Q & A with Adam Kearley

First heard about Adam Kearley when John Howland gave him a shoutout on his Detecting & Collecting blog. After watching a few of his videos I asked if he’d be kind enough to do a Q&A. He replied in the affirmative and here we are. Thank you Adam, appreciate it!


Q. Adam, tell us a little about yourself, i.e., where you’re from, where you live, are you married, kids, what you do for a living, where you keep your valuables etc..

A. I’m Adam and I live in Sussex with my lovely wife. I make videos of my weekly metal detecting adventures. I work for an online sports retail company creating and managing their online listings but outside of work and detecting I have a lot of other hobbies and interests.

I’m a trumpet and cornet player performing throughout the year with orchestras, brass bands and as a soloist. I also manage a charity fundraising team of cosplayers (The Sussex Ghostbusters), making appearances and raising funds for good causes. I also do Crossfit and I’m really into my videography and editing.

Adam, the musician

Adam, the GhostBuster

My YouTube channel is D-Tekt Sussex. I go metal detecting every week and produce a video documenting the hunt using professional filming and editing techniques. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram as well as on YouTube by searching for “D-Tekt Sussex”.


Q. Does anyone else in the family detect?

A. My Dad has always been into detecting since before I was born. In fact, I caught the bug from him initially! When I was old enough I got a Micronta 3001 for Christmas and Dad took me out detecting in the woods and on the beach. I don’t think I ever really found anything but I fondly remember going out with the machines and learning the fundamentals. I still knew them well when I returned to the hobby around 30 years later!


Q. When exactly did you start detecting and what was it that got you interested?

A. As I got older I became interested in other things. A few years ago I met Arron Weedall from South Coast Detecting when he joined The Sussex Ghostbusters. He had recently started his detecting channel on YouTube (check it out…it’s fantastic!) and I was soon subscribed and the bug started to bite once again.

Adam & Arron

In the summer of 2019 I finally bought a basic detector and began detecting regularly. With some encouragement from Arron I began my YouTube channel in September 2019 and have made a detecting video every single week since then.


Q. Adam what was your first detector and what made you purchase that particular brand/model?

A. I previously mentioned my first detector was a Micronta 3001 but when I returned to the hobby properly in 2019 I started with an Ace 250. It was a good but basic machine that I outgrew very quickly. Within about 6 months I moved on to the Nokta Makro Simplex and haven’t looked back since!


Q. In the beginning where did you concentrate your time? What sort of sites did you search?

A. Land permissions are very hard to come by in my area so much of my early detecting experience was on the local beaches. I’m very lucky to have several good and varied beaches in my local area to hunt on and I still regularly hunt by the sea now in between my land hunts.


Q. Adam what was your very first signal/find? Do you remember?

A. My first ever find was a squashed charm bead on the beach. I spent about an hour on the beach and only found three bits of junk. I had so much to learn!


Q. And what was your first good or decent find, as in keeper.

A. On my first ever episode of D-Tekt Sussex I found a Naval button on the beach which was quite memorable.


Q. Another memory test….how long did it take you to find your first silver coin and what was it?

A. I didn’t find a silver coin until late in 2020 at a Manor House permission I managed to secure. It was a 50% silver shilling from 1932.

First silver coin


Q. How long Adam did it take you to find your first ring and what type of ring was it?

A. I found my first ring in early 2020. It was a sterling silver ring with lots of cubic zirconia gems and a real pearl!

First ring…


Q. In the beginning did you spend a lot of time researching and if so just how did you go about it?

A. Honestly, in the beginning I just chose a new beach each week, took the detector and went for it. Learning as I went. Part of the idea behind making my videos was to document my journey from almost complete beginner to where I am today and beyond and if you watch my videos from the start you can see me make discoveries and figure out techniques and settings as I go.


Q. What would you consider to be your very best find after all this time, and if it’s hard to choose just one tell us about all of them.

A. I recently attended the Spring Detectival (2021). It was my first organized detecting event and on day two I was lucky enough to find my first ever Roman coin. By far the oldest object I had ever found. It was a Roman minim coin with a tiny amount of detail still visible (a hint of a bust and a figure on the back) but sadly not identifiable. If you watch the video I’m shaking and genuinely welling up as I held it in my hand!

Roman coin


Q. Okay what is your weirdest find to date? Everybody pretty much has at least one….

A. I find a lot of odd things at my farm permission. It’s been used for over 35 years for events and craft fairs. One of the most memorable oddities was a coin from Chile that had been dished into a hemispherical shape and made into a keyring!

“Dished” Chile coin


Q. What is your “OLDEST” find to date?

A. My oldest find is the Roman coin I mentioned earlier. It still staggers me to think that it was not only being used around 2000 years ago, but that it has been sitting in that little bit of dirt during every major event since. It was there during the reign of every monarch since the fall of the Roman Empire, it was there when Bach and Mozart were writing and performing, it was there during the industrial revolution and when Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the moon!


Q. Adam what detector are you using at the moment and why?

A. I currently use the Nokta Makro Simplex and Anfibio Multi detectors. Since upgrading to the Simplex in 2020, I have found that the Nokta Makro machines are really well designed.  They’re tough, waterproof, rechargeable and have wireless headphone options. The design is very user-focused making them easy to use whilst being incredibly powerful and flexible machines.

In March 2021 I was honoured to have been chosen to join the Nokta Makro Field Team (The Nomads) so now I only use Nokta Makro gear and, to be completely honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Proud new Nomad


Q. Can you offer a few tips or settings/programs?

A. I’m still a little new to the Anfibio but for the Simplex I get asked a lot about beach detecting. For wet sand I would always say to manually ground balance to zero and use All Metal Mode. If you can’t get on with All Metal Mode and the threshold tone, Park and Field modes will also work fine.

The Beach mode is perfectly fine as a turn-on-and-go mode but it automatically discriminates out the low iron tones and I much prefer to hear them to make sure I have all the information available before I decide whether to dig or not. You also get a wider variety of tones with the other modes.


Q. When you do go detecting what “must have” accessories do you take along?

A. My PulseDive pointer, the Nokta Makro beach scoop or shovel depending on where I am and the big Nokta Makro backpack. The backpack is brilliant because I can fit all my filming gear in there (chest mount, wide angle lens, tripod, gimbal, power pack etc.) as well as the detector.


Q. Do you prefer hunting with others or are you a loner?

A. I’m alone for most of my hunts, although I do meet up with Arron here and there. Detecting alone means I can spend more time on the filmmaking aspects of my outings but also, when detecting on my own I find it a fantastic way to unwind and soothe the mind. It’s an incredible hobby for promoting good mental health.


Q. Okay Adam everybody has a bucket list. Tell us about yours?

A. Now that I’ve found my first Roman, top of my bucket list is now my first Hammered Coin. It’s out there somewhere and I can’t wait to pull it out of the ground!


Q. What other countries have you detected?

A. Only in the UK so far…


Q. Do you belong to a club and if so tell us a little about it?

A. I don’t belong to any clubs at present.


Q. Adam do you have any other hobbies or interests?

A. I mentioned most of them earlier. I am also a big geek and love Sci-Fi and comic book characters, specifically Marvel, Ghostbusters, Star Trek etc. I usually attend a number of Comic Cons through the year where I can meet some of the actors who brought/bring my favourite characters to life.

Having fun…


Q. If you could design one what would your IDEAL detector look like?

A. Multi-Frequency, waterproof, tough and able to handle all terrains and environments (good thing Nokta Makro has one in the works that ticks all those boxes!!).


Q. Finally Adam, if you could pass along one or two words of advice to beginning detectorists or for that matter any detectorist, what would they be?

A. If you’re looking to improve, check out some YouTube videos (mine and others) and learn what you can from them but the greatest teacher is time and experience. The absolute best thing you can do is get a detector and get out there. The more you do it, the better you’ll understand it and the more good targets you’ll find.

But I’d say the most important thing to know is that, above all else, metal detecting isn’t about finding treasure. It’s a huge bonus and it’s incredible when you find something good, but most of the time it’s about being out in nature, relaxed, thoughtful and calm. It’s an amazing hobby for the body and the mind and you’ll more often find more than coins and relics……you’ll find yourself!


““The important thing to you is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years!” 



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15 responses to “Q & A with Adam Kearley

  1. Great interview! Good to meet you! Good luck out there!

  2. The quality of both Adam’s and Arron’s videos are top notch. Exceedingly well photographed and seriously put together. Well informed. Thiers are the benchmarks which few others ever reach. Both Adam and Arron come at the subject from differing angles. Great stuff. Oh yeah, good interview.

  3. danhughes1

    Not a big deal, but that Lincoln quote did not come from Lincoln; it cannot be found in his works. The earliest strong match appeared in a 1947 advertisement for a book by Edward J. Stieglitz:

    “The important thing to you is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years!”

    Adlai Stevenson used it often in his speeches when he was running for president, but he never attributed it to Lincoln.

    • So Lincoln was committing plagiarism when he posted that on Twitter? I’ll be damned….

      Thanks Dan…

      PS: Adlai never won either….

      • danhughes1

        He had no chance, when Eisenhower had that great slogan I LIKE IKE!

        How could Stevenson compete with that? “He’s never told a bad lie, so vote for Adlai!”

        Nope, no chance.

      • I stole the Ike thing when I ran for class president but somehow my name just didn’t work out…

      • danhughes1

        “He’s not a lout,
        So vote for Stout!”

      • How did you know they called me that?

      • danhughes1

        There were some kids in school who got made fun of because of their names, but I was never a victim to that form of teasing. I mean, what rhymes with Hughes that would make for a good insult? My shoes? The Blues?

        Though it did cause me problems when I was in radio. “I’m Dan Hughes, and here’s the news” sounded pretty stupid.

        And how in the world did we get here? To get us back:
        “Don’t be a defector, buy a detector.”

  4. John Taylor

    dick! you still had hair at that juncture!..ike was already bald! you didn’t have 5 stars either, just one!..


  5. John Taylor

    no way you are a lout drinkin’ “rex Goliath” the “San Francisco treat!”


  6. John Taylor

    ohhh! to hunt in the u.k. vast fields of artifacts and coins .u.s.a is but a “babe in arms” compared to Europe. perhaps, one day it will happen, and my dream will be fulfilled! I’m just sayin’

    j (2-stabs,maybe 3) t.

  7. Or, what about:
    “Though Stout hollers he still owes me twenty dollars”. Good, eh?

  8. Adam please excuse all this drivel. I have an unhinged following. Choose your friends wisely….

    • Adam:
      Don’t let him take you for a drink. He’ll breast the bar saying , “Okay Adam, I’ll get these,” then pat his pockets, saying, “Oh dear Adam/John/Harry/whoever, I must have left my wallet at home.” Jeez, he’s slick, gotta give it to him.

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