It’s Throwback Thursday Time!

A recent Detecting Diva post titled “The Dishonest Detectorist”  reminded me of one that I did back in April of 2016 and please, it’s just the opinion of an old beeper….


April 2016

When you visit a website, blog, forum or Facebook page, and see a photo of someone’s fantastic day out detecting, what is your first reaction? Is it one of amazement, like “holy crap, did they really find all that” or does it depress you, as in “damn, I’ve been detecting now for two years and haven’t found one of those yet, let alone four!”

You see it could go either way, and I’m pretty sure the manufacturers are betting on the former, as opposed to the latter. It’s a tough call for sure. Being the cynical bastard I am I sometimes find myself thinking that a particular find or group of finds is not only a great day out, it’s so damn great that I am shaking my head in amazement (alright bewilderment).

I say this reluctantly because I know technology has improved a hundred fold from when I was really active in the field, and surely I have lost more than a step or two thanks to the aging process, but then again….

The hell with the heat...I can handle it

You found all of those?

On a few sites I began to see a pattern with postings from certain tekkies, and had a hard time imagining a day of finds like they shared. One hunter in particular posts almost daily on a Facebook page, sharing photos of coins that would usually take the average tekkie at least a few months to find, if ever. The variety, the age of his finds and the quantities just don’t “smell right” but please, it’s just my opinion and you know what that’s worth.

“The art of pleasing is the art of deception”….Luc de Clapiers

Back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, when I spent every waking hour detecting, and when there was a lot less competition, as well as a greater abundance of old coins, I never found the quantities nor the quality of finds I see some sharing online today. Deeper detectors? Maybe. Better research methods? Maybe. More free time to detect? Maybe. Access to more areas? No. More dedication? Hell no!

I know I am an antique who has a habit of questioning way too things, sometimes to the extreme, and I may indeed be reading too much into all this. I also know it’s your right and my right to post whatever the hell we want. I get that, and trust me there’s no more avid fan of social media and personal rights than I.  Call me a cynic, an old curmudgeon, whatever. I don’t care. I’ll just respond with the photo of the twenty-five silver half dollars I found this afternoon.


Throwback Photos

Way back with my partners in crime (early 70’s)

Fay hunting Camp Tecumseh, circa mid 80’s

Garrett booth, Sport Show, Atlanta Georgia 1990

Hunting towpath, Bucks County, Pa. circa 1980



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13 responses to “It’s Throwback Thursday Time!

  1. “Call me a cynic, an old curmudgeon… ” Yep, you’re a cynic and an old curmudgeon. BUT, you’re an EXPERIENCED, cynical, old curmudgeon. Unlike some of the Face- Ache, YooToob generation, you know where the bodies are buried.

    At least you don’t have to ‘invent’ commenters as is the case on one infamous, downmarket, pisspoor ‘archaeological’ blog.

    Keep on trucking.

    i’m just sayin’

  2. James Wdzenczny

    Great selfy!

  3. Brian Obitz

    Love that first picture, paneling was popular in the 70’s even paneled the cars.Reminds me of my wifes father taking 8 kids ,no seat belts all tucked under the seat .Would take us to different spots on the river to swim,inexpensive fun and much different times but for the better.Merry Christmas Dick to you and your family

  4. Ed B.

    You’re not the only cynic out there Dick. I’ve seen posts in one of the forums I read and when guys say they’ve found their 400th silver coin of the year, the 1000th silver coin from the same field, and 1100 wheat cents for the year, his 60th seated coin I have to say that I’m just a bit skeptical. And the ones I mentioned are actual claims by four different people.

    • Ed we’ve had these types around for years and nothing is going to change them. What they don’t realize is that most of their friends see through their BS.

  5. john taylor

    this is true! remember back in the 70’s a guy i knew.,his name was “bob” and he was always extolling on the number of “barber coins” he would find ‘”every ” time out. i would ask hey!..”barber bob!” that’s what we called him,.how many barbers ya get today?.he would ‘always” say around 5-10 barbers, and we would slap him on the back.and tell him we wanted to know his ‘tips” and he would always say “ya just gotta pay attention to the ground and go to where ya sure barbers are lost! ” we know he was a “bull shitter” but it was still fun regardless,cuz we was lucky to find one, or two barbers and felt grateful for that…i’m just sayin’


  6. Randy Dee

    Dick you are 100% correct and it is there for all to see on faceache and youtube, one day they will get a knock on the door from the police enquiring where is their undeclared hoard. I call them “Glory Hunters”.

  7. john taylor

    makes for some entertaining viewing to be sure, but ya kinda have ta wonder!dick! a ”book” idea!..the art of the ‘bull shitter!” ehe! heh! he!..i’m just sayin’


  8. Bob Buttafuso

    My favorite is seeing the so called recently dug object’s photo on eBay as just being sold. Twas a gold coin so was a positive ID, scratches and all!

  9. Tony

    Love the station wagon and the grand master hunter in the booth photo.
    I am lost touch with those look at me today photo’s, they get old quick.
    Stay well and Merry Christmas!

  10. I see I’m not alone in my observations. I think we should do a blog throwback every Thursday.

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