Social Media Detecting – It’s a Jungle Out There…

Having started detecting in the 70’s it’s interesting to see how the pastime has evolved over the years, especially via social media. A hobby that was once dependent on print is now almost entirely promoted online and it’s a jungle out there. At least it seems so to this old beeper.

There was a time when I thought about how great it would have been if the internet existed back in the 70’s but after a little musing I changed my mind. Would have been more detectorists, more holes, fewer places to detect and fewer finds. You know – like it is today.😊

Yup, being that “odd” guy with a metal detector in 1973 was fine with me!!.

All by myself and having fun – circa late 70’s

Now of course you can do anything online – get help with your detector, share your finds, film your in-the-field excursions and chat with other tekkies. You might even become the next rock star detectorist. The next Aquachigger, Nugget Noggin or Chicago Ron. All it takes is an outgoing personality, lots of spare time and money to burn. BUT before you rush out to buy a camera you might want to take a look at the competition:

Top 1000 Metal Detecting Channels on YouTube

Now I’m not sure how accurate all the numbers are but I was blown away looking at this list. I mean damn man, how many is too many and how can you produce a thousand metal detecting videos? How can you watch a thousand videos? Maybe one of you YouTube addicts can tell me. I know you are living vicariously through these vids and watching them keeps the juices flowing but don’t they sometimes run together, get lost in the crowd, all look alike?

I know absolutely nothing about making YouTube videos or having a YouTube page, but I’ve observed and been told that any attempt at YouTube notoriety requires a constant effort and commitment that can wear you down, and if you don’t keep at it or enjoy the process you and your YouTube page will die a quick death. Over the eight years I’ve done this blog I’ve witnessed a few tekkies succumb to the grind, of having to keep up. Of having to find the time to create, produce and share yet another video that’s keeps the fan base happy and pleases a manufacturer/sponsor. It’s a numbers game and to me that kind of pressure seems like a sure way to lose interest in a pastime that should be plain ole fun.

Personally I would love to see more instructional videos like how to dig a proper plug, how to set up your detector when you’re on the beach, how to use a probe, how the location and placement of a find can affect you audio and numerical readout, etc.. Depth tests and new detector reviews are okay I guess but there’s just way too many variables involved to draw any conclusions or comparisons, not to mention that many reviewers have an axe to grind or dog in the hunt.

And the rest…

Then too there’s Facebook. You can have a personal page, a club page, group page, a business page and if you so desire a BS page. It’s free and a great way to get your info out to the masses. It’s also a great vehicle for sharing those ‘dug finds’ you bought at the local coin shop😂😂. Despite all the criticism FB is great for finding other detectorists, clubs and friends from the past.

Twitter I’ve never caught the hang of and hate it when I have to start another conversation just to finish up the first. As a result I pretty much just share blog updates, treasure hunting news and items of interest. Instagram? I don’t live and sleep with my phone so it’s not a place for me. Hell I have trouble making a phone call on it. As for the other social media platforms out there? Just not for me.

Just my take…

If you’re interested in doing something online (and not obsessed with numbers) why not consider a website or blog. They are less demanding because the pressure to perform/entertain is a whole lot less and you can do either without spending a penny. Likewise you can bulls**t to your hearts content. You know – just like here on Stout Standards.

When I was a kid there was no internet. Sometimes people would walk for miles to call me a bastard!!





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17 responses to “Social Media Detecting – It’s a Jungle Out There…

  1. Yep….you’re bang on the nail mate.
    Angling as an example, features the same ‘wonder boys’ spouting all kinds of bull$hit. I’m afraid to say it’s the nature of the online beast. This is progress Dick…great, innit? Then again, some of these Face-ache vids are addictive, if only for their utter crassness; others though, like Gary Blackwell’s XP Deus vids are the Mutt’s Nuts…instructional and well filmed.

    I find ‘Detecting Britt’ entertaining, educational, but a tad high-brow for a couple of reasons.
    Happy Chrissy

    • I knew Britt was going to be part of your reply before I even read it….she speaks highly of you too John.

      • john taylor

        britt has a lot of “friends” in ole blighty and here as well! understandable! she has a rather appealing demeanor. i’m just sayin’


  2. Tony

    Whoa, I didn’t realize how far this crazy hobby has come – 1,000 channels is crazy. They all can’t be making money or at least they are making much less do to the competition, that’s nuts! Now I wonder who watches them all and rates the top ten channels!

    • The list say “top 1000” so there’s probably more.

      I know I pick on YouTube videos and I hope people know that I’m half busting chops with it all. If you have fun making them have at it. I’m just an old dude from another era.

  3. john taylor

    i believe most, if not all are legit.can understand wanting to share finds with one and all,but personally, would rather keep the notoriety to myself.guess i am a bit old fashioned in that regard as well.just sayin’


  4. john taylor

    upon reflection,the act of taking video also could be somewhat of an ego trip,however, not being qualified to render analysis, i will refrain from making that judgement.


    • I said a few years ago (see Brainfarts) –

      “Curious. Who was the first tekkie to take videos of their “in the field” experiences? I mean who was it that decided others would want to watch “them” dig a coin, button, whatever? Kinda pretentious wouldn’t you say?”

  5. Even though I use it, I still have a love/hate relationship with social media. It took a while to accept it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it all the time. I have 3 Facebook accounts. A personal one, one for my blog, and one for “women metal detecting”. I tried to get everyone involved in detecting off my personal page by starting a detecting diva page, it didn’t work, they just joined both pages-Lol. I knew that eventually the aging process would take over and I wouldn’t be able to hold onto diva status forever, so a few years back I reserved the url To go along with that I reserved the FB page of the same name. So… three FB pages, but created with good intentions.

    I have a YouTube channel also. To go along with it, I have thousands of hours of video, on my computer, that I never did anything with, and now just hogs up a lot of space. My voice is a bit too low for video, so trying to sensationalize the wheatie I just found gets lost in the chirping of the birds in the background. I did put forth great effort, spending $2k on a brand new Mac that was supposed to make editing and producing videos “easy as 1,2,3”, but well, now my son has a brand new Mac.

    I also have a brand new GoPro camera, with every accessory you can imagine. It’s in a box, inside of a Garrett bag, which is sitting atop a cooler in the basement. Haven’t even looked at it in over two years. I gave it a shot, but if I find anything that spectacular, I’ll just whip out my iPhone and film it. Much easier than walking around with a camera strapped to myself all day.

    I do give these folks credit for their efforts, but it’s just not my style. I want to dig my target and move on to the next. I get high off the hobby, not the recognition.

    Writing is my forte, and the other thing I enjoy besides detecting. You’re right that there’s no pressure in it. I write when I have time, or an idea hits me. It’s also a great outlet for my sarcastic side. People continuously approach me trying to get me to advertise or sell, to make money off my blog. It all sounds so good, but I know that once my website becomes a job, I will consider it a chore, and lose interest.

    So I do what I do, and dabble a bit in video, or social media, or write when the mood strikes. I’m happy with that. And as for Twitter, I’m lost too.

    • Allyson you said “Much easier than walking around with a camera strapped to myself all day” and I can’t see that either. A few vidiots have told me they also cart more than one camera, a tripod and one even brought along a drone. I mean at what point does it cease being metal detecting and become film making?

      Hard for me to criticize too because I started out years ago and maybe if I were starting today I would be doing the same. And doesn’t anyone carry a flask anymore?

  6. john taylor

    i do,but you don’t care for what’s in it so i will reserve further comment! rather take a taste once in a while in the field than do video.keeps the “juices” and the interest flowing! ..ehe! heh! he!..i’m just sayin’


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