Be Cool…

Other than adding a bad knee to the mix nothing new and exciting happening to this tekkie. Here’s a throwback from March 2015! Stay safe and stay cool!

From the “contact me” link Marcus asked…

“I keep coming to your blog but never see information on how to find treasure, and please can you show pictures of what you find”

Hmm, well, if I really knew how to find treasure I would tell you.  Then again, maybe not?  Might be worth a few bucks….  Also, if you do come here, I have to assume you’ve been to all the other tekkie blogs, websites, FB pages, podcasts, and watched the 50,000 exciting YouTube videos. If so, don’t piss and moan about this blog.  It is what it is Jack!

The best advice I can give?

  1. Buy a Metal Detector
  3. Buy a digger
  5. Buy a set of headphones
  7. Buy a carpenters apron
  9. Go detecting
  11. Set your discrimination to a notch below nickel
  13. Set you sensitivity as high as possible without chatter
  15. Watch numbers, not names
  17. When in doubt, dig

And last but not least, a few photos to blow you straight away. I cashed all these puppies in and took a trip to Buenos Aires, Paris, Bora Bora and Shanghai. Eat your heart out!


Marcus I know SS is a little weird and off kilter sometimes, but it is what it is.  What can I say? I like to have fun, and just so you know, this is my wife Fay.  Any more questions?


One of Fay’s more serious moments…


A Few TBT Photos

My daughters Missy and Molly followed by a very young Vaughn Garrett (FMDAC Weekend, mid-80’s)

Charles Garrett, Jack Lowry and others, our housewarming party, early 1988

FMDAC Treasure Weekend, Atlantic City, mid 80’s





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15 responses to “Be Cool…

  1. Research—who knew? Just kidding. Have a glass for me please 😊

  2. Hey! I don’t think people do ‘research’ any more, unless that means scrolling through some dire detecting vids. You’ve got to put the hours in to get results. I reckon 10% of the shrewder Tekkies get 90% per cent of the goodies. Whereas, 90% of lazy researchers share 10% of the goodies between them. JMO.
    Hope the knee sorts itself out.

  3. Joe

    Hope you had a great 4th of July holiday, Dick! Not sure what wine pairs well with hot dogs, but I’m sure you’ll let me know.

    P.S. – I always love the throwback photos you post, but they make me wonder every single time I see the industry honchos in some of them: Was being slightly bald with glasses a prerequisite to work for the detector manufacturers back then?

  4. John Taylor

    of course! he’s a dead ringer for Charlie Garrett he kept tryin’ to tell people he invented the “groundhog!”

    j.(2-stabs) t.

    • Nah, JT, if he’d have invented a detector, it would have been called something like the Merlot Equi-tech, or maybe the RexOtech, both high frequency jobbies….Geddit? High frequency?

  5. John Taylor

    yeah upon reflection reverend, the ”Goliath” high frequency t.r. with a picture of the “super cock” on the box has to be in the running! I’m just sayin’

    j (2-stabs,maybe 3) t.

  6. John Taylor

    went food shoppin’ at the local “toxic” market,when i encountered the “rooster” residing on the “lower” wine rack.was “stunned” to discover this. (hot damn) even the “dog” was in a more prestigious position higher up on that same shelf! I was completely beside myself, and almost unable to grasp this most disturbing sight..I’m just sayin’


  7. John Taylor

    I saw some “scruffy lookin'” fella purchasing the ”rooster”. looked like he needed a bath, and people was distancing themselves from him. (wasn’t covid related!) yeah! ya right! definitely NOT for me! believe it or not, the “dog” IS a respectable taste! I’m just sayin’

    j (2-stabs.t)

  8. Good blog Dick! I have a few friends (and even now, I’m not sure even of that!) who think research is merely a Googly search away. And it is, if you don’t really like doing RESEARCH. Our best to you and Fay! Patti says “hi” and want’s to know what you are drinkin’

  9. John Taylor

    yes! “very affordable” loves a “San Fran sidewalk!” hey! at 13% a buzz is a buzz!..I got no “bitch” the “dog” is 20% .hell’s a fire, even the “bird” looks fried on the label! have one for me dick!

    j (2-stabs,maybe 3) t.

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