Have been trying to write something about the Legend/Deus II back and forth but can’t just yet. The mind is not in sync yet with the body or visa versa. Hard to explain, I’m sorry. They (the cardiac wizards) tell me this is not unusual after bypass surgery and that it will improve. I hope they’re right.

Here’s a repeat, maybe even a threepeat from February 2016 that somehow seems to fit the occasion. Hang in there with me please…


Say what?

Digger, being goofy...

Not sure why but I find myself talking a lot to Digger of late.  More so than I did with Barnum.  Maybe it’s because of what we’ve been going through with the loss of our home….I don’t know.  I assume of course he understands everything I say, but deep down I know he doesn’t. What he does understand is “are you hungry?” and “do you want a treat?”. 

I thought about this as I was trying to come up with something interesting to post here and wondered if it really mattered. I mean how many people read what I write and does anyone really give a rat’s ass?  I’ve had this blog now for four years, the website for six and there have been numerous times when I wondered if I was just wasting time, pissing in the wind.

I’ve often thought that blogging was a self-centered way to promote yourself, but I find it a challenge in that I try to pass on things about the metal detecting pastime that I’ve learned over the years and in the process, maybe get a laugh or two out of you.  John Winter (my doppelganger in the UK) and I have chatted many times and the topic of why we blog comes up often. We both agree it’s therapeutic, fulfilling and there’s always that little pat on the back we get when someone likes what you have to say, and/or takes the time to comment.


I’m sure that the avid detectorist today is not interested in what I have to say and that’s okay. I have accepted that.  I was that guy once and would have also ignored some ole guy extolling the virtues of not wearing camo, keeping things simple and bragging about a great tortellini recipe. To be honest it’s getting even harder to keep up with you, and your lust for tips, tricks, secrets, and the next best, most expensive piffwanger coming on the market.  Not that I won’t look at it, get excited about it, or even buy it.  Just that I do things at a much, much slower pace now.

So what does all this have to do with the price of bananas? Not a damn thing really, just an excuse for not having anything informative to share today. Then again, after toughing out a tornado, I’ve learned that there is life after detecting, digging, and bragging about your latest find.  Yup, like Digger I now respond more to “are you hungry” and “do you want a treat”.

Now if I could just find some sweet thing to pet me and rub my ears….



Currently reading about my childhood idol, Mickey Mantle (The Last Boy, published by Harper) and came across the following quotes which I thought were very apropos to our pastime…

The author Jane Leavy on Mickey Mantle’s skills….

Mantle had no idea what he did right or wrong or differently batting right-handed and left-handed.  More than likely he would have had little truck with present day baseball pedagogy. Today’s students of the game have PhDs in physics and industrial engineering; applied engineering, applied math, applied psychology, applied biomedical engineering;  kinesthesiology and a new area of inquiry called biological cybernetics. They don’t talk baseball; they discuss the “relationship amongst the sweet spot, COP, and vibration nodes in baseball bats,” the topic of treatise published in Proceedings of the 5th Conference of Engineering of Sport.

Have to add as well Casey Stengel’s adage about his players being out past curfew…

“It ain’t getting it that hurts them, it’s staying up all night looking for it. They gotta learn that if you don’t get it by midnight, you ain’t gonna get it, and if you do, it ain’t worth it”.






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10 responses to “Flustered…

  1. Paul Southerland

    Tortellini, the carb that keeps you going. I just did gold panning demos at a gold show for 3 days. From talking with folks the ones hanging on to every word I said turned out to be new to prospecting. The avid prospectors tend to ignore me. Glad your bypass surgery went well. Stay safe and well Dick.

    • Yup, a while back someone reminded me that there’s always someone new reading your words and they will be the ones who tune in over and over again. Thanks Paul….

  2. john taylor

    dick! never fear “digger” loves your ass!
    you can see it in his eyes! wonderful therapeutic pet!
    I’m just sayin’
    j(3 stabs,waitin’ on 4)t.

  3. I think the way we blog has gone the same way as the dodo. When we started it was fun, enjoyable and therapeutic.

    Because of illness my swinging days were over and I enjoyed the hobby vicariously, sharing my expertise with like-minded people and taking an interest in what they had found.

    Alas, those days are long gone. Subscribers to my blog are few and, apart from the stalwarts, young’uns don’t seem interested any more. I feel as though I am ‘surplus to requirements’. Certainly tired, void of new ideas and somewhat disillusioned.

    Perhaps the focus is now on making a crap video, competing with hundreds of others, and premiering your exploits on YouTube. Metal detecting is secondary; simply the means to an end. Pity.

    We must admit that things have moved on, Dick, and we should re-invent ourselves – or is it too late for decrepit octogenarians like us?

    Goodness, I sound bitter. Maybe I am!

    • “We must admit that things have moved on, Dick, and we should re-invent ourselves – or is it too late for decrepit octogenarians like us?”

      I’ve asked myself that a lot late John, especially since having the surgery. I’ve decided to allow myself to heal completely and then see where I am and how I feel. You keep at it old man. If it’s only you reading me and me reading you that’s good enough for me and too bad for everyone else.

  4. Randy Dee

    I read both yours and John Winters every blog posts and find them all thought inspiring and enjoyable but unfortunately at times my old gray matter can’t put into words my own thoughts and appreciation of your contributions to past useful knowledge, I am in the same old age boat as you and John. So both of you keep at it because there must still be hundreds of blog readers out there who don’t make replies.

    • Thank you Randy. Pretty sure John and I will continue to write and to bitch and complain. It’s in our DNA. I’m aware too of the number of visitors I get each day and that alone is all the inspiration I need. Now if I can just get this fog lifted….

  5. Tony

    Feel better buddy, just relax and enjoy those Mickey Mantle days. Man him and Roger Marris back to back……those were some exciting games!

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