What a Week…

I will start off with “we were  very, very fortunate”

Many here in Texas were not! Bursting pipes, water damage, businesses ruined and the death toll now 60 and counting. We lost power for a good part of Monday, the coldest day, but bundled up, hung in there and it was eventually restored later in the day. We’re lucky and grateful that this weather event is over. It never should have happened to began with and should never happen again. Thanks to all of you who phoned, emailed and messaged checking on us.

Last week this time snow and temp of zero, wind chill -15. Today? Warm and sunny, 70 degrees. Only in Texas!!



I found out via the SJMDC newsletter that an old and dear friend, Ed Laub, passed away recently (due to covid). Pretty sure not many of you reading this knew Ed but he was gentle giant and a friend to the pastime. He was a charter/dedicated member of the original FMDAC group and was always there when help was needed. He was also a proud Marine. RIP Ed…

Ed Laub on the right, along with the late Cliff Steffens. Two proud marines guarding the gold, FMDAC Hunt, circa mid 80’s.


No fun getting old…

As if my body wasn’t hammered and ugly already I now have peripheral artery disease. Noticed the left leg turning an ugly color of blue, doc sent me for CAT scan which said blood flow is good to the knees, below the knees, nada! So now I get to add a vascular surgeon to the list of people I support financially. On the other hand things could be a lot worse.


On the plus side

 Fay and I got our 2nd covid shot today and hoping we’re now somewhat safer. We will of course continue with masking and social distancing…



Okay, a question!  Why is a “skull” such a prominent feature in metal detecting? i.e., logos, cards, t-shirts, etc.. Tell me why…




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22 responses to “What a Week…

  1. john taylor

    dick it looks like you “fooled” the authorities, and slipped away after robbing that 5 & dime! as to the “skull” looks have no clue, except,perhaps a “show” of solidarity with death!..not sure! dick! i seriously wish you well. my wife and me will light candles for you at church, and will raise a glass of the “dog” to your continued good health both now, and into the future! ..i’m just sayin’


  2. DIck,
    So sorry you were almost hamstrung by another weather event. They say it was the worst storm in Texas in a century! Very glad you and Faye got thru it with minimal damage. As far as aging goes, I agree, it just keeps getting better. You’ve got a full decade on me, and I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t. Patti and I wishing you both well and hope for a big lottery win soon! You know, I brought up this “skull” thing and it’s pirate connotation a while back. I am sure sporting a logo of bloodthirsty criminals is the way to garner acceptance of the hobby. Everyone then basically called me a crabby old man. They could not have been more correct. Be well and good luck with the legs, Dick!

    • “You’ve got a full decade on me, and I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t….”

      Jim you gotta be kidding me. After all you’ve gone through I don’t want to hear that. You’re my hero my friend!

  3. Randy Dee

    Looks like you have all had a sorry and sad old time out there in Texas I have been keeping a watch on your weather conditions here in the UK and it has been very bad and we hope that you don’t have to face this type of weather again I bet you are keeping a lookout for sand storms. Hope you get your poorly legs sorted out soon, take care.

    • Thanks Randy. It was five tense days of bitter cold (many without power/heat) wondering just when their water pipes might burst and flood their house.

  4. John Devereux

    Hi Dick.
    Glad you have survived the weather event. Sorry to hear about your circulation issues. I really don’t understand how anyone without substantial income survives in the US given the system there. For all its faults the NHS is free at point of delivery. You pay toward it all your life and pray you don’t need it. The thought that you’d get a bill at the end of your treatment would send chills down our spines here.
    I hope you get the remedy you need.
    Best, John
    From a very sunny Eastbourne.

    • Thanks John. Many here in the US don’t survive because they can’t afford medical insurance. There’s this group who doesn’t want the government involved in their healthcare yet they love their government funded Social Security and Medicare. Bottom line it all comes down to money and making sure the big guys keep raking in the $$$.

      Will see the vascular doc Thursday and find out what my options are… Have one for me.

      • I think John D nailed it about our National Health Service. Anyway, glad to know things are on the up in Texas for you two now the weather is improving.
        Can I have one for me as well?

      • john taylor

        dick! your options are good if you don’t have discoloration in your lower extremities.may god bless!


      • Well I do have discoloration but now the vascular doc says I have decent blood flow down there so I have no idea what to do next. I was hoping that just maybe he could do something to alleviate the pain. Now I need to pour one and ponder.

    • john taylor

      john! the system is ‘rigged” here!..all you can do is “reach 65” get on medicare,THEN get on a medicare advantage plan,AND apply for a “charity” plan at a “hospital system” to clean up any balance. the “trick” is to GET to 65, then you can coast!..in order to “beat” the high prescription costs, you also, HAVE to get your drugs mailed to ya every 90 days at “no money!” i’m just sayin’


  5. Tony

    Oh, sorry to hear you have another aliment but doctors with parts are a good thing!Glad to hear you Faye and the pups made it through the harsh winter blast.
    I hear sunscreen is now in short supply, yikes!

  6. john taylor

    dick! a little ” cock a doodle doing” will take ya mind off your troubles! the ”rooster” awaits! i’m just sayin’


  7. Luke Rademacher

    I’m going to suggest the skull & cross detectors Is alluding to the pirate skull & crossbones ☠️. Pirates like their buried treasure. That for me makes the logical sense.

    As for your PAD… I understand. I’m seeing a cardiologist to prevent PAD in my legs. So far so good, I don’t have it yet. Knock on wood.

    Hoping y’all in Texas get some relief soon. Up here in Michigan, what y’all are experiencing is just Normal Michigan Winter.

    • Luke I tend to think the skull thing is more in line with the hard rock/bike thing but I’m 79 and out of touch. So many things I don’t understand.

      As for the weather…you folks can have it. Not a winter/cold fan.

  8. john taylor

    dick! good news! you are in the clear! no discoloration means you have good circulation
    so no clots will form! doc may prescribe blood thinners just in case! have a taste ya deserve it!
    matter of fact, have two! (cock a doodle doo!)..just sayin’


    • Well read again JT. The lower leg is still blue but something else is causing it apparently. And not to worry I wasn’t not going to have a taste. Cheers….

  9. john taylor

    p.a.d is NOT a concern,so maybe ya got a bad ‘bruise” or somethin’ hence the blue color!..maybe ya wacked it and did not realize it at the time! there are times when the ”rooster” drinks nice and smooth!..hope this is one of ’em ehe! heh! he!


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