Metal Detecting 2021

Well I gave my tongue in cheek predictions for this year way back in August. Here’s my more serious😊, foot in mouth outlook –

2021 – What’s Coming?

Well my first response would be “given what happened in 2020 who the hell knows?”. The times they are a changing and not necessarily for the good. I’ll be 80 this year and I’ve never seen anything like it.

The big ingredient of course is Covid 19. Will we be able to get it under control and get back to some normalcy in our lives. If we can’t all bets are off. Let’s mask up, social distance, roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated!!

Metal detecting…

…will still be doing it’s thing but I foresee a slowing down. A sort of “is that all there is” malaise spreading. Too many tekkies, too few sites to go around, too few treasures and while I may be wrong, other than accessories nothing new and exciting appears to be forthcoming from the manufacturers.

Metal detector technology…

…has hit a wall of sorts in that the next frontier is not going to be a “voila” moment but rather a longer, deeper delving into what we have now and how to improve on it. I do think we’ll see a lot more wireless and more add-ons, especially searchcoils. (more profit without a lot of R&D and they can be outsourced).

Social media…

…websites, pages, podcasts, videos will continue to ebb and flow, come and go.  At the moment there’s so many they’re a blur and impossible to keep up with, let alone contribute to.  Likewise every newly created Facebook page will last about a month, then die a slow death from lack of input or anything interesting. I mean come on we don’t need “At Max for left handed people with a lisp”!

Great Finds…

…will continue to be recovered, most of them overseas. Here in the US we just don’t have the history and what great finds that do pop up here are usually on social media – not the greatest barometer for accuracy and truth. At least not any more…

The more dedicated detectorist…

…will find the time to keep at it and get out into the field, concentrating on the older, more exciting finds. The average tekkie? He will keep returning to the same sites, finding the same things and then share them on YouTube and Facebook. It’s treasure hunting in the 21st century and it is what it is…..

As for me? I want nothing more than to find one or two old sites to detect. Someplace other than the local parks, schools, athletic fields. I know they’re out there. I just have to get off my ass and find them.


Now having said all this and after making you scratch your head and say WTH, if what I just said is “all” that happens in 2021 we should be grateful. Nothing wrong at all with a few months of routine, mundane and boring after 2020!

Happy hunting!!


My New Year Resolutions

Not sure I should even attempt this given how miserably I failed last year but I will give it another shot…..

  • I will do all I can to stay safe, protect myself, my family during the covid crisis.
  • I will make a concerted effort to get out detecting more.
  • I will try to get back to work on my book and finish it.
  • I will try to get back to eating healthier foods.
  • I will write again to see if I can get on the Rex Goliath field test team, extolling my virtues and experience.
  • I will try once again to figure out what my mobile phone is for.
  • I will try not to curse so damn much.



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25 responses to “Metal Detecting 2021

  1. Randy Dee

    Hello Dick I like your predictions and wishes for 2021, here in the UK we have a scribe called Mystic Meg doing daily predictions in one of the daily papers mind you she has a head full of nonesence she keeps making out that I am going to win the UK Lottery, she is making loads of money out old rope.???.

  2. Tony

    Rex Goliath field test team, is that White or Red team?

    Your right about the same old places to detect – Great idea, so maybe a good New years resolution would be to go to out of the way places?

    • I need to somewhere to go Tony and it has to offer “some” potential for something older than a Merc.

      Right now I’m applying for the “red team” but if it’s not available I will take whatever.

      • john taylor

        move back to “jersey” dick! forget texas! it’s way too hot there anyway! you are always “overindulging” with ya pal “rex goliath” to try to keep the dust down anyway! dick! your three points on “treasure hunting”,AND “life” are “dead nuts” on!

        i’m just sayin’

  3. Too few sites to go around… never thought the hobby would become so popular. Here’s to 2021, and hoping I can find at least a few virgin sites like I did in 2020. And I hope you find something better than a Merc!

  4. I’d love to find a Merc…say, a 2021, C-Class in metallic red with all the extras.! Good read as usual mate. Keep up the scepticism in 2021 and beyond!

    • john taylor

      john! he’s becoming too negative! this “corona” thing leaves no one untouched! why, he’s even thinking of re paying a “debt” whoda thunk! i’m just sayin’


      • Hya JT:
        Hmmm, I’m not wholly convinced about the ‘repaying a ‘debt’. The last time I saw the inside of a certain pocket book, was back in ’86, when a pack of Camels fell out as it was pulled from a jeans pocket. I picked ’em up and noted, printed on the pack was, “Uncle Sam wishes the Doughboys all the best, 1917.”

        i’m just sayin’

  5. For the Technology Prediction, I’d throw in less new advancements this year but lower cost implementations of the advancements experienced over the past couple years. What would be considered lower end models start to incorporate what was previously higher end model tech & features. I don’t think it’s a bold assumption and is standard “tech” evolution regardless of the hobby/industry.

    • I think you’re right David. Seems the days of $2000 detectors are gone and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why the Simplex impresses me.

      • john taylor

        find yaself $199.00 and purchase the vanquish 340!..if a detector could ever be considered a “sleeper” than this one is it! bro’ bought the simplex, had an epiphany, sold it, and bought his self a “eqx 600” .just “popped” seated the other day at a ball field that’s been ”scorched” for years and years by every detector known to man…i’m just sayin’


      • Nah, quite happy with the Simplex. Glad your “bro” is happy with his choice….

  6. john taylor

    yeah! that’s kool! actually dick fancied himself as one of those dough boys! he believes in reincarnation doncha know! .ehe! he! he! may the good lord bless us all in the new year! i’m just sayin’


  7. john taylor

    hey dick!
    didn’t know you are writing another book! ..(hot damn!)
    i’ll pay the “reverend’s” $20.00 spot to get it! i’m just sayin’


  8. john taylor

    no mistake dick! ..your books are indispensable to the detecting community! after all, you wrote them over a hundred years ago, and they are still drawing royalties, so the info contained within must be factual.i am waiting with “breathless anticipation” for the next one! ..i’m just sayin’


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