YOU Got This…

My last few posts have been about the forthcoming MSF detectors and the competition to see who can capture the anxious buyer. What makes it even more interesting is that the marketing strategy has become somewhat testy with claims and rebuttals all over social media.  Of course that’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it? Just throw it out there, true of false, good or bad and folks will hear what they want to hear.

Understand that it wasn’t always this way. In fact in the 70’s and 8o’s we never found out about new features, new detector models until they showed up in a magazine, AND get this, when they were in stock and ready to ship. Can you imagine?

Today our desire for new products is no different from those in other pastimes. When you love doing something so much, wanting the latest and the greatest is natural. We know if we can just get our hands on that new model, that new feature it just might be that silver bullet we’ve been looking for, or at least that’s what the ads say. The only way to find out for sure is to plunk down our dough. If I’m still around in March or April I just might invest a few shekels in the Legend.

Lost in all the exuberance –

Mechanical, electronic, computerized features and improvements come and go and eventually many are accepted as an integral part of the detector, a feature or function that’s there if we choose to use it, whereas your PERSONAL interaction changes by the minute and has more to do with your success than any pad, knob, switch or adjustment. It’s the USER function I’m talking about – the feature that’s “based on experience“.  Experience that you’ve gained over time and that you’ve learned from in-the-field trial and error – field testing at it’s finest.

Metal detecting is like most every other endeavor….do it enough and you get pretty good at it. Do it enough and you get faster doing it and doing it more economically. Do it enough and your reactions, instincts and decision making adjust more quickly to the variables. Do it enough and that detector you’re holding becomes a part of you – a good friend, a familiar friend.

YOU and YOU alone control YOUR success!

Remember too –

YOU will decide where and when to take that brand new detector and it’s YOU who will decide what pads or buttons to push. YOU will decide how fast to swing that coil and how much to overlap each sweep and YOU will decide which beep or response you want to recover. Likewise YOU will decide how best and how long to hunt that site and for it’s appearance when you leave. Yup, how that brand new detector performs and produces really depends on YOU and if you don’t mind let me refer to an older post titled “Is it the detector or is it you”.

What we all know –

You can have the most expensive guitar in the world but it won’t make you play any better. You can have the best set of golf clubs money can buy and you won’t be the next Tiger Woods. In the same way it doesn’t matter how many features your detector has. What matters is whether YOU know HOW to use them, WHEN to use them and WHERE to use them.  Likewise how it performs will depend on YOUR weather, YOUR soil, your coil, YOUR settings and YOUR decision making. You’ve heard it a gazillion times, a detector is only as good as the person using it.

I have no doubts at all that the new MSF models will live up to their hype and you will most likely find more, but before too long you will accept this technology as just another function or feature. What really matters is how well YOU understand it and how it might enhance your future in-the-field adventures.  To accomplish this look for the USER pad. It’s located right under the THINK pad and to the right of the one labeled EXPERIENCE.


Not So Good News 

Artifact Thief Digs Holes at Historical Site





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20 responses to “YOU Got This…

  1. John Devereux

    Hi Dick. How true. The next big step will be integration of the detector functions. You will be able to have a chip implant that wirelessly connects to the detector. Seamlessly integrated with GPS and LIDAR mapping you will be led to the best finds spots. Automated permission granting is included. The detector will also let out a Eureka when gold is detected. Of course the package would not be complete without the automated digging function. I forgot to mention that to top it all the technology also integrates with your self driving electric car so no effort is required at all on your part. All technology is patent pending. 👍👍😁😁 Best regards John.

  2. Randy Dee

    Great reading Dick and straight to the point, like you say the experience is in the saddle and which peddle you press to achieve the best results.

    • I don’t know why Randy but whenever the word experience comes up I always think of the following expression –

      “If an old dude ever gives you advice while peeling an apple with a pocket knife and eating pieces right off the blade, you should probably take it….”

      Thanks Randy

  3. Ed B.

    I totally agree that experience is what will enable you to find more “goodies” when out there detecting, rather than just going out and buying the “latest and greatest” detector to hit the market, no matter how many “new” bells and whistles it has.
    That said, the various detector companies want you to buy a new one as often as possible. It is not to their advantage if everyone bought and kept using the same “old” detector for the next 25-30 years. I can’t fault them for hyping up their latest addition to the detector market in order to continue making a profit. Think of how many items in the supermarket are advertised as “New and Improved” when in actuality the “old and unimproved” version was just as good. All companies want their share of the market and to stand still would most likely take them on a one-way trip to oblivion. If that happened there may well be no metal detector companies left.

    • “All companies want their share of the market and to stand still would most likely take them on a one-way trip to oblivion…”

      Ed I know that and I must say I’m lusting after the new Nokta. The price is right and if it’s anything like the Simplex it ought to be good. The problem is my health at the moment. Can’t do much of anything right now.

      Have one for me. Been thirsty for over three months now,…

      • john taylor

        ahhhh! sh*t! you already been into the taste! for medicinal purposes, of course! I’m just sayin’


  4. John Devereux

    Did I mention that the newest latest best detector even comes with a free bottle of wine and a bottle and glass holder? 😁😁

  5. john taylor

    he give the 20 spot to the Salvation Army bucket! help the “great unwashed!” just sayin’

    j ( 3-stabs,waitin’ on 4) T.

  6. You sir have smacked the proverbial nail on the head. It is experience. With experience comes that familiarity with the machine, reading a site, knowing where and what to research when looking for a site, and when to dig and not to dig.

    And yes, I am eager to get to learn and put The Legend through its paces. I just wish they included the target retrieval button like I suggested. I mean, what’s so hard of instantly making the target appear on the surface of the ground? Gene Roddenberry came up with that tech years ago! (Beam me up Scotty!) 😂😂

  7. JT:
    Jeez, who wants a challenge? Why? Get the gold out easily and quickly, and into the bank. If we can ‘beam up’ the goodies, then so much the better.
    i’m just sayin’

  8. john taylor

    not in England! gotta have the queen come out and declare the goodies “museum bound!’ after all, anything dug up, the “crown” gets theirs ,not the poor bastard who done all the labor! ehe! he! heh! hell’s a fire, no wonder the Taylors sailed across the pond! wiped out the beer ration on the way too!

    I’m just sayin’

    j (3-stabs,waitin’ on 4) t.

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