calabash

So tired of seeing and reading all the BS concerning the above. Don’t let one or two individuals persuade or dissuade you from buying any detector. Just way too many variables to get caught up in this hoopla – a lot of nitpicking, trolling for “views” and a whole lot of axes to grind.

Read the reviews/specs, know what your goals are, know your locale, your bank account, then buy and go have fun. Doesn’t matter what you’re using, if you don’t walk over it you won’t find it.

It really is that simple (if you want it to be)




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40 responses to “Not That You Asked…

  1. Frank Blazi

    Glad to hear you are back out there trying your luck Dick! Sure hope your weather is more tolerable ,you sure have had your share of weather woes. Garrett makes a fine pinpointer.

    I’d like to buy a deus II but I still haven’t completely mastered the deus (one). I really enjoyed this edition

  2. john taylor

    that’s a rather “‘animated” pic of your pet dick! looks like too many sips
    of “rooster red!” you are definitely on the path back to normality! god bless!

    j (waiting for 5th stab) t.

  3. john taylor

    “dead nuts accurate!” dick! gotta get a coil over it no matter what ya use!


  4. I heard a story, don’t know whether it’s true, but a Tekkie bought one of these Cammo ‘Jason jobbies’, put it down in the long grass while digging out a coin then went to pick it and couldn’t find it.

  5. wendell

    I know what you mean about not digging the deeper targets when it’s hot outside, the ground is hard, time is limited or just being tired. Glad you got out and take it easy in this heat after your previous surgery. I haven’t detected much in the last few years and when I get a precious few minutes of time, I just pop the easy targets and know the others will be there if time or health allows me to return and if not, some other detector can recover them. Do what you can, when you can and enjoy our hobby.

    • “Do what you can, when you can and enjoy our hobby….” Wendell that pretty much relates to every thing I do anymore. I’m hoping that down the line things will get better. At least that’s the goal at present. Thanks Wendell.

  6. Tony

    Dick, glad to hear you that you got out and before those ERCOT engineer looking pages hit the weather highs!
    I also heard that a new addition of the Jase Roberson line is coming out for July/August heat……It’s called the Aqua Apex. You locate a target than hit the Aqua button – the machine sprays out about 8 ounces of water which will allow you to dig another two inches in the wet area! If you need more than that re-try the spray. It also come with a wide brim Camo Hat, UV 50

    • The brim hat is in my future. My head is in bad shape according to dermatologist. Will find out more next Friday when I see him again. The power/grid thing here in Texas pisses me off because it doesn’t have to be this way. The state and the good ole boys running it are too proud to join the national system so when there’s excessive use or need of electricity the generators go down or fail leaving people without power/heat/ac. Just completely stupid.

  7. Etex

    Before they shut down several coal fired plants here in East Texas and decided to go Green we never had a problem

  8. Luke

    All i can say is ugh… don’t care if any of the Duck Dynasty Dipweeds endorse Garrett or any other special wiz bang detector. I am not buying some special celebrity edition Apex in Camo. ugh. ugh ugh.

  9. Camo is the last thing I want anything I own to be, including detectors. I lose stuff that’s florescent orange or yellow or chartreuse way too easy.

  10. john taylor

    you are “ready” dick! lemmie at ’em! ehe! he! heh!


  11. Packrat

    I agree with the Garrett big news. Not that exciting.

    Glad you are getting out. I’m really busy getting ready for our 50th hunt in June. Garrett and Minelab are both planning on being here. Thousands of targets to plant with thousands of silver and old coin prizes. About 20 detectors to give away and over 50 tenth ounce gold coins and over 50 one gram gold coins. Lots of work to get this together but I enjoy meeting all the new people

    • If you’re in charge it will be a great event Larry. You forgot however to say what, where and when.

      • Packrat

        Thanks Dick I am the Chairman. It is the Northwest Treasure Hunters Club 50th hunt, held at Farragut State Park in North Idaho on Father’s Day weekend

  12. Ed B.

    I use and love my Garrett AT Pro and AT Max detectors no matter what people like Calabash Digger say about them. I think that in his videos he’s now reached about 175,000 reasons not to buy one. That said, if I were in the market for a detector, I wouldn’t buy a Garrett just because Jase Robertson has his name on it, and I certainly don’t need a duck call when I’m out detecting. There’s enough of those Canada geese around here dropping their little “presents” all over the place as it is.
    Good to hear that you got out….

    • Ed, just not sure about “signature’ models when it comes to detectors especially when there’s nothing different about the design or features.

      • John Howland

        I just wish I knew who Jase was! Is he a famous US treasure hunter? I don’t know being in the UK. I guess he is and fair play to him. Then again, it’s possible that I’ve got more years (43-ish) in the game than good ‘ole Jase, so does that make me some kinda ‘expert’? Nah!
        I just wish some single malt distiller would say to me “hey, Howland, I want yah to be our Chief Test Pilot.” Yeah right, and f*** detecting!

      • Duck Dynasty star/actor. Tried to watch the show and just didn’t get it.

        As for single malt tester, surely you jest…..

  13. john taylor

    mogan-david wine company is lookin for a ”tester”
    here’s your chance! ain’t ”top shelf” but still a dynamite opportunity for ya!

    j( 4stabs,waitin on 5) t

  14. Just had a funny thought. What if, back in the day, Garrett had issued a Dick Stout Detector? What special features would it have? I’ll start – a drink holder large enough to hold a wine bottle, for sure.

  15. LR

    When I was 15 (1987, yes I’m a youngin’) my mentor told to toss out the piece of shite, Micronta machine I had bought and sold me his slightly used Tesoro Silver Sabre Plus. It was very simple for me & easy to use. 2 knobs & a retune/pp switch. I used that trusty machine until it fritzed out in 2003. I so wish I still had one. I upgraded in 2004 to a Whites Prizm 4, which I still use on/off these days (when my knees allow it). Sir Richard, I hope you much success scratching the Texas scrub. God Bless.

    • Silver Sabre was a good machine… Thanks Luke.

      • LR

        I very much miss Tesoro, and shoot now Whites. Sad both are gone. The only thing Garret I have is an orange ProPointer which I dislike at times as I often forget the sequence of pushing the one button a dozen times. How hard would it be to have one button for on/off and another for various settings. Gosh it reminds me at times when my Grandfather showed me an old computer where you had to use punch cards to load your program.

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