This is New Years eve, a time to celebrate and I’m hoping that you do it in the comfort of your home. Don’t take the chance, stay in, stay safe, stay alive and have one for me. Cheers!!



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16 responses to “Salute!

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours also. Let’s hope it’s a better year.

    Suffolk Sifter – Detectorist

  2. Tony

    Dick, Happy and healthy New Year to you, your family and your bloggers!
    Probably be in bed around 10:30, I’m just saying

  3. william mcduff

    Dick, Happy New Year from you and yours.

  4. Gary Banning

    Have a Happy (and safe ) New Year!
    Cheers to you also!

  5. Yeah, have a good one mate. But only one? Huh?

  6. john taylor

    may 2021 be a considerable improvement over 2020 raise your glasses high to the “baby” new year! don’t forget ya mask!


  7. Bob Kerr

    A Happy New Year to you & Thanks for the Ice/Snow storm, you are so kind.

  8. Ed B.

    Happy New Year to everyone here. May 2021 be back to normal at some point. New Year’s Eve was some wine for Sue, three cans of “Steel Rail Ale” for me, cheese and crackers and watching the “Twilight Zone” marathon on TV. Don’t care about the “ball” dropping.

    • Ed used to play in bands on New Years and it was the one night when you could make a good buck. We called it “amateur night” – the time when people who never went out just felt they “had to”. Used to scare the hell out me when I was driving home.

      Now it’s not even a consideration….

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