Sorting Things Out…

Still dealing with a few issues and haven’t been out detecting of late.  And of course there’s the weather…..we went from the artic to the tropics to the rain forest all in ten days.

Anyway I hope you’re out there finding good stuff and  drinking nice wines. Here’s an oldie …..

Forums, Forums and More Forums

Originally posted May 29, 2013

Pretty sure by now you know I am not a big fan of forums.  Hard to give you an exact reason why, but I think part of it has to  do with me just getting older.  Those that frequent these sites are much younger, certainly out in the field more, and even have the wherewithal to make a movie at the same time.

At this stage most of my better finds are a silver dime or quarter here and there, and usually not old enough to boast about, or for a “show and tell” session anywhere.  I do look at what others are finding and I am often very impressed (and jealous).

I also get requests to join forums and I suspect the reason is that the more participants, the more visitors, the better the chances of getting an advertiser or two.  Nothing wrong with that but I’d like to think it was because they liked me or because I might have something worthwhile to offer. Oh well….

I have also been thrown off forums.  Banned, exiled, purged, sent to never-never land.  This usually happened after I questioned the accuracy of a post or  a forum’s obvious bias (and it’s okay to be biased….just say so up front).  I later found out that a lot of respected detectorists were thrown off the very same forums as well and it was actually an honor to be included in the group.

Don’t get me wrong. I like detecting forums and try to visit a few each day. I just find it hard to insert myself into a cliquish club of  hunters with names like Fatkook, Park Pirate (man that scares me), Smokedaddy, Nickelhead, Scumbag and Snarkie. Then again maybe I need to come up with something equally clever and catchy. You know, something like Cantgetup, Gottagobad, Needabeer, Screwthenickel or Damnihurt?  I’ll let you know if I do come up with something….

Finally,  if you are a dedicated forum fanatic, my name is usually Barnum (he’s my dog…easy name to remember).  If you see me post anything at all it’s probably just an update to my blog or website.  You surely won’t find me posting videos  (I can see it now….me on the ground, unable to get up, with a camera on my head recording it all), pictures of finds, or talking about my new detector (can’t afford one).

Don’t worry though… I will continue to check in and see what you all are finding (and filming). It inspires me and it’s great theater!




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14 responses to “Sorting Things Out…

  1. Yo!
    As for a forum handle, how about I, O, I, O,…geddit?

  2. Joe

    When I hear the word FORUM, an old quote from Groucho Marx comes to mind…

    “I would never want to become affiliated with any organization who would consider having ME as a member!”

    Glad to hear you and the family are well, Dick, and you were spared the worst of the Dallas freeze-out fiasco. 2020 was a terrible year for most people on this spinning orb we call Earth, and 2021 doesn’t seem to be starting a whole lot better. But I guess things can only improve from here!

    I’m trying to recover from my stroke, and to be frank, it’s a b!tch a lot of the time. Everything takes longer, hurts more, and makes me miserable. Not fun for anyone, especially a 44 year old who was previously in pretty good health. Then I start to mentally slap myself, as I fully realize there are people out there with much larger problems than I have, so maybe I’m not doing half bad after all. It SUCKS not being able to detect anymore, though.

    I need your blog more than ever now, as I’m living vicariously through my metal detecting brethren mostly online, so please help keep the magic alive as it’s all I’ve got now, friend.

    Your buddy Joe,
    From the wasteland of Jersey

    • Hi Joe, so good to hear from you. Was thinking of you just a few days ago and wondering how things were going. I can only imagine how difficult and frustrating things must be for you. Hang in there and do what the docs say. Detecting will come soon enough. You’re right too, 2021 has not had a great startup.

      As for the blog, I’m trying to keep it going but it’s been difficult. Haven’t been out that much and after 9 years of writing I’m not sure I have much left to say or share. I used to sit down and start writing, now I sit down and forget why I did.

      Sending good vibes my friend.

  3. john taylor

    dick! you need not be concerned, we hang on your every word with baited breath! you are an emissary of good will! ..I’m just sayin’


  4. john taylor

    perhaps “bastion” of good will would be a better choice! ..I’m just sayin’


  5. john taylor

    I stand corrected!


    • john taylor

      upon reflection, no I didn’t ! “bastion” is correct when used in that context! time to re fill! ayup! just sayin’


    • I think you meant a word that sounded like bastion…😎😎

      • john taylor

        anyway, you are a “pleasant diversion in a sea of madness!” your blog is informative, funny, interesting,and entertaining. dick! spring is beginning to to break across the country! won’t be long now! (that’s what the dog said, as he backed into the fan!)..just sayin’


      • Why thank you JT…

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