Spent the entire morning taking my pre-surgery testing. EKG, Cat Scan, X-Rays, Blood tests, Covid test, Vein mapping, Carotid artery test, you name it. Came home with all the instructions and materials needed for tomorrow’s bypass surgery and bam, get a phone call at 3pm. It’s postponed till the 18th and worse yet I have to take all those tests over again.

My surgeon it seems is tied up with two overnight heart transplants. Pretty hard to argue with that and hoping the recipients make it through their procedures and thrive.

While I was dreading the procedure I was also finally dealing with the reality of it all and anxious to get on with it. Now? I have another week to think about it and ponder the downside to getting old. Onward and upward! I think?

PS: Thanks to all of you who emailed and called to wish me well. I appreciate it and will carry those wishes with me into next week!



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28 responses to “Bummer!

  1. Roy Rutledge

    Prayers and best wishes to you Dick.

  2. Dominique

    You got this!! Postponing surgeries is a pain in the butt for sure, but hopefully you and the transplant patients all thrive! Thank you for being so understanding about the delay.
    All the best! ♥️

  3. Packrat

    Frustrating for sure but it will all be for the best. I know you will come out better when all said and done

  4. Joe

    Was just checking my email when your notification popped up about the latest blog entry, Dick. Glad I caught it.

    Bypass surgeries have advanced by leaps & bounds over the past 20 or so years. To the point where one can be back up on their feet and out of the hospital within a few days in many cases. I know this because I (unfortunately) have relatives with bad habits they refuse to give up – mainly smoking and dietary – and they’ve had to undergo both triple and quadruple bypasses. You will be fine…and all of us will be pulling for you!

    Just avoid pinching any of the nurses a$$es (no matter how cute) before your surgery, as you don’t want to piss off any of the medical staff.

    We need you back here pronto, to highlight the latest news & views in the metal detecting world. You sir, are our Walter Cronkite.

    P.S. – When you go in for your appointment, if the doctor tells you to bend over, spread’m & cough, you’re in the wrong office!

    • Joe hope you’re right about up and on your feet in a few days. I need something to look forward to. As for Walter Cronkite, betting the overwhelming majority of tekkies have no clue who he is or was. Thanks Joe. Hope you’re feeling well.

    • john taylor

      that’s alright with dick as he is anal retentive! on a serious note, all respondents here wish you the best with your most interesting procedure! may god bless you always!

      (j (three stabs,waitin on 4) t.

  5. John Hooker

    Signs of the times, Dick. Health care, everywhere is being slowed down by Covid-19. Too many health care workers are catching the Omega variant. At least, your wait is far less than many I have been hearing about and should not have much of an effect on your health. I just hope that the second set of tests will be free!



    • Hey John, good to hear from you. Pretty sure this delay isn’t because of Covid-19 but who knows. I’m also wondering just who is going to pay for the repeat testing. Have a feeling Medicare and Blue Cross are not going to be anxious….

      Happy New Year

      • john taylor

        hi dick!
        if the feds balk, tell ’em you want your part b increase returned! shouldn’t fight ya on that, it’s not your fault!…I’m just sayin’tell ’em you are pals with Biden’s dog!


      • Not sure I wouldn’t agree with Medicare if these charges were billed a second time in less than a week. Will have to see what happens.

  6. Lisa

    Dick. How frustrating. You finally resolve yourself and now more wait. I completely understand the why. Just sorry you have another week to ponder. I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. Hang in there my friend.

  7. Rob Roscigno

    You got this! Don’t make me send my father down there to take care of you. On second thought, you’d probably have to look after him. 😂
    I hope all goes well. We’re thinking of you.

  8. John Devereux

    Hi Dick. Waiting is frustrating. However, at least it’s going to happen and I’m sure that in a couple of weeks you will be out there swinging the Simplex again. 😁😁
    All the best

  9. Tony

    Did the nurse who called to tell you about the delay say what Walter Cronkite said on a sign off? ‘And that’s the way it is’ ?
    No seriously – the extra wait is more stress you don’t need, I understand because it happened to me. Try to relax with a nice glass of Merlot and watch a good movie.
    Stay positive my friend it’s the best medicine

    • Believe it or not Tony I dusted off the wine glass and had a couple pours of cabernet. The gal who called did say it’s a common occurrence in the life of a cardiac surgeon. Thanks for the cheering up. I appreciate it.

      • john taylor

        hall’s a fire dick! I would have sent ya a case of the “dog” if I thought you was to get together with the “rooster” again! kinda figured ya couldn’t stay away from the “taste” for long! ..I’m just sayin’

        j( 3 stabs,waitin’ on 4) t.

      • JT if the doc said no more drinking of any sorts after all this I would do it in a heartbeat (pun intended)….

  10. Yo! Ricardo:
    Hurry up and get into that bluddy hospital. My liver can’t take much more of me being your Merlot/Cabernet ‘Stunt Double.’ I wanna get back to Scotch!

  11. john taylor

    dick! cough up the twenty spot and all will be well!
    just sayin’


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