Fat & Lazy!

In a funk (again). Uninspired to do anything except eat, drink and nap.  I could of course blame it on covid but I won’t because I haven’t any of the symptoms and have already had my two shots of bourbon Pfizer. It’s more of a “meh” or “blah” feeling that’s taken over and just when the weather is getting decent.

Anyway I’m at a loss to say or write anything useful or informative – not even a brainfart. Sorry.  It is however “Throwback Thursday” and the following is from June of 2017.


The Information Highway….Who’s Doing the Driving?

I think I’ve figured out why this hobby has been bugging me so much of late. It’s social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest. You see we’ve taken what was once a very simple and very fascinating hobby and promoted it so much we have beaten it to death ten times over. The word “Hollywood” comes to mind.

Seems every time I log on to my computer I am bombarded by Facebook comments, YouTube videos and more “you won’t want to miss” podcasts. Ah, and then there are the forums where ‘Chatty Charlie’ is busy saying “welcome from Idaho” and ‘Bust Your Chops Bob’ is telling you how you are doing it all wrong. Such is the treasure hunting pastime today.

We advertise and promote ourselves 24/7 and in my opinion, we’ve overdone it and glamorized our pastime to the point where every new entrant thinks it’s a quick way to get rich….and we all know that it takes at least six months.

Fact or Fiction?

Social media is also a place where facts and truths can be somewhat elusive. Every day amazing finds show up online but how can we be sure they were really found by the poster? Were they posted to promote someone’s ego or for that matter some company’s image? Don’t get me wrong, I believe the majority of what I see and read but there’s always something that has me shaking my head or something that has me saying “now that’s just bullshit plain and simple”….

I’m also bothered by the ubiquitous day in day out self promotion that’s so prevalent on social media.  What do these people do for a living. I mean come on now, every single day? Apparently they are independently wealthy, living the good life and never go a day without finding great things. I mean who woulda thunk?

Now I don’t know what it is that I want to see change or improve. You see I am of another generation and I can only relate to how it was when cavemen roamed the earth. I do like social media and often think of how great it would have been if we had the internet back then, but I’m also grateful I started when I did and learned the ropes without thousands of“he’s wrong, I’m right” opinions to confuse me.

I’m well aware that social media is now the preferred method of advertising for the metal detector manufacturer, and I understand it completely. You can reach millions quickly, it’s free, and it’s pretty much a ‘no holds barred’ playing field, but I’m hoping they will find a way to tone it down or at least keep it on an even keel. I get that photos, videos are eye candy and intended to get the viewer’s attention. Nothing wrong with that ….just that they need to be real, not staged and not overdone.

Social media is a great thing but we need to use it to help our cause not hurt it. Remember we’re on this information highway together and where we wind up is up to us….




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8 responses to “Fat & Lazy!

  1. Ed B.

    The forums are full of “Chatty Charlies” saying welcome from Idaho or wherever else. At least if they would say welcome from “The Great State of Idaho” like the politicians do at the conventions then it might be a little better.There are certainly more than enough to go around of the “Bust your chops Bobs” telling me why I should immediately throw away my Garrett AT Pro and get the one with the introduction by parachute but I refuse to listen to them or reply to their post.

    The thing on the forums that make my head spin is when a newbie says something like “I want to get into the metal detecting hobby so which detector should I buy”. Then 50 different guys will tell him to get such and such a detector and with 20 reasons why, leaving the guy who posted even more dumbfounded. At this point I have to add my two cents and tell the original poster to buy a detector that is either entry level or slightly above, learn the detector like the back of his hand by going out and using it, and have fun with it. Period ! But then I realize I’ve just become one of those know-it-alls…..

    • Yup you can count on those responding to “which detector do I buy” telling you it’s the one THEY are using. I will sometimes message the guy who asked the question and and share the “equipment” link above. I think it’s an unbiased and very fair assessment. I also like your “buy a detector that is either entry level or slightly above, learn the detector like the back of your hand”.

      Ed chatting on forums is hard for me. I’m just not into small talk and certainly not into debating or arguing the various topics. Perhaps if I were younger….

    • john taylor

      these days when a “newbie” hits the internet and asks what detector should I buy. amazingly “most” tell him to Get the one that introduces itself by “parachute”. seen this many, many times, and the recommendation makes a lot of sense, because this company “from down under” is really, really killing it! no bulls*it ,and the model “most” recommend is great for a beginner,or a seasoned pro.

    • Hi Dick:
      The other problem we have comes from those loose-tongued Tekkies blessed with sh£t for brains who make all kinds of wild unproveable claims. These ‘claims’ are the fodder for anti-detectorists [you know the ones who I mean] who lurk in forums for snippets of gossip they can ‘spin’ into ‘evidence’ of heritage heritage wrong-doing.

  2. john taylor

    proof is in the pudding! detector is way out in front in sales! thrashing everybody! your argument is with them, not me! they must be doin’ somethin’ right when experienced pros are tellin’ ‘rookies” to buy ’em! I gut the “red” 540.you can put this detector in a ten year old’s hands and find the world! I’m just sayin’


  3. Tony

    Dick, I hear ya about the funk, it came on after I got the second shot. I had to force myself to go outside yesterday. Chatty Charlie’s drive me crazy these days. If we are out detecting please shut up and detect!

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