The Heat is On…

The “hot” has returned to Texas and while it’s not keeping me from detecting (my well beaten body does that) it has me in a funk. Too humid to venture out of the house and perusing cyberspace is the same ole. Same tekkies finding the good stuff, same tekkies cranking out videos like there’s no tomorrow and same topics, same answers on the forums.

I know covid has thrown a monkey wrench into the equation but we desperately need another “drum roll” event. Another Apex rollout, Equinox drop or Simplex mermaid. Something to get the juices flowing, the guessers guessing. Good or bad, bring it on…

The more knowledgeable, more tech savvy hunters have said we’ve hit a brick wall of sorts with detector technology and major breakthroughs are not about to happen for a while. They may be right but I have a feeling we’ll have an autumn surprise or two.

Nokta has already announced that a multi-frequency model is in the works that’s intended to do battle with and offer an alternative to the Equinox series. We know it will be in the Simplex housing but we don’t know what the price point will be, nor do we know what different or unique features it will have to make it competitive. Given the performance and popularity of the Simplex I’m betting it’s going to be pretty damn good.

So who else is going to step up and make a statement? Hard to say but if anybody needs to it’s First Texas. First Texas (Teknetics, Fisher, Bounty Hunter) is beyond past due. Not sure what the problem is but they desperately need to get in the hunt, as in “waterproof, wireless and lightweight”.  The demise of Tesoro and Whites should be enough of an incentive.

No doubt we will see more  accessories. Always a market for add-0ns. Backpacks, diggers, shovels, pouches and especially coils. Make them in weird shapes, sizes, colors, give them cool names and every tekkie will have to have one, swear it’s now their “go to” coil and then two weeks later never mention it again. Thinking there are a lot of super large coils doing double duty as wall decorations. Am I right?

Good Heat

On the plus side my cajun neighbor Brad brought over a crawfish feast. I mean damn, what’s not to like? Laissez les bons temps rouler...

Accompanied by a glass or two of Rex Goliath Pinot Grigio 



For the old-timers – These two individuals were speakers at a very early FMDAC event. Who are they?




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22 responses to “The Heat is On…

  1. Frank Blazi

    Just got the amphibious Grey Ghost headphones for the Equinox. Glug glug glub,I ready to drown💦 at least I can keep the ball rolling during the brutally hot, scorching Connecticut summer.
    Stay cool Dick!

  2. I hear you Dick. Florida is sizzling again, high humidity and high heat. Not to mention some of the close-by lightning bolts that can put 5 million volts into the ground in the last blink of your eye. Had to opt out of a hunt the other day because with the heat and humidity, we also get a load of black widows, brown recluse spiders, rattlesnakes and water moccasins looking to end your hunt in a big way. The 1857 hotel site in the woods will be there when the weather and beasties cool down a bit.

    I’m thinking, again, the next-big-thing will be affordable GPR machines. Metal, wood, stone, water, cave, graves and what have you can be detected with these machines. Get one down to about $2000 bucks and you’ll see a new dawn of detecting. Now they retail about $7,000 a pop, with once again, Nokta Macro leading the way!

    Despite the heat, our club, the Central Florida Metal Detecting Club, has a permission site that was once a tangerine grove and saw some action in the civil war. And will be covered in snakes, ticks, chiggers etc. It’s always funny that when we ask for volunteers or candidates for club office we hear nothing but crickets, but when a good hunt comes up, members we literally have not seen or heard from for several years come out of the woodwork, and are scrambling to be first on site!

    Man, that crawfish feast looks good! Have a cold one for me Dick and Patti says “hi” to you and Fay! Cheers!

    • Know all too well about those sudden surges of volunteers. Remember them from starting the Mid-Jersey club waaay back when. On flip side the FMDAC delegates and workers were top notch and the reason we accomplished so much. Wish I hadn’t left.

      stay cool and I will have one for you and Patti…

    • HI Jim:
      My excuse is that I’m 3000 miles away! Ha! I’ll pass on the snakes, ticks, chiggers and black widow spiders. Best to you and Patti.

  3. The hot was here too in South Korea. Went out to the hills just about a kilometer from the DMZ and we only lasted 4 hours. We (even the Koreans) were soaked with sweat. 88 with 90+ humidity. But alas, I return to hot and dry California on Saturday. I only wonder what is on fire now.

    Take care and stay cool!

  4. Here’s a perfect example of what I meant by always a market for add on’s..

  5. John Taylor

    caveat emptor! a carpenters apron, and a screwdriver = accessories!

    j (2-stabs) t.

  6. Ed B.

    Like a trip to the toy store. Now that someone will buy the coin holders, is there a market for a bullet holder? A button holder? A trash holder? etc. etc. etc.

  7. Summer is my favorite time to hunt. I don’t mind the ticks as much as I used to. I have bug spray for that, and the grossing me out factor has waned over the years. Even so, I do wish someone would develop a machine that sprayed DEET. I think it would be a best seller.

  8. John Taylor

    I share your passion diva, but those little buggers (deer ticks) give me pause for heading into the woods,they love to munch on my ass ,even as prepared as I always am. not sure, but it might be my particular “fragrance” that draws them. can’t say to a certainty!

    j (2-stabs) t.

  9. John Taylor

    no! it’s because I smell like heliotrope ticks “love” heliotrope! I’m just sayin’

    t (2-stabs) t.

      • One of my former trout-fishing pals would douse himself in a certain cheap-ish ladies’ perfume (the perfume not the ladies, that is) and the midges never dared come near him. His wife was rarely amused. He smelled like a $20 trollop ( not that I’ve ever met a $20 trollop you understand).
        On the downside, when having a post-trouting pint we’d often get odd looks from pub regulars… trouble was he’d play up to it calling me ‘dearest’, or saying loudly, “fancy another pint sweetie?”
        Mercifully, the regulars eventually realised it was all a gag. Phew!

      • “not that I’ve ever met a $20 trollop you understand”…. ROFLMAO!!!

  10. John Taylor

    ehe! heh! he! trollops unite! in union there is strength!

    j (2-stabs) t.

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