He Who Has the Most Followers…

Sorry folks but my brain is fried and I’m hurting just a little…here’s a throwback from May 2015.


The fact that we tekkies are able to stay in touch online is really pretty cool, but sometimes it results in heavy drama and knock ‘em dead arguments. Look around, you’ll find them on most every metal detecting forum, website or FB page. In fact online I am the meanest, toughest, metal detecting SOB in the country.  In reality?  I can’t whip my dog’s butt and hardly get out detecting anymore!  But hey online….

Some of the more heated arguments I’ve witnessed lately are pretty funny. Just one snide remark and all hell breaks loose.  Then of course everyone has to take sides. Usually the tekkie with the most friends, followers or better finds wins and the loser slinks away, determined to get even at a later date.  And it will indeed start-up again somewhere down the road.

The tekkie with the most friends/followers usually wins

There are times I resent the internet, social media, Facebook and all the other abba-dabba-do things that we have come to know and depend on. Despite their attributes, they have become a vehicle for fraud, misinformation, self anointed experts (can you say Barford), arguing and one-upmanship. Most likely you have a lot of online friends but be honest, aren’t there a few phonies in the mix? Bullshit artists who just want to be top dog, no matter the situation? And almost always their accomplishments are out there for all to observe imagine.

Scratching my bald head a lot lately…

I admit I am the eternal pessimist and doubting Thomas, but with the influx of participants over the past few years the finds should logically be dwindling, yet the reverse is true.  Yeah I know detectors are getting better, going deeper and you are all getting smarter by the minute, but I have seen way, way too many unbelievable finds on social media that have me shaking my head.  Of course there’s no way I can call liar, liar, pants on fire, but I can think it.

Whatever happened to that uncomplicated, no frills, no camo pastime?  The thrill of being outdoors, the exercise, the anticipation of the next beep, the camaraderie…..the simplicity of it all? Today it’s who has the most toys, who can produce the best video, brag the oldest find, garner the most online friends, followers, listeners and responses. The end result? Intense competition, personality clashes, hurt feelings and verbal brawls.

Yup I’m not a big fan of treasure hunting 2015 and if your try to change my mind I will kick your ass (Online only of course….)




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10 responses to “He Who Has the Most Followers…

  1. john taylor

    no one “physically” hunts on the “mindless medium” so it can all be construed as ‘bull shit”. the only “real” truth resides with the individual.

    j (3-stabs) t.

  2. Get your brain un-fried asap and I hope you are soon on the mend.

    Those who want more ‘friends’ online ought to do what one archaeological poseur does…invent them!

  3. Yes…sort of auto-mattick! Hahahahahaha!

  4. Tony

    Brain is fried…..wow must be real hot in Texas again…..I would love a heat weave about now.

    Year being friends with folks you don’t really know is getting to be a dumb thing……saying happy birthday to them doesn’t seem right. You buddy Merrill from NY has over 1000 followers. Send him a post message and ask for some treasure pictures for all of us.

    Many folks are excited about the two new machines coming out. Because of that there are a ton of good detectors up for sale to make room for the new addition to folks closets…

    • Not really hot here Tony. Brain is just fried from things that are on my mind right now. I assume Ed Merrill has a lot of friends thanks to his Detect Ed Outdoors YouTube vids.

      I’m kind of interested too in seeing how the forthcoming models fare. Thought for a while the year would end without anything new…

      • Tony

        Yeah, to be more specific, him and the other guy Merrill Kazanjilan – YouTuber digging NYC.
        My brain is fried too, don’t have digging drive anymore but like you still reading stuff including the new detectors coming out.

      • Not familiar with Digging NYC but will check it out. Thanks Tony. As for detecting I still have the desire, just not the stamina nor the physical requirements. On a heart healthy diet of sorts now and feel a little better when it comes to chest pain but sure miss the good foods and wines.

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