The mind is willing…

…but the lower extremities are not.  Scheduled for a scan next Friday to see what’s going on and hoping that it will result in a fix of some sort. I really can’t afford to lose anything else below the waist😜.

I Dug The Dig

If you haven’t already done so be sure to watch “The Dig” on Netflix. Having read and enjoyed the book it was a must for me and it didn’t disappoint.  The story centers on the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure in the late 30’s but be forewarned, it’s not about camo wearing tekkies, digging holes, taking selfies and making YouTube videos.  It’s about the people involved in the discovery, their relationships, their feelings and it’s beautifully done.

For more detailed information –

“Digging the dirt: The true story behind The Dig”


Let me also recommend….

If you enjoy reading non-fiction give the following two books a go. “Hellhound on His Trail” by Hampton Sides and “Island of the Lost” by Joan Druett.

Hellhound is about the assassination of Martin Luther King and no matter how much you think you know about the topic this will enlighten. It’s a page tuner! Island of the Lost is a survival story and also one of those books you can’t put down. Neither title is new and  should be readily available at your local library.

If by chance you do read these books and don’t like them don’t bother to tell me. I don’t give a rat’s ass😎….



Mask up, social distance, avoid crowds and stay safe!!




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10 responses to “Unscripted…

  1. Tony

    I saw “The Dig” and really enjoyed it. Refreshing to see diggers in a good light back in the day

    • Tony glad yu enjoyed it. I talked about the book here in September of 2017 and so glad it was made into a movie. Thank you too to John Winter for recommending…

  2. The Sutton Hoo treasure on which ‘The Dig’ is based has certain parallels with the wreck of the Mary Rose. Both were found by gifted amateurs who were then elbowed out by professional (i.e. paid) archaeologists taking long-term employment and of course, the credit. The finder of the Mary Rose, Alexander McKee, was treated abominably.
    Little changes in the back-biting world of archaeology.

    • Yeah God forbid someone without a diploma or degree uncovers something before they do….

      • But that’s the point…they are not pro-active, nor do they have the finances to be so. They rely on builders, groundworkers, engineers, developers, and Detectorists to lead them to the archaeological treasures.

  3. john taylor

    in jolly old england perhaps! .across the pond?..emphatically!..NO! one of the primary reasons king george got his ass handed to him! trying to tell us what, or not to do, and attempting to tax us out of existence! i’ll give him one thing, they had a huge set of balls to try to control us. guess it didn’t work out so well! most “arkies” think their waste smells like dafodils anyway, so we all know where that goes! ..i’m just sayin’


  4. john taylor

    well excuse me all to hell! have a taste! you’ll feel better! dick your movie was really good! ralph’s an excellent actor! upon reflection, you realized early on that any thing he found WAS going to end up with the brit government. with englands many hundreds of years of history, it makes sense that the government would enact laws to make sure anything found of a historical nature would always end up in a museum. hard work,and tenacity are “meaningless” in the final analysis.
    i’m just sayin’


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