Now, Where Did I Put My Wine?

The only consolation with being laid up now is that it’s too damn hot to be outside anyway. Oh I know there are a lot of you saying it’s never too hot to go detecting but you all lie a lot. It’s the Macho-camo complex at work. Notice too I didn’t say bullsh*t.  Bullsh*ting is an art that they practice here in Texas and they’re good at it.  The rest of you all not so much

Last Wednesday I had surgery on the left foot and I’m hoping that the procedure will allow me to put weight on it and actually use it. Might know in another two or three weeks. At the moment I’m having to wear a big ole boot and stare at a foot that’s a whole lot of ugly.

I also met with an orthopedic specialist and it was decided we give the right knee a series of injections before considering a replacement. The first jab was a steroid and it’s already helped a great deal. Next week I start with gel injections (a series of 3) in hopes that it will get rid of the pain and buy me some productive time before replacing the knee.

If this keeps up I just might become a bionic old dude.


John Howland…. 

….has been bitten with the Simplex bug. He heard me rave about it, bought one and now he’s hooked (why he doesn’t listen to me all the time is beyond me). He’s also loving the SP24 coil.  If you’re a Simplex guy be sure to check out his  review/tips/programs.


Coming Soon

Lisa Hume MacIntyre, whom some of you may remember from early on here, has written a guest post for SS and I will share it later this week. Stay tuned…

Lisa Hume MacIntyre





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23 responses to “Now, Where Did I Put My Wine?

  1. John Hooker

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Dick. I hope you will be out there soon!



  2. Joe

    Just a friendly tip – consider blacking out the books behind you, as some are obviously personal in nature. Not sure you want the world to know your reading tastes. Just a few of the titles I was able to see…

    The Art of Picking Up Loose Women

    Dick’s Top-Secret Detecting Spots

    Two Buck Chuck – A Connoisseur’s Guide

    I Hate Minelab, and Why You Should, Too

    Kvetching 101

    And these were some of the tamer ones!

    In all seriousness, Dick, I do wish you a quick recovery. Use the downtime to enjoy some of that famous Texas bbq, a nice bottle of wine or two, and whatever else fits your fancy. You’ve earned it!

    • Wow, didn’t think about book titles, thanks Joe. And you read that one title wrong, it’s “The Art of Picking up Cheap Women”. I have a budget.

      Not sure I earned all these ailments but if you say so….

  3. Joe

    Dick, re-read my post. I didn’t say you earned any ailments. I said you’ve earned the right to do WHATEVER it is that you wish to do. After suffering tornados, medical issues, etc.

    • Joe was just bustin’ chops. I knew what you meant.

      I sure wish you would start a blog. You’re a great communicator and your comments/responses always crack me up. You could call it “Digging With Jersey Joe”

  4. Joe

    Was just making sure you didn’t misinterpret me! I’m a ball breaker extraordinaire, but it’s always in good fun. You know I’m a fan and I consider you a friend even though we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting face to face. Now carry on, I didn’t mean to interrupt you while watching the Golden Girls marathon!

  5. john taylor

    dick! you’ll be “cock a doodle doin” every mornin’ now! fortunately the stuff is last shelf priced, and affordable.just don’t “drown!”

    dick! do you have a “bone on bone” condition in the right knee? if you do, injections won’t work, you’ll need a replacement.IF you still have “cartilage” in the right knee.then injections “may” work” best of luck!..I suspect you’ll need it! gut the “rooster” for company! I’m just sayin’

    j-2 stabs,waitin’ on 3) t.

  6. john taylor

    you should be ok then! the shots along with the subtle calming effect the rooster provides should enable you to lead some semblance of a normal existence.

    j (2 stabs,waitin’ on 3) t.

  7. john taylor

    dick! I hope and pray you do NOT have ‘roids! could this mean you are not “anal retentive”? (o.m.g.)

    j (2-stabs,waitin’ on 3) t.

  8. Lisa MacIntyre

    I’m glad my reading list isn’t in my picture since so many of my books came from you. Thanks for asking me to write a piece. I’m honored to be included rather than excluded in this group. Feel better! Vaxxed and masked. The only way to go!

  9. Tony

    Wow, new parts is a good thing!
    Wishing you well my friend!

  10. john taylor

    dick if ya gotta get a replacement, they will have “ben” the robot do it for ya! someday is here!


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