A Rambling Review of My 2021…

2021 was without a doubt better than 2020 but not by much. The times when COVID-19 wasn’t headlining the news were few and far between. Nonetheless we did get vaccinated and we did get out, or at least I, my family and most of my friends did.

My 2021 –

In February a big artic blast here in Texas caused state wide power outages and was responsible for the deaths of over 200 people. It was a nightmarish two or three days and Fay and I were extremely fortunate in that we didn’t have any pipes bursting or ceilings caving in. What made this event even worse was that it was totally preventable and shouldn’t have happened, but welcome to the Lone Star state where being loud and proud is far more important than being sensible, smart and wise.

My artic blast accouterment


During the year I was pleased that I could add Q&A’s with Gypsy, Allan Cannon, Todd Yerks, Matt Pfeil, Charles Gren, Stef Tanguay, Adam Kearly and Dirt Fish Mish. I thank them all and appreciate their taking the time to share their thoughts and experiences here on SS. Likewise in August my good friend archaeologist Lisa Hume Macintyre, knowing that I was laid up and out of commission, contributed a guest post. Thank you Lisa. I owe you.


Other than accessories 2021 was a lean year for new equipment though XP did introduce the Deus II and Nokta/Makro the Legend.  Comparisons and debates will have to wait until they’re in the hands of detectorists. I shared my take on all this in “The Battle for Your Dollar“.


Social media detecting (my label) always provides me something to write about.  I continue to be amused, entertained and baffled by what tekkies say and share online, but I’m not surprised. Someday the metal detecting pastime will grow up and mature. I doubt I will be around to see it.


Here on Stout Standards I leaned heavily on throwbacks in 2021 and apologize but the well is running dry. Like my body the mind is not what it used to be plus come March this blog will be 10 years old. That’s 933 posts or attempts to make sense of this hobby and I have yet to do that. You all keep moving the goal posts, giving me something to muse about.


A Few of the Most Viewed Posts From 2021


Just Being a Disagreeable Dick

Are We Becoming Overly Sensitive

Discrimination – It’s a Crapshoot

You Got This

Old Folks = Old Finds


Worn Out

In June I turned 80 and as I mentioned recently it was a turning point for me in matters of health. In August I finally sought relief for my left foot and had surgery to insert a cushioned hinge of sorts between my foot and big toe. That procedure soon led to gel injections to the right knee (which have so far worked) and of course I continue visiting the dermatologist, who always seems to find and remove various skin cancers.

But wait, there’s more…now there’s coronary artery disease and a January 11th date for triple bypass surgery. Not exactly how I wanted my year to end nor how I wanted the new one to start. I’m trying however to look on the bright side, hoping that all of this will help me to get out detecting without pain and fatigue. Only time will tell.


Good Bye 2021

As usual my predictions and my resolutions for the year 2021 were off but nothing new there. My 2022 predictions and resolutions are still to come and dependent on the medical gods at Baylor hospital . Stay tuned.

I hope that throughout the past year you were able to find a few things here that informed, entertained and helped you enjoy the pastime just a little more. I realize I repeat myself a lot and that probably won’t change. I’m set in my ways, programmed to say what’s on my mind and at my age it’s now or never. My best to you all in the new year and please have at least two for me.


Nokta Makro just released a preview of the owner’s manual for the new Legend. Click on the photo to view….



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16 responses to “A Rambling Review of My 2021…

  1. Tony

    Yeah, all good stuff from your blog this year. I for one enjoyed those writings.

    Thanks for the manual link – they did a good job and the pictures make it easy to understand or set up. If you and I were setting up a detector we would add another picture for the display screen – Alert…….Hey buddy you just passed up a good target…..don’t be a dummy go back and dig that one! This is similar to the new GPS unit alert – hey what did you do that for…..turn around you dummy your going the wrong way!

    Stay positive and have a better New Year in 2022!

    • Yeah if we only knew over the years what items we ignored and didn’t dig we’d be amazed for sure. Thanks Tony, trying to be upbeat. Might even cheat and have one glass of red tonight.

      Happy New Year

  2. Dom

    Best of luck with your surgery & have a wonderful, healthy, and productive 2022!

    I’ll try to continue with a few look-at-me and check-out-this-once-in-a-lifetime-find social media posts to keep you entertained. If you look closely, the photos might even feature my detector leaning on the shovel in the background! ♥️

    • Thanks Dom, I appreciate that. You have a fantastic new year as well.

      Trust me I always check out your social media posts. Do you have a metal detector?

  3. Packrat

    You got this. Remember there are a bunch of us that look forward to all your stories, input on the hobby and general good laughs.

  4. john taylor

    hell’s a fire dick! bet even money you tell the doc how to fix ya!
    I’m just sayin’

    j( flyin’ to israel for the 4th stab) t.

  5. Yo ‘Ole Pal: All the best for the ’11th’ matey…and if its any comfort, remember…a creaking door lasts longest.

  6. Frank Blazi

    Happy New Year Dick. Best wishes on your upcoming bypass surgery. Hope you will be back out swinging your detector soon!!

  7. Randy Dee

    Hello Dick and A Happy New Year to you and your family sorry for the delay but had a lot to contend with at my end with back and forth to the doctors and hospitals. Your look back on last years activities makes good reading also makes me thankful that we haven’t had to face some of the severe weather which you have had in Texas. Take Care and wish you a swift recovery from your triple bypass operation.

    • Happy New Year Randy. Sorry to hear you too are doing the medical rounds. It does get old doesn’t it. Hopefully next week this time I will still be alive and kicking. Well maybe not kicking.🤔🤔


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