XP, Minelab, Nokta Makro – Will There be a Winner?

The Battle For Your Dollar

Interesting that battle lines seem to have been drawn, but instead of two adversaries we have three – the Aussies, the Turks and the French. Missing entirely from the equation? We Americans…

Yup all the talk today is about the new Legend, the new Deus II, the Equinox and simultaneous multi frequency (SMF) – almost to the point where anyone owning a machine without this feature needs to pack it in and take up knitting. What makes it all the more interesting are the prices. The Nox 800 MSRP is $1169.00, the Deus II $1599.00 and the Legend $899.00.

I must say it’s fun to watch this battle though to be honest I’m still to be sold on the “SMF” thing. No I’ve not used a machine that offered it yet but I’m old enough to believe an experienced tekkie who knows his detector inside out, multi or single frequency, just might hold his own in a head to head.

The Equinox 800, Deus II and the Legend all offer similar features but at much different price points….

Understand I’m not downing the SMF movement, just being careful not to jump on a fast moving bandwagon. Maybe someone will send me one of these machines and after I try it I will do backflips, but until then I will sit back and watch the battle (and honestly just attempting a forward roll would probably kill me).

And where is Garrett, Teknetics and Fisher in all this? Yes Garrett recently introduced the Apex, but it’s not being mentioned in the same breath as the Equinox, Deus or Legend. I know we have the smarts on this side of the pond but so far no one has gone the route of the cell phone design, not that it’s an end all. Just seems to be the accepted norm and I’m good with that.  The smaller, the lighter the better….

Now it could be that one of these Yankee companies is indeed about to come out with a detector that will blow everyone out of the water but so far I’ve not heard any rumors to that effect. Hope I’m wrong. Then too with the current shortage of parts anything is possible.

The next two or three months will be interesting. We will be bombarded with reviews, field tests and endorsements and we will need to weed out the good and the bad, the legit and the suspicious, the analytical and the fluff, the well written and the WTF.  Be prepared, be cautious and most of all be patient. Remember too there will be tekkies who come hell or high water will always endorse a particular brand.

At 80 years of age I have no idea how this will turn out or what the next big metal detecting fad will be. Hell I’m still having trouble setting my TV to record a program and trying to get Alexa to meet up with me. What I’m hoping however is that every new detector introduced from here on out will be lightweight, waterproof, wireless and upgradable, no matter the price point.  I know that’s asking a lot but the manufacturer who does this will have the advantage and MY dollar…


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Without a doubt Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It means family, good friends, good food and good wine and unlike Christmas no one needs to go in debt to make it work.  Enjoy the day and remember to have one for me. 




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19 responses to “XP, Minelab, Nokta Makro – Will There be a Winner?

  1. John Devereux

    Alexa😂😂😂 Very funny Dick. Still love my V3i probably because I know it best. It would be great if Garrett would upgrade it with a few extra frequencies (so I can say mines better 😂😂) a faster chipset and make it lighter and at least shower proof. I ‘d buy one in a heartbeat. Not so worried about the water proofing as that seems to add about $200 to the price.
    Glad to see you are still contributing to the community with your insights. 👍

    • I forgot about the V3i. Interesting thought John, just maybe Garrett is doing something with it…

      As for waterproofing I’m thinking each new model that offers it takes us one step closer to a “standard” and a better price. Hope so anyway. Thanks too for the kind words.

  2. Ed B.

    Those price points may put them out of reach for a few of us but with enough hype there’ll be some who will just have to have one and will pony up the money as fast as they can. They’ll have to find a whole lot of clad dimes to make it “pay for itself”.

    • Ed tekkies today don’t think twice about spending money on gear. Guess it all depends on your income status. Personally I have to think twice about buying anything.

      Happy Thanksgiving Ed!

  3. It’s common knowledge that I’ve dabbled in most of the other brands. They each had their pluses and minuses, and they were all good machines, but… a good signal is a good signal, no matter what machine you hear it through. Can’t say any of them truly upped my finds rate, but I do like the new lightweight and waterproof features. My biggest pet peeve with them is charging them. It’s easier for me to carry some extra batteries than to remember to charge my machine. I’ve got enough on my list of things to do.

    • “It’s easier for me to carry some extra batteries than to remember to charge my machine. I’ve got enough on my list of things to do….”

      Good point Allyson, thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. In the end, it’s the user who makes the decision to dig or not to dig. SMF it just a way to help the user to that decision. It’s an evolution of the technology. Like when machines progressed from BFO to PI then to What is
    common now VLF. It’s not a new tech. I think Whites had one of them 30lb shoulder killers that did it and did it pretty good.

    It is a battle for dollar. Lust like all companies do. Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc… all companies out there are constantly fighting with each other to sway your opinion favorably towards them.

    Time for my coffee and a little park raid. I hear the clad calling me…

    Take care!

  5. John

    Happy Thanksgiving Dick to you and your family. By the way, I still use my MXT, the original one 🙂 Maybe one day I will something more digital, I can’t say upgrade because the MXT is still awesome.

    • Thanks John and to you and your family as well. Nothing wrong with the MXT at all….great machine. You in the states or Italy?

      • John

        I’m in Italy. Just bought a house, well closing next week. Not sure if it is full time or vacation/place to retire. Either way, plan on living in Italy most of the time. I work remotely so I very fortunate in that aspect.

      • Indeed. Wish I could do something similar…enjoy and have a glass for me.

  6. Tony

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Thanks for the advice on wait and see. What most are waiting for is, how will the new machine ID at depth! The machine that handles this the best will be the winner.

  7. Beau Duke

    Last I heard, Garrett was in Texas, not D _ _ Yankee land

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