A Q&A with the Gypsy…

Pretty sure a lot of you already know the Gypsy Jewels but if not she’s a Garrett gal and the creator of Zero Discrimination. She also goes by Michele but the last name is for me to know and for you to guess. If you have further questions for her ask them in the comments section below and she will respond.

Hope you enjoy her story and thank you Gypsy for taking the time to grace my site!

Q. Gypsy if you don’t mind tell us a little about yourself, i.e., where do you live, are you married, where you keep you keep your valuables, etc….

A. I was born and raised in Texas and I currently reside in the north Austin Texas area. I’ve been metal detecting now for a little over 22 years. As you can imagine I’ve amassed quite the collection of relics, jewelry, and coins over the years. I keep most of my finds in display cases tucked away safely and a few out for viewing. The ones I keep tucked away I bring out on occasions when I’m speaking at metal detecting clubs or events for a show and tell.

I started my YouTube channel ‘Zero Discrimination’ about 4 years ago after loosing my right kidney to cancer.  It was a wake up call and I decided that two of the most important things in my life where my family and my love for metal detecting. I decided to share that passion on YouTube and that in turn led to being a part of the field team for Garrett and a feature in a Gold Rush episode with Freddy Dodge (Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue on Discovery channel).

I have two boys, one 17 and the other 22 now. My kids have been with me on many of my metal detecting adventures over the years.

Q. Does anyone else in the family detect?

A. I’ve gotten my younger brother interested in the hobby and he does a little detecting every now and then. My father likes to help me dig when I come to visit or he comes to visit  me. Other than that I’m the only avid detectorist in the family.


Q. When exactly did you start detecting and what was it that got you interested?

A. I was visiting Galveston Island over 22 years ago and a couple walked up from the beach with a metal detector in their hand. Out of curiosity I asked them if they had had any luck and they showed me their finds from their morning hunt. I told myself right then and there I was going to purchase a metal detector and give it a try. A few weeks later I purchased a metal detector and off I went. It has become my passion and my way of earning my living.

Metal Detecting. It’s what I do!


Q. What was your first detector and what made you purchase that particular brand/model?

A. My first detector was a Radio Shack brand. I had purchased that particular detector because that was the only place I knew at the time that sold them.


Q. In the beginning where did you concentrate your time? What areas did you search?

A. When I first purchased my detector I lived in East Texas but I first tried my detector out on the beach in Galveston. Then my focus became testing it out at nearby locations like parks and playgrounds and local properties.


Q. Gypsy what was your very first signal/find? Do you remember?

A. I can’t really recall my very first signal when I tried it out on the beach for the first time. I’m sure I dug some trash and I do remember that I found a few pennies and a quarter and a key. Just enough to peek my interest and hook me.


Q. And what was your first good or decent find, as in keeper?

A. My first good find? I was detecting on my property in East Texas and found a silver ring with a turquoise stone.

My first good find and my first ring!


Q. Another memory test….how long did it take you to find your first silver coin and what was it?

A. Let’s see…I think it was several months after I bought my first detector. I started researching and learning more about different detectors that were on the market and I purchased a used Garrett Freedom Ace. I brought it on a trip to visit my Grandmother in Northwest Texas where I had gotten permission to detect an old abandoned farm house. While detecting it I dug a walking liberty half-dollar! My brother and father were with me. I can still remember the excitement and me jumping up and down! Definitely something I will never forget!


Q. How long did it take you to find your first ring and what type of ring was it?

A. My first ring didn’t take long as I discussed earlier, then my second ring that I found was with my Garrett Freedom Ace. I brought my detector back to Galveston for another beach hunt and found a large silver ring.

This class ring is a recent find of mine


Q. Gypsy in the beginning did you spend a lot of time researching and if so how did you go about it?

A. In the beginning I didn’t do a lot of research because I ended up moving to Galveston Texas. I lived two blocks from the beach so the research I did at the time was on local history. I purchased books on the history of Galveston and I also continued my learning about metal detecting with treasure hunting magazines and books.


Q. What would you consider to be your very best find after all this time, and if it’s hard to choose just one tell us about all of them.

A. I have a few favorite finds so I’ll talk about them. My favorite relic was a Civil War Eagle Officer’s Belt Plate. My other favorite find was a Men’s platinum wedding ring with 7 diamonds in it.

Civil War Eagle Officer’s Belt Plate


Q. Okay what is your weirdest find to date? Everybody has at least one….

A. My weirdest find was an urn with ashes in it! It has a ceremonial yen coin that was used to seal in the ashes.


Q. What is your “OLDEST” find to date?

A. This is going to sound a bit unbelievable but…I found a Roman coin in Florida. It dates back to 300 AD.

Not in the greatest shape but a Roman coin nonetheless


Q. Gypsy what detector are you using at the moment and why?

A. I’ve used about every brand of detector on the market over the years and I currently am using only Garrett detectors. I mostly use my Garrett AT Max and the new Garrett Ace Apex. However, I own the AT Max, AT Pro, ATX, Sea Hunter MK II, & and Ace 350.

I was using a different brand metal detector about the time I started my YouTube channel and was about to purchase that same brand of detector but a water submersible one. At the time, I couldn’t afford that brand so I looked into water submersible detectors on the market and found that I could purchase 2 Garrett water submersible detectors for the price of one of the other brand. In my opinion…you get more bang for you buck…so to speak. Also they are made in the USA and right here in Texas, my home state.

Love my Garrett Ace Apex!


Q. Can you offer a few tips or settings?

A. The name of my YouTube channel is Zero Discrimination. This says a lot of how I like to set my detector up. I most always detect in zero discrimination setting or all metal mode. I don’t like to discriminate out my iron. I like to hear everything in the ground. I hear from a lot of people that tell me they only want to dig the good targets but if you “cut out” all of your iron you will miss some of the good targets that the iron is masking. It may take some getting used to setting your detector up like this, and you will surely dig more trash but your good finds will increase.

A few of my miscellaneous finds


Q. When you do go detecting what accessories do you use?

A. My main two accessories are a good pair of headphones and a pinpointer. The headphones to help drown out the noise around you and allow you to hear those deep targets. The pinpointer will help you to retrieve your targets much quicker and move on to the next one.

A good set of headphones are a must!


Q. Do you prefer hunting with others or are you a loner?

A. It really depends on where I’m hunting. If in public I would rather hunt alone. When I detect in places that are more rural or secluded I like to hunt with others. Mainly for safety reasons.


Q. You surely have a bucket list. Care to share it?

A. Oh my…my bucket list is a mile long! I still have yet to find a gold coin. So that is still at the top of my list. I would also love to find a large cent.


Q. Have you hunted overseas at all?

A. I haven’t got to detect overseas yet. I had planned to detect in the U.K. with some friends when covid hit and I had to cancel. Hopefully this year I will be able to make the trip.

With Steve Moore and Steve Zazulyk (Shot Show, Las Vegas)


Q. Do you belong to a club?

A. I recently joined a club in East Texas after being their guest speaker. It’s the Smith County Metal Detecting Association.


Q. What would your IDEAL detector look like?

A. That’s a good question. Over the years technology has changed and gotten much better. If a detector could show you a visual image of the object in the ground, that would be definitely IDEAL.

Using my Garrett Sea Hunter


Q. Gypsy If you could pass along one or two words of advice to beginning detectorists, what would they be?

A. I would say do some research before you purchase your detector. So many people rush into buying one before they even think about where they will be focusing their detecting on and also what types of detecting they will be doing. Will they be doing mainly relic and coin hunting…beach and surf hunting…gold prospecting…etc.? Read up, research and you will save yourself a lot of headaches and probably some money.

Be sure to check out Gypsy’s Zero Discrimination site!




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8 responses to “A Q&A with the Gypsy…

  1. Oh, God….she’s made a happy man very old…..

  2. Greg Blackwell

    A terrific interview with great advice for other detectorists from an expert!
    She more than walks her talk, she lives it!

  3. Tony

    Interesting interview and good to see another successful female detectorist!

  4. John Marvin

    Sweet lady. I met her at the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt in Jefferson, TX. Very down to earth and sociable.

  5. john taylor

    wish it was possible for gypsy to fly here to n.h. could use her “considerable expertise” to gain access to some real old “farm properties”..she can even bring along her collection of garretts. i’m just sayin’


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