Always something…

It seems like each day, each week brings something to ponder and something to worry about. Things like what am I going to do now that I’m not able to detect, OR what am I going to do if I’m not able to walk?

Yup, seems the body is trying to wear out before I’m done with it and try as I might nothing seems to help. Appointments with a podiatrist and an orthopedic specialist are on the calendar but I’m not holding out much hope that they can fix things. Wish me luck, my options are running out.

I’ve found it hard to write of late and can’t even find much to interest me or peak my curiosity on social media. Sameness seems to be the keyword. Same folks finding all the good finds, making all the “same” videos and podcasts and same people sharing what they know (whether you ask or not). All is well in beepville.

Nokta Makro is still up in the air with the release date on it’s new multi-frequency machine but assures me that it’s still on for 2021. Other than that it seems the rest of the manufacturers are content to entice you with new coils and accessories and given the latest covid surge just maybe it’s a wise marketing plan. We shall see.

Hopefully all of you are taking the necessary precautions to stay safe and to protect your friends and family. Don’t be stupid or stubborn. Listen to the “experts” and get vaccinated. All I’m going to say and please don’t respond with BS conspiracy theories. I won’t be party to them. Let’s get it done and get this virus gone.


If you’re interested –

Coins, the Overlooked Keys to History

Treasure Hunter Finds Penny worth £200,000

Roman Treasure Returns to Norfolk Town Where it Was Found

Viking Era Piggybank




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25 responses to “Always something…

  1. Lisa MacIntyre

    I can do my part to get you fired up if you like. I can mention archaeologist, context, cultural thiefs. But, you know me well enough to know I’m more on your side of the fence than mine. You also know I’m always sending my best vibes your way. As far as the vaccine, I got mine! As a plus I can now pick up 5g in the woods. Gotta love science.

    • Hmm, why not do another guest post Lisa? It’s been a long time. Can’t promise the responses will all be kind but I have a feeling you will have an understanding audience.

      Thanks for the vibes, I can use them. AND I love science, you know that….

  2. John Taylor

    seems like there is a ton of people out there that are harboring some kind of “half-ass” sadistic death wish!
    I’m ready for ma “booster” bring it on! let’s “kill” this thing once and for all! I’m just sayin’


  3. John Devereux

    Hi Dick.
    Very sorry that you are experiencing such mobility problems. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. John Taylor

    not really dick! 1-ply is “more economical!” more available too, but I suppose in times of crises,one cannot be choosy, after all it beats “leaves”
    glad to hear you are “on the mend” this is good, because it will prevent you from going ” ’round the bend!”..just keep remembering those earlier times when you was the “bard of da parks!”


  5. Bob Kerr

    Hope the Dr’s can help. Think positive. I’m going to wait till fall and check with Dr too much to do now such as mowing, detecting, finishing brick sidewalk and planting more DARN grass plus walking the dog. My back & left hip tell me. When to stop and/or take breaks. Take care my friend.

  6. Really??? That’s me for Church on Sunday then!

    God bless ya Dick, hang in there mate. You and Fay are never far from mine and the Long Haired General’s thoughts.

    Bestest regards.

    PS. By the way, if you’re not detecting anymore, any chance I can have your Nokta SP22 and SP35 coils?
    I’m just sayin’

  7. Packrat

    Hi Dick. Not a lot up here in the Northwest too hot and smokey. I got roped into chairing our big hunt next year but it is a biggie. 50th annual hunt and I only missed the 2nd one. So far looks good with Garrett Minelab and First Texas all sponsoring events. 3 day event with 9 hunts. We already have 51 tenth ounce gold coins and 50 1 gram gold coin prizes along with lots of silver dollars, halves and much more. I know hunts are not your favorite subjects but this one should be a lot of fun. I hope anyway. At least I have chaired enough big hunts to have an idea what hunters want to find lol

    • No better guy to run a hunt than you Larry and the 50th. Wow. You’re one old dude, LOL. I actually enjoy organized hunts but more for the camaraderie and not the hunting. Always hated the speed thing. Guess I’m a lazy digger.

      Remind me as the event gets closer….you never know.

      • Packrat

        I agree that the meeting of friends and making new ones is the best part of the hunts. The coins and prizes are just the bonus

  8. Oh no! I am so sad to hear of your walking and feet issues! They can do amazing things nowadays, and maybe you’ll get one of those genius podiatrists that actually studied at med school and was paying attention that day! Good luck as always, and our best to Faye. Maybe you can set yourself up for reviewing metal detecting and treasure hunting books and article manuscripts! A lot of us cannot turn a phrase without falling in the well, and could use some help, and a lot of us value your opinion. Just a thought, so stay well and get those feet shined up and calibrated. Patti says “hi” and wishes you both well. Take care Dick!

    • Jim, I have had problems with my legs/hands for years, and without going into a lot of details the left foot is a mess. Now I’ve added the right knee to the mix.

      I am indeed looking and hoping for one of those attentive med school guys who will say “aha, there’s the problem” and come up with a fix. Haven’t found one yet. I’m also aware that my problems could be a helluva lot worse and hate complaining, especially knowing about all of yours. I’m a wimp, what can I say.

      I am still holding out hope that I can pick up and swing a detector again. Time will tell. As for reviewing/editing books? You obviously haven’t studied my writing, LOL. Grammar is definitely not my forte.

      Thanks as always and hi to Patti

      • John Taylor

        yeah it could be my knee! ehe! heh! heh! to be honest dick,not sure I would have faith in a rookie in med school. put my money on “dr.kildaire!” Richard chamberlain. ehe! he! heh! I’m just sayin’

        j (2-stabs,maybe 3) t.

  9. John Taylor

    hey dick! light yaself up with the ”rooster” in the morning! help dull the pain! whatever ya do, stay out da hot sun! the ”reverend” says he’s holdin’ the scratch!

    j( 2-stabs,maybe 3) t.

  10. Tony

    Sorry to hear of your ailments, sounds like the golden years are showing sooner rather then later.
    Be well my friend. Thanks for the change article, I love error coins that are free to find.

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