Just a Derelict Dick…

The mind, what’s left of it, is occupied with a couple of medical issues and a sick Digger dog. Hopefully these will have happy endings and I can get back to digging, writing and baffling you with BS.  In the meantime here’s another throwback from May 2014.

Damn Glad I Asked!

About two weeks ago Fay and I were on our way to social gathering, and I noticed an old abandoned house situated on about two acres of land. It looked reasonably old as did the couple of outbuildings in back.  The next day I tried to look it up on DCAD but because I didn’t have the exact rural address (box number) I was unable to locate the owner.  So yesterday I decided to drive out there again, hoping to talk to a neighbor or at least see if come up with the box number.

When I got there I saw a gentlemen on the adjoining property working on his pickup and decided to see if he might be able to tell me more…..the conversation went somewhat like this, and note I have changed the name of the landower for obvious reasons.

“Hi, sorry to bother you, but wondered if you know who owns the property next door?”

He lifted his head out from under the hood, looked me over, stared at the pug bug and said “Whitaker… Clyde Whitaker”

I said “the reason I am asking is that my hobby is metal detecting and I wanted to see if I could get permission to search there”.

He replied “Forget it…he’ll shoot you!”

I said “What?”

“Yep, just the other day a fellow up the road mowed the property because it was so overgrown, and Whitaker told him if he caught him doing it again he was a dead man”.

I was suddenly not liking this guy but he continued on and said “not only that, the old man’s son is a druggie and shows up at night and disappears into the woods outback. Not sure what the hell he does, but he always has a shotgun with him.”

With that I said “Hmm, well thanks for the info, glad I asked” and quickly got in my car. As I pulled out of his driveway I noticed he quickly got into his pickup truck and started following me. First thing came to mind was the song “Dueling Banjos”, but a couple of miles down the road he took a left turn and I continued on home, letting out a big sigh of relief.

Guess you can't win 'em all...

Guess you can’t win ’em all…

So there folks went my next great site up in smoke or to be more precise, up in buckshot.  Welcome to Texas!




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12 responses to “Just a Derelict Dick…

  1. wendell

    Bummer, Dick. You win some and you lose some. HH.

  2. john taylor

    difference between a “southern cracker” and a” Northern yankee farmer” is the cracker is right in your face with it! the yankee? ..”more genteel”. end result is the “same” be gone!..I’m just sayin’

    j (2-stabs,waiting for 3) t.

  3. john taylor

    sorry to hear about ‘digger dog” dick! it is difficult without our pets.hope yours “pulls through!

    j (2-stabs,waiting on 3) t.

    • Thanks JT. Digger has diabetes and is blind. Controlling the diabetes is frustrating and heartbreaking when things aren’t going right. Some improvement today…

      • john taylor

        same as humans! sometimes it can be difficult to control. age of the animal can make a difference. keeping him out of the “Texas sauna” may help!


  4. Tony

    I would check again, you never know if he sold it.
    Right now is research time because it’s so hot out you can fry your dinner on the sidewalks here in Jersey!

    • Probably a good idea Tony but it will have to wait until I’m more mobile. It’s hot as hell here too…

      • john taylor

        was out today doin’ my thing deliverin’ “wheels on meals”.thought my ass was gonna “light on fire” heat index of 101degrees..maybe this ”climate change” has got some meat to it! real “burning sensation” on the skin!. scary!

        (2-stabs,waiting on 3) t.

  5. Hi Dick:
    Sorry to know about Digger. They are part of the family as is my four-legged pal, Chesney. I know how you feel.

    I think you got out that ‘permission’ just in time! Well, win a few….

    “I can get back to digging, writing and baffling you with BS.” Huh! Nothing new there then!

    • He’s up and down with the diabetes and now we’re dealing with a growth on his cheek. Vet said it was abscess so we had dental work done (cleaning and six teeth removed) and it came back. Now we’re doing the antibiotic thing and maybe another exploration in the mouth. As if being blind wasn’t bad enough. Love him to death.

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