Feeling Grateful…

Finally got my first covid shot yesterday and if all goes well will get the second (booster) on the 17th. Was very impressed with the Baylor/Scott & White handling of the process. Fay and I were in and out of there in less than an hour and everyone involved was friendly and professional.

Beside the worldwide shortage/availability of doses I worry that too many people are not going to even bother getting vaccinated. Either they’re leery of it working or stubborn and stupid about needing it.  If you happen to fall into either category please read up, study up, wise up! Be part of the solution and not the problem. Otherwise we may never beat this thing. 

AND please, don’t bother to comment if you are going to share your neurosis, paranoia, conspiracy theories. People are dying for crissakes and I’m not in the mood to debate ignorance. 



Void of anything useful at the moment so here’s a rather stupid and unimaginative post I shared in 2018…. 

Sitting here after a couple of glasses of cheap inexpensive red wine and suddenly had a brainstorm. No not a brainfart. Brainfarts are real.  This is a brainstorm.  An idea I think has merit, but I need your feedback.

Monday Night Detecting!

I’m a big sports fan, especially when it comes to football and baseball. Yup, a NY Giants and Yankees fan!

Right now I’m waiting impatiently for Sunday’s playoffs but until then I’m bummed watching college basketball (only the Final Four tournament matters) and the NBA, where all the regular season games are meaningless because everyone makes the playoffs, and yes I know there’s soccer but it’s taking me a while to warm up to it. (forgive me all you “football” fans across the pond). 

Anyway l got thinking and instead of Monday Night Football why not “Monday Night Metal Detecting”? I mean come on! I can see the promos now….“The Battle on the Beach” “The Dig to the Death” and “Backpacks & Butt Cracks”. I see each manufacturer with a team and names like the “Garrett Groundhogs”, the “Fisher Ferrets”, the “Deus Diggers” and the “Minelab Moles” just to name a few.

Each team would have five detectorists and every week two teams would do battle in an hour long prime time event. One week they would have 30 minutes to detect a football sized field for relics and the next week a large beach area for gold. The locales would change and include all facets of detecting, i.e. relic & beach, coin and prospecting.

After the first 30 minutes the winning team is announced and then the top two tekkies from each team get to go at it for another fifteen minutes to determine the winning detectorist. And of course throughout the show there would be the ole “Wow, look what he just dug up” or “the winning team is” followed by a  commercial. You know, à la Storage Wars and Bigfoot.

The last fifteen minutes would allow the winners to promote the manufacturer’s product line and spout off (like on social media) about why “their” detector is the best and why “they” can out hunt anyone. The winning team each week would receive $5,000, the losers $1,000. The individual winner would get $2,000 and a free four-week course “How to Knock on Doors and Not Scare the Hell Out the People Who Live There”.

The team with the most points at the end of the season gets $50,000 in cash, a trophy, a top of the line GoPro and individually tailored camo suits and ties. The two runner-up teams get to beat each other over the head with their 55 inch imported searchcoils.

The top tekkie for the year gets $20,000, a photo on the every manufacturer’s calendar for five years and a role in the Oak Island TV series for the next 10 years (or longer depending on how many viewers still remain).

Individual team members can be traded, sold or fired depending upon their scores, failure to promote the company product line, bad English, cursing and excessive butt crack. That would give some glimmer of hope to all those tekkies who have been lusting and busting their ass to become “official field team members”.

What do you think? Is this a great idea or what? I can’t believe it hasn’t already happened. Advertisers like the US Army, Tru-Green, Caterpillar, Coppertone, Jockey Shorts and the Society for American Archaeology are naturals.

I’m telling you if this idea winds up in the WTF bin I’m going to be really disheartened….




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19 responses to “Feeling Grateful…

  1. Paul Sampson

    You know Coppertone is in. Who makes the “excessive butt crack” call?

    Over all, l think it would work.

    • “Who makes the “excessive butt crack” call?” Hmm, now that might be a hard position to fill.

      Good to hear from you Paul. Hope you’re doing well….

  2. Roger Barbrick

    I can’t wait for the vaccine so I can get back to “normal abnormal” lol.

    Love the idea for the show, I know I would watch it, and “Backpacks & Butt Cracks” needs to go on a shirt, lol. Might need to either search all competitors or have filming and observers to be sure nobody sneaks in any gold or relics to say they found it. Sad but unfortunately required in this day and age 😦

    Hope all is well Dick, let us know if you get any side effects.

    • Roger thinking maybe “Backpacks & Butt Cracks” would be a great name for the show….??

      I will keep you posted on vaccine. From what I’ve heard the 2nd or booster shot is the one the “might” offer a few minor side effects. You take care as well.

  3. Randy Dee

    Me and the wife got our first jabs two weeks ago we never felt a thing. We were ushered straight to the nurse and we had the jab within 2 minutes of going through the door our longest wait was the 20 minutes sitting after the jab to ensure we didn’t suffer any side effects, we were back home within half a hour, very professional from start to finish. I would definitely recommend everyone to go for it when requested to do so..

    • That’s great Randy. We were pleased as well. Been a lot of problems here with logistics. Long waits, long distances for people to travel, etc..

      • john taylor

        so how’d you get so lucky? musta pulled up in “motorized wheel chair”, and they let ya right in! ..ehe! he! heh!..they probably smelled the “rooster” on ya, and felt bad! ..i’m just sayin’


      • I got lucky because we signed up on every available area hub we could. We also have a few underlying conditions that were “probably” taken into consideration. Take a break JT. Please.

  4. John Devereux

    Hi Dick.
    Glad you have had your first jab. We are fortunate to have a vaccination centre set up just down the road from us so just waiting for the call. I can say that both my wife and I have experience of the virus as we both contracted it. My wife evidently contracted it whilst visiting one of our local supermarkets despite that fact that she is very careful and was taking all the advised precautions. She of course passed it on to me. It has taken 3 weeks to feel normal. It was unpleasant like a bad bout of flu. We both ended up on antibiotics as we got chest infections. Fortunately we did not end up in hospital and are back with the living. Well almost as we are still in lockdown here. Fortunately the UK having left the EU, our government ordered the vaccine early on whilst the EU prevaricated, hence we are quite a way ahead in getting the population vaccinated. Independence is good. Hopefully we will be released soon and be out detecting again God willing.
    All the best from a wet and windy Eastbourne.

    • Hi John. Glad you and the missus are feeling better. I think too we all need to understand that even with the vaccine we need to keep up with the masking, social distancing, etc.. It will take months before we can be sure we’re out of the woods. JMO.

  5. john taylor

    hey ricardo!
    ya gut the pu**ies watchin’ ya! they appear to be thoroughly engaged! interestin’ stuff! dick! with your established notoriety, you should be a “national spokesman” instead of fauci! hell’s a fire!..i would certainly listen to ya! i’m just sayin’


  6. john taylor

    dick! its’ “kool!” just messin’ with ya! i’ll be gettin’ mine soon too! got a few ‘conditions” as well! sucks to get old! figure another year before things get back to normal, and that’s ‘only”if people wear masks and do the 6 feet thing! ..i’m just sayin’


  7. Tony

    Glad to hear your vaccinated.
    I only tried two sites, hopefully they will call soon

  8. john taylor

    reverend! when ya get “stabbed” have a single malt for me,and when i get jabbed,i’ll have a pint of “dog” for you!
    i’m just sayin’


  9. john taylor

    mogan-david 20/20 grape wine. aka “mad dog!” doesn’t acheive “single -malt” top shelf status,but does the job!

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